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Keep using your mouse and keyboard as before and add an entirely new input channel! Do more at the same time and speed up your gaming. Handle even complex key bindings with a simple twitch of your foot.

The Bcon’s Dynamic Sensor System combines the results of the constant measurements within fractions of milliseconds to achieve optimal results in different situations.

The wearable recognizes four effortless moves: lift heel or lift toes (pitch), tilt right or tilt left (roll) and translates real-time measurements into precise input.

The device measures your movements at a velocity of 1,000 measurements per second and is capable to recognize changes at up to 2,000 degrees per second for responsiveness and accuracy when it matters most.The Bcon compensates for non-mono-directional movement patterns by ignoring small values on the alternative axes.

Seamlessly stall all actions triggered by the Bcon whenever you need it!

Allocate Pause to any keyboard key to temporarily prevent the Bcon from sending any command to your PC. This allows you to easily switch games and even leave your computer without removing the device. After your break just remain in a relaxed position and continue to game on!

The Bcon is designed for highly complex key bindings giving you up to 24 additional hotkeys or 4 key sequences of up to 6 keys each through the versatile configuration software.

Freely adjust the device’s sensitivity and decide when you want a command to be sent. Whether it´s just a quick press of a single hotkey or keeping multiple keys pressed – experience the full spectrum of your keyboard at a flick of your foot.

Chain up multiple keys to create powerful combos without any automation!

Each combo is created within the device’s firmware, achieved without automation scripts for authenticity and can be interrupted at any point to react to changing game contexts.

We’ve taken into account the unconscious movement, position shifting, and the natural flow of gaming.

To prevent the Bcon from triggering unwanted or unconscious commands (its hard to keep your feet still in the heat of the moment!) we have integrated a -5° to 5° protection zone on both the longitudinal and lateral axis. To keep up with your individual habit of fidgeting we additionally made this protection zone fully adjustable beyond the -5° to 5° range.

Freely change your sitting position!

The player can reset the zero point at any time and the Bcon will interpret movements according to its new spatial orientation. As gaming sessions tend to become long, feel free to stretch out, jump up, and change positions as necessary without losing functionality.

The Bcon clings magnetically and is both securely fastened and easily removed by hand. The socket’s elevated boundaries mechanically absorb centrifugal forces and protect the Bcon against falling off while in use. The socket possesses an attached webbing customizable in length to accommodate different types of usage. Barefoot naturally requires less length than using the Bcon with your shoes on.

Making use ot the broadly established HID (Human Interface Device) Protocol, the Bcon automatically works with all games that support keyboard controls – no need for any driver installation.

Focus on WASD and your mouse and let the Bcon handle the rest!

Always to the point – easily unleash complex combos in the heat of battle!

Immediate access to up to 24 additional keys!

Immerse yourself the way you want!

The Bcon has been actively tested by gamers – even live on stream! The valuable feedback gathered went straight into the development process, making the Bcon a true gaming device.

Thanks to YouTuber "Stilgar" for this one-handed Penta Kill with the Bcon!
Thanks to YouTuber “Stilgar” for this one-handed Penta Kill with the Bcon!
Thanks to Cursed eSports for sharing this win with us live on stream!
Thanks to Cursed eSports for sharing this win with us live on stream!

No matter what life throws our way, we are appreciative that creativity, innovation, and tech can empower people to overcome situations and improve the quality of life for themselves as well as for others in similar or varying circumstances. The Bcon is a true aid for players unable to use standard peripherals – competitive gaming for all gamers!

The Bcon is more than just a wearable controller for gaming.

Thanks to the Bcon’s bluetooth capabilities and the HID-protocol, it can be used by creatives who are interested in easier shortcuts for their workflow in Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, OBS, and many more. Simply connect the Bcon via Bluetooth and map your keys in our included software.

You can even connect the Bcon to devices aside from the PC. Note, however, that these use cases are highly experimental and require a specific key binding only possible via our configuration software for Windows 7,8,10 OS.

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