The Lenovo Z5 sounds unbelievable and it’s launching June 5

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According to Android Authority

  • Lenovo is set to launch the Lenovo Z5 on June 5.
  • The device is rumored to feature 45-day standby times, 4TB of storage, and a truly bezel-less display.
  • If it delivers on the promise, it could become a world-beating smartphone.

Lenovo will launch the Lenovo Z5 (or perhaps Lenovo ZUK Z5) on June 5 in Beijing, according to Lenovo Group VP Chang Cheng. Cheng made the announcement on Weibo earlier today (via Playful Droid) while publishing an official poster for the event.

Cheng has teased the handset, the latest in Lenovo’s ZUK series, a number of times in recent weeks, dropping some weighty hints about what it will offer.

Teaser poster for the Lenovo Z5 showing a device silhouette and Chinese characters Weibo

Cheng has said the Z5 will show off four technological breakthroughs, based on 18 patented technologies, including a potential 95 percent screen-to-body ratio.

Cheng has revealed aspects of the design in renders and the sketch below and, if the representations are accurate, this would beat out all other Android flagships in this particular area (maybe with the exception of the upcoming Vivo Apex).

Lenovo Z5 concept image Weibo

That Lenovo could outdo giants like Xiaomi, Samsung, and Huawei with a “truly” full-screen device is already unlikely — the company isn’t exactly known for display tech innovations. But other comments by Cheng have only made the Z5 sound even more outrageous.

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Cheng has hinted that the phone could have as much as 4TB of internal storage space, and up to 45-day standby times (potentially three of the aforementioned four breakthroughs).

If the Z5 delivered all of this, it would represent one of the biggest technological leaps we’ve ever seen in the smartphone sphere. I mean, manufacturers are trying desperately to deliver 45-hours of standby time, never mind 45 days.

All of these ideas are based on scraps from Chinese social media so it’s difficult to parse what’s a likelihood from simple misunderstanding. I’ll tell you one thing for sure, though: I’m glad I’ve only got a week to find out what the Lenovo Z5 is really all about.

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