Ovis: 1st AI-Powered Suitcase that Follows You

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According to Indiegogo

Ovis is the first smart suitcase powered by AI that would automatically follow you around.
– TSA approved, removable battery
– Automatically follows you around and avoids any obstacle, powered by computer vision
– Can be used as power bank
– Smart “anti-lost” alarm & location tracking
– Weight sensor
– Human-centered design
Ovis by ForwardX is carrying your journey onto the next level. *On mobile, click ‘READ THE STORY’ for more

By providing a true hands-free and worry-free travel experience, Ovis by ForwardX is tailored for  travelers with modern-day conveniences. It integrates the latest groundbreaking proprietary computer vision technology, Visual Simultaneous Location And Mapping (VSLAM), and artificial neural network algorithms developed by ForwardX, so that it can follow autonomously by side.


One of Ovis’ most impressive pieces of technology is its capability to understand what it sees. Through a series of complex algorithms we have created an AI with the ability to not only “see” as we do, but comprehend what it is seeing so that it knows who the owner is so it will never lose you.

With the leading minds in the field of AI, Ovis now is able to register its owner and begin its never-ending learning process in mere moments after its multiple cameras turn on.

While some boast of their ability to follow from behind, we are one of the first to enable total side follow capabilities in every Ovis. This technology is far more advanced then following from behind because of the requirement of prediction algorithms. With these state of the art algorithms, Ovis is able to easily stay by your side at all times so you don’t have to be constantly looking over your shoulder just to see your luggage.

The obstacle avoidance algorithm of Ovis is based on autonomous driving technology; Ovis is able to accurately sense and assess the environment, calculate the distance, and estimate the direction and route to avoid potential obstacles, with a deviation precision of +/- 1cm.

To avoid an obstacle, Ovis autonomously and simultaneously switches from its’ Side Follow mode to following from behind. After passing the obstacle, Ovis then switches back to Side Follow mode.

One of the most convenient features of the Ovis is its capabilities to charge any and all of your devices on the go. Everyone has felt that rush to the singular row where the charging ports are at the airport or has had to sit on the dirty ground just to plug in their device. With Ovis, there is no need to worry since you always have the capability to plug in any device so you can stay up to date on social media, or finish the last bit of work before you get on the plane.

A problem facing many smart-luggage providers is the issue of TSA and the high amplitude batteries the other companies install in the luggage. With Ovis, this isn’t even a worry. With the press of one button, you can pop out the battery, go through security and then pop it in and continue enjoying your hands free luggage.

The battery life of Ovis lasts two round trips per charge.

With many “hands free” devices we are always in constant worry that even though the system says it is fool proof, we might lose our valuables at any point. With Ovis, this isn’t a worry due to the Anti-Lost Smart Alarm. The smartband will vibrate the second that your Ovis is more than 2 meters away from you. It also alerts the owner when the battery of Ovis is running low or when Ovis is experiencing other problems that might need tech support from us.

By simply grabbing the handle, you cut all motor power and engage manual mode. This implies that you can drag the luggage at your wish. Along with this, if at any point you are like many of us and forget to charge your possessions, Ovis is still a completely functional piece of luxury luggage even at zero percent battery.

The interior of Ovis is meticulously designed for the most optimal use of space. With durable yet lightweight material, Ovis makes your travel lite and smart.

One of the most valuable features of Ovis is the ability to know how much your luggage weighs at any point so you never have to worry about being overweight for your carryon. Ovis is able to track the weight in real-time by a system of complex mathematical equations relating to how hard the motor is working, and how far Ovis has traveled. This can simplify life beyond belief when you are packing so you don’t over-pack or worry about under-packing.

If our smart alarm is not enough for you because you may not feel or hear the alarm during the peak of stress, there is constant GPS tracking enabled to ensure you will never lose track of your luggage again. Equipped with GPS and 3G technology, and presented as an individual yet un-cuttable modularized luggage tag, the location tracker of Ovis provides you real-time monitoring and tracking of your belongings, anytime and anywhere.

*Pay $54 extra now to get your Ovis a GPS tracker.

The lock meets TSA approved standards.

Deciphering the concept of unibody design, Ovis provides you the greatest efficiency and performance with the premium material that is both durable and lightweight. To ensure an extra protection, we applied the most durable material, carbon fiber, into the production of the corners of Ovis’ wheels.

Clocking in at a speed of 3m/s, Ovis’ revolutionary rear-wheel drive operates quieter and more swift than traditional wheels. When Ovis is switched to manual mode, all four wheels become omni-directional, allowing a smooth roll on the ground.

Make it simple! With the customized Ovis App, you’ll be able to track your Ovis, measure the weight of your belongings, monitor your Ovis’ battery life, all with just one click.

When you purchase Ovis by ForwardX, you get a product that’s constantly evolving with new and innovative features that enhance and excite the user experience, all through regular firmware updates.

– What is Ovis’ Computer Vision Technology? –

Ovis’ Computer Vision technology is based on machine learning algorithms, making computer gain high-level understanding from digital images or videos, so that computer can “see” as what human visual system can do. We have achieved significant breakthrough in the following sub-domains:

  • Facial Recognition: 99.1% precision on LFW in face recognition
  • Pose Estimation: rank 1st in the AI Pose Challenger Bi-weekly Match One
  • Multiple Object Tracking: 93% recall with a 2M model in multiple object detection
  • Re-identification: 94.4% precision of Re-identification on market-1501

– Ovis Has Self-Driving Technology Embedded –

Ovis is capable of sensing its environment and navigating without human input. Combining computer vision, Ovis’ advanced control system interpret camera and other sensory information to identify appropriate navigation paths when encounter obstacles.

  • Object Avoidance & Following: algorithm is based on deep reinforcement learning method, with a deviation precision of +/- 1cm.
  • Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (V-SLAM): adopting 3D reconstruction techniques for building as well as visual matching and loop closure techniques for precise self-localization

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