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The UDOO BOLT is a quantum leap compared to current maker boards: a portable, breakthrough supercomputer that goes up to 3.6 GHz thanks to the brand-new AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 SoC, a top-notch, multicore CPU with a mobile GPU on par with GTX 950 and an integrated Arduino™-compatible platform, all wrapped into one.

A monster so powerful that it can handle any current AAA game, delivering an impressive gaming experience at HD framerates.

AAA Gaming, high-end VR, cryptocurrency mining, client-side 3D rendering, AI, IoT, Edge Computing, Computer Vision, Real-Time Big Data analysis: with the UDOO BOLT that’s all within your reach.

A true next-level mobile supercomputer.

You have never seen so much power in a Maker PC.

The UDOO BOLT is almost twice as powerful as a MacBook Pro 13” equipped with an Intel i5 and three times more powerful than a Mac Mini.

Also, it is almost 4.5 times faster than the UDOO X86 Ultra.

That’s why we went for the new AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000, the world’s fastest processor for Ultrathin Notebooks. The UDOO BOLT is indeed a powerhouse, mounting nothing short than a 4-cores, 8-threads CPU, with a thermal design power of just 12-25W.

That is to say: low power consumption, outstanding performance.

Powerful GPUs and maker boards have never get along.

It’s time to change.

The UDOO BOLT is the world’s first maker board with a shockingly powerful GPU – nothing short than AMD Radeon™ Vega 8 and AMD Radeon™ Vega 3 Graphics, the most incredible GPUs you’ve ever seen on a maker platform.

With such a wonder you can play popular video games like League of Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO and DOTA 2 at Full HD resolution.

Furthermore, the UDOO BOLT features HDR. And as if it weren’t enough, it supports Free Sync 2.

The UDOO BOLT is the world’s first Maker PC able to drive 4 – FOUR! – screens in 4K Ultra HD resolution. You can finally watch your favorite movie at 4K resolution 60fps.

And on top of that, the UDOO BOLT also supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) for even more breathtaking experiences.

The UDOO BOLT runs any software developed for the PC.

This means any program, app, framework or Operating System that you can run on your desktop PC – and you need no driver nor special workaround to make it work: the UDOO BOLT is plug and play.

Linux® (any x64 distro) and Windows®: everything works without a hitch.

For the average user as well as for the Pro, this is a godsend.

Regardless of your computer skills, you’ll be able to use the UDOO BOLT from the get-go. Just plug the board, download the operating system you want to use, install it and you’re ready for prime time.

And it doesn’t stop here: during and after the campaign we’re going to release even more resources to simplify your initiation in the DIY domain and make a maker out of you.

We will release an extensive documentation and tutorials regarding the IOs and more geeky stuff about the hardware architecture. Moreover, we will publish new DIY projects based on the UDOO BOLT.

Because everyone can be a maker.

UDOO BOLT is just 4.7 inches (12cm) x 4.7 inches (12cm). It’s a real superminicomputer! AND it also comes with a thunderous metal case!

In a not-so-distant future, robots will be everywhere, much like computers nowadays.

But to build the I-Robot world we need to learn robotics right now.

We need a computer that can turn into a robot and program the physical world.

Here comes the UDOO BOLT.

The UDOO BOLT mounts an Arduino™ Leonardo-compatible microcontroller, based on ATmega32U4.

It has the same pin functionality of Arduino™ Uno, plus some advantages:

  • up to 12 analog inputs instead of 6.
  • 7 PWM pins.
  • The internal USB connection can implement other functions than serial UART like MIDI or Keyboard.

Software-wise, the Arduino™ Leonardo onboard offers all the perks of Arduino™ Uno:

  • Arduino™ IDE full compatibility;
  • compatibility with all the sketches, tutorials and resources available in the Arduino™ community that run on Arduino™ Leonardo.

On top of that, the UDOO BOLT provides you with the advantage of managing sensors through the Arduino™ platform without the welder thanks to the Grove connectors already onboard.

But wait, there’s more! Not only you get the Arduino™-dedicated I/Os, but also I/Os controlled by the processor.

Last but not least, we’ve also added an embedded controller that can manage UART, I2C, and SPI, not to mention a keyboard scan, so to control the software running on the UDOO BOLT. In other words, you can create an interface for the software controllable with the keyboard.

As a cherry on top, the UDOO BOLT features the communication between the CPU and the Arduino™-compatible platform via USB. Thanks to this distinctive feature, the board may allow the Arduino™-compatible microcontroller to run when the powerful CPU is turned off, and wake it up when something happened in the world.

The UDOO BOLT comes with 32 GB of eMMC.

Also, thanks to the PCI-Express 4 lanes exposed on the M2 Slot you can add even more storage with a faster-than-average speed: the UDOO BOLT is indeed compatible with the fastest SSDs, NVMe SSDs, which go at double the speed of UDOO X86!

In other words, you can boot from everywhere.

This beauty is not just for retro gaming.  There are no words: look for yourself.
Amazing, huh?
Indeed, the UDOO BOLT is more than ready for the hard gamer in you:
  • PCI-express 4 lanes, which means compatibility with the new-generation NVMe SSDs, the fastest ones.
  • Possibility to add a 4-lanes-compatible external GPU for an over-the-top, immersive gaming experience.
  • It supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) and FreeSync 2.
  • It works with any motion controller or gaming accessory that already works on your PC.
  • It’s great for VR, especially DIY VR.
  • It embeds an Arduino™-compatible platform, so you can build your own gaming platform the way you really want.
  • Keyboard Scan to create combo custom controllers.

Maker boards are not suitable for Virtual Reality.

Until today.

With a stellar GPU, an insane CPU, and an Arduino™-compatible platform ready to be hacked, the UDOO BOLT is the front door to VR, AR, and Mixed Reality.

It works with any headset – Oculus, Windows Mixed Reality… you name it.

Not to mention the compatibility with motion controllers of any kind!

Tons of peripherals – 2 USB-C and 2x HDMI 2.0 for video gaming in 4K Ultra HD.

Use your UDOO BOLT to build your own interactive installation, exploiting Windows Mixed Reality, Unity, OpenCV or whatever framework or library ever written for the PC for designing Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality worlds.

Let’s cut the chit-chat: the UDOO BOLT is the only true VR-ready Maker PC on Earth.

Now try this with a desktop computer…

Speed is a critical factor in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

As regards object detection, in a few years we’ve gone through a thousand-fold improvement, from twenty seconds per image to twenty milliseconds per image. Thanks to this, new, world-changing applications will be commonplace.

But there needs to be a platform on par with this exponential increase.

Enter the UDOO BOLT.

Many AI tools are now available for all the advanced makers like Tensorflow (deep learning) or OpenCV (Computer Vision). Tensorflow is an open source framework provided by Google, designed to streamline the development of advanced analytics and prediction applications based on machine learning, deep learning, and other statistical methods. OpenCV is another open source project consisting in a library developed to support computer vision applications. It provides many functions, routines, and tools for video capture, analysis, editing, and manipulation, including some pattern recognition functionalities. These tools require enough computational power to be unusable on most of the maker boards available on the market. UDOO BOLT provides a CPU with its embedded GPU capable to satisfy AI tool power requirements, including the OpenCL compatibility and proprietary driver support.

Makers are artists.
With this in mind, we’ve built a board for those who are brave enough to create new worlds.
No joke: this beast has the power, the ease of use and the flexibility to reach the new frontier of Interactive Art.
It is 100% compatible with any software for Interactive Art that already works on your PC: MAX MSP, OpenFramework, Pure Data, Unity, Processing, Windows Mixed Reality… Should we go on?
The big difference with a standard PC is that you also get:
  • GPIOs to mess around;
  • Arduino™ for easy tinkering;
  • 4 video ports for multimedia applications;
  • Keyboard Scan;
  • Small Form Factor.

Usually, maker boards are not good computers for working. They blink, they are slow – you know how it goes.

With the UDOO BOLT, that is not the case.

Not only you get the most powerful maker platform on a power/size ratio. You also get a remarkable computer for working and everyday use.

If you’re looking for the Ultimate Workstation, look no further: the UDOO BOLT runs Rhinoceros, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, 3D rendering software and so on – and it does so without any hiccup.

What other board is capable of smoothly running heavy IDEs such as Android Studio? With the UDOO BOLT you don’t have any problem thanks to its powerful CPU, not to mention the possibility to install super-fast SSDs like the NVMe and up to 32 GB of RAM.

Life is easy. Working is a pleasure.

To be immediately connected UDOO provides a dedicated (and free for the makers) cloud platform to control and manage remotely your new UDOO BOLT: udoo.cloud allows the user to register UDOO boards on the server, control connection status, enable onboard sensors and actuators connected to the Arduino™ microcontroller, collect data and implement a functional IoT system based on an If-This-Then-That logic through an easy graphical interface.

Since the first UDOO, we’ve put being Open Source and Open Hardware at the cornerstone of this community.

We dream about a world where users are free to change whatever they want about their platform. That’s why we’ll release the Bill of Materials, schematics, 3D design, binaries and other resources as soon as we’ve completed all the shipments to you, the backers, along with a Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0 license, as we have done before for all of our boards already on the market.

Because we’re pirates.

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