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Tired of using controllers in VR? – Get your hands back with VRfree®! Vrfree® is the world’s first >mobile< VR glove system offering hand- and fingertracking with full degrees of freedom. Since the tracking is integrated into the components, it does not require stationary cameras or beacons. It can be used with all major VR displays – stationary and mobile ones! VRfree® allows you to use your hands naturally in VR, enhancing the sense of presence and immersion!


The power of intuitive VR controllers – your hands!

Controllers with buttons are cumbersome to use in VR. Why would you replace your hands – nature’s most versatile tools – by a pair of handles with buttons? Traditional controllers  impede the sense of presence and get in the way of intuitively interacting with VR.

That’s why developed VRfree® , the world’s first mobile VR glove system offering full degrees of freedom and 190° field of operation at high precision. It is compatible with all major headmounted displays such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Go, Samsung Odyssey, Google Daydream, Gear VR, HP Mixed Reality, Lenovo Explorer, LG VR and more.

We love to build things.

We love to build things ourselves. We identify with our product. That’s why we have built all prototypes and everything else from scratch. In-house. The hardware, the software, even the gloves. And we have developed the best integrated VR glove system to-date. Come check it out at CeBIT ’18 in Hannover or have a look at the video demos on our website or FB page.

Supply chain validated

Of course, the product series will be produced by professionals. Last month we validated our supply chain and visited our assemblers, molder and glove maker.

We have a series-ready product. We won’t spend your money on an idea. We won’t pay others to develop a prototype or a proof of concept. Your money will be spent only for building your specific product and you can count on getting it.

VRfree® is ready to use!

With the recent Steam/OpenVR open protocol we expect our backers to be able to play a wide range of existing OpenVR games/apps. We are also in touch with various game studios – small and large – to have them adapt their existing games for our glove and to develop new content for it.

[Playing Space Pirate Trainer with VRfree®]

Your money funds your personal VRfree® glove set

VRfree® is not your typical crowdfunding project. Our idea is not a pipe dream. We have proof-of-concept. We have a finished product that has extensively been tested with >5’000 people at various events and conferences. We have produced a first mini series of 100 units, generated first sales and we have sent more than 30 sets to various developers across the globe. We chose to launch selling through crowdfunding since it helps us save working capital and understand how much early demand there is.

Your money will not be wasted to fund the development of a prototype. We are fully funded by private investors. Your money goes into producing >your< very own VRfree® glove set.

The future of gaming and what lies beyond

We want VRfree® to become a mass market product. We want the VRfree® system to be affordable for everyone. That’s why we have set a competitive price point. We also want you to be able to play great content with it, so you will be able to play a range of existing OpenVR games with VRfree. In addition, we are in touch with game studios small and large to adapt existing games and also develop new content for the system.

The VRfree® system will expand

We have a significant development pipeline for expand the VRfree system to track your feet, your whole body and include haptics. Our aim is to become the market leader for intuitive VR input devices, so stay tuned!

Demand for bulk orders

In case you are interested in placing larger orders than what we currently offer via perks, please email us directly at info@sensoryx.com and we can discuss the details!

Glove Sizes

You can select your preferred glove size. Our reference for those sizes are as follows:
S = 6, M = 7.5, L = 9, XL = 10.5/11.

How you can help us

If you are not that interested in VR, but like our idea – please share our campaign link, point it out to your friends or write about it in social media! The more users, the more likely that one of the big game producers will adapt his game to our system!






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