A lovely PS4 theme celebrates Pride Month

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According to Polygon

Sony is giving away something sweet “for all the players”

LGBT Pride Month kicks off June 1 — which means it’s running right now until the end of the month. And while there are plenty of ways to celebrate for the next 30 days, Sony has a very sweet, unassuming gift to PlayStation 4 owners who want to show their pride for as long as they want, whenever they want.

A free PS4 theme called “For All the Players” is now available on the PlayStation Store — a quiet release that Sony merely calls “a special theme.” The theme’s aesthetic is rainbow-themed, appropriately, transforming all menu icons into far more colorful versions of themselves. There’s also a big, rainbow-colored signal boost of the DualShock-inspired PlayStation logo toward the top of the screen, and a reminder that the theme honors “all the players” at the bottom.

Sony first released the theme last July for European PS4 owners; London Pride takes place in July, and the company served as a sponsor of the event’s main attraction, the parade, in 2017. As small a gesture as a theme is in comparison, it’s lovely to see a major publisher giving a shout out to its diverse player base.

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