Acer Online Store | Save on Gifts for Dads & Grads!

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Celebrate Dads & Grads! Reward their hard work with the perfect gift, now up to 45% off at the official Acer Online Store.

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Perfect for Father’s Day: Upgrade now & get work done faster! Save up to $200 off an Aspire 7 laptop, with Intel Core i7 for powerful everyday computing.


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Great gift for graduates on the go: Lightweight laptop with a powerful i7 processor! Shop now for $200 off the Swift 7 ultra-thin laptop.


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FOR GAMERS: Get the powerful Nitro 5 laptop starting at $699 this week!


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FOR GAMERS: Play like the pros, with the Helios 300 ultimate gaming laptop. Shop now to save $150!


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FOR GAMERS: Upgrade now to unleash the power within! Get the incredible Predator G1 gaming desktop, now $200 off for a limited time.


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