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Mighty is the Spotify-powered, take-anywhere music player that lets users stream their Spotify playlists without an internet connection and without being tethered to their smartphones.

Lightweight, durable, screenless, and small enough to conveniently clip on to any piece of clothing, Mighty is the perfect companion for those who are perpetually in motion.

Fully-equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi and compatible with iOS and Android, Mighty can play 48 hours of music all for an attractive price that won’t break the bank. Sound like music to your ears? That’s only the beginning!

Ever tried exercising without music? It’s kind of like starting your Monday morning shift without the motivational oomph that only that first cup of coffee can deliver.

When it comes to audially enhancing physical activities of all kinds, one of the go-to music streaming services that today’s audiophiles, active bodies, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere turn to over anything else is Spotify.

Although it’s great for providing a host of daily conveniences, relying on your smartphone for your Spotify streaming needs when you’re on a run or at the gym, well, it isn’t really one of them.

You’re pretty much left with one of three options: You can strap it to your arm. Or you can tuck it precariously in your waistband. Or you can get a kung-fu grip and hope to the high heavens it doesn’t escape your clutches and take a screen-shattering plummet to the ground below. It also doesn’t help that our phones are only getting bulkier and more expensive by the day.

Fact of the day: every currently-available option for streaming your favorite Spotify playlists on-the-go requires a smartphone. And on top of all the logistical nuisances involved in schlepping it around, streaming sucks the life out of your phone’s battery, and it’s one of the main reasons that 25% of iPhone users incur data overage charges.

That’s exactly why we created Mighty: the data, memory, and battery-saving portable music player on a mission to reinvent the way the world takes their music in the twenty-first century.

Why is Mighty the obvious choice for the millions of physically-active Spotify users around the world?

Wired & Wireless → works with wired and bluetooth headphones & speakers

Durable → drop & sweat resistant

Compact → 1.5in x 1.5in x 0.7in (38mm x 38mm x 11.6mm)

Offline → packs enough storage for 48 hours worth of music playback

Clips on → grips to any piece of clothing

In just three easy steps, Mighty has you set up with everything you need to get out and get going to the soundtrack that moves you.

Selecting & Playing Music
Our patent Pending Playlist Selector Button allows you to switch from one playlist to the next, and will even speak the playlist name back to you. You even have the ability to record playlist names yourself, so you’ll always know which one you’re selecting. Simply use the forward and back buttons to navigate between each song or to put the playlist on shuffle mode.

From our wildly successful Kickstarter pre-sale campaign to the support of early investors, Mighty Audio has had an amazing response from the public so far. As we prepare to take on the holiday season immediately following our upcoming launch towards the end of the year, take an inside look at some of our most noteworthy accomplishments to date and what we’ve got planned for the future.

We’ve Got The Product:
We have a fully functional and tested prototype that we’re ready to get into the hands of our customers.

We’ve Got The Customers
We’ve received more than $500K in pre-orders with over 5,000 units sold to date. The majority of our users were acquired during our Kickstarter campaign and we’re currently averaging $900 in new pre-orders per day with zero paid marketing.

We’re Discussing Major Potential Partnerships
We received a ton of inbound interest during our Kickstarter campaign, including household brands like Gatorade, Saucony, and SanDisk. We’re currently in active discussions with the NBA, Boston Marathon, Starbucks, and Tough Mudder, and have sealed a deal to sell Mighty in The North Face stores.

We’ve Secured Manufacturing & Distribution
Our manufacturing partner’s production facility has the capacity to produce up to 5,000 units per day. We’ve also secured a logistics and fulfillment partner in New York. We’re also working with a consultancy to get our product into brick-and-mortar outlets. We’ve already received positive feedback from Amazon, Brookstone, Best Buy, and others.

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