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Seek: Fast Facts

Seek is the augmented reality ecosystem that frustrated content creators, brands, and viewers alike have been waiting for. Just like YouTube did for video almost 15 years ago, Seek makes publishing, sharing, and discovering AR content easier for everyone.

The days of juggling dozens of apps to interact with AR content are over thanks to our platform, which is the first and largest community of its kind. Publishing new experiences to users is instant, and engaging with that content is easy through Seek’s technology that makes content compatible with any AR device and shareable to anywhere.
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A Distant Reality

Video content has never been more easily captured, accessed, or viewed than it is today; but as for the emerging world ofaugmented reality (AR), not so much.  Despite how incredibly captivating AR content can be, the landscape surrounding it is highly scattered.

This is especially true for everyday users simply looking for content.  They’re currently forced to use different AR appsfor virtually every piece they wish to experience, or deal with the short-lived nature of Facebook or Snapchat – resulting in a poor user experience.


It’s not like those at the forefront of AR don’t have their own problems. Despite several options for deploying content, creators and brands are still experiencing pain points:

  o  Facebook/Snapchat charge
up to $500,000/day to feature
AR content

o  Can publish their own app,
but this is very difficult and
deploys to a limited audience

o  There’s no easy way for users
to share content amongst
each other

o  No solution helps the core
user-facing issue, making it
difficult to stand out

A Peek Inside Seek

The status quo in AR content publishing often calls for multiple developers, a huge time commitment, and high price tags.  Seek, on the other hand, takes care of it all – making experiences work on all supported devices at a fraction of the cost and time.

We’re positioning ourselves to be the go-to AR catalog in the same way YouTube is for video.  The process we use is very tech-heavy, involving the creation of new file types and frameworks for AR objects & elements. Several patents are underway to support this.

The core element of our platform is Seek Studio – the world’s first ever truly mobile AR studio.  This is where any artist, regardless of their vision, can craft and create their own experiences in a user-friendly manner. It’s supported by these 2 additional elements:

The proprietary manner in which AR content is packed on Seek is what makes viewing experiences so uniform and seamless, without requiring new publications of content for each device.

Here are just a few more of the many features & benefits that our platform boasts:

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