ECS shows off a 2.4 inch single-board computer

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According to Liliputing (This article and its images were originally posted on Liliputing June 11, 2018 at 04:22PM.)

Taiwan-based ECS has been selling small form-factor desktop computers for a number of years, but when WinFuture’s Roland Quandt stopped by the company’s booth at Computex last week, he spotted something a little different: a tiny single-board computer with an Intel Gemini Lake processor.

The PB02CFMB board measures just about 2.4″ x 2.4″ and supports Intel Celeron N4000 dual-core or Celeron N4100 or Pentium Silver N5000 quad-core processors. It also has built-in support for Bluetooth 4.2, but not much else.

Instead, the company designed the board to be used with a stackable add-on module that brings features like WiFi, USB, Ethernet, and HDMI ports.

ECS uses the single-board computer for its own products like the Liva Q2 mini PC, but ECS is also an ODM, so the board is also available for other system builders to buy. It doesn’t sound like ECS plans to sell single units though, so don’t expect to place an order for the PB02CFMB unless you need a few thousand units.

You can find more pictures of the little board at WinFuture.

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This article and images were originally posted on [Liliputing] June 11, 2018 at 04:22PM. Credit to Author  and Liliputing | ESIST.T>G>S Recommended Articles Of The Day.





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