Capsule360: Versatile Motion Control Box with 3-Axis Motion

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Capsule360 is a motion box that combines multiple operating modes in a single unit. It has 3-Axis Motion capability with SLIDE, PAN and TILT moves. Capsule360 also offers Smart Object Tracking, Enhanced Time-Lapse Modes, 360° Product PhotographyStar Tracking for AstrophotographyPanorama and much more.

Capsule360 is compatible with all kind of video devices such as smartphonesaction cameras, and SLR or Mirrorless Cameras serving advanced video and time lapse motion modes.

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Capsule360 has a  compact and unique design that allows you to create Pan, Tilt and Slide moves easily. On top of that, all 2 axis movements such as Pan-Tilt, Pan-Slide, Tilt-Slide and even 3-axis motion by combining all together is also possible. You can coordinate up to three Capsule360 units right from your smartphone to create multiple axis movements. When several Capsule360 units are working together to create these motions, they do not need any cable connection at all. No more cable clutter!  All units communicate with each other without a cable.

You can use Capsule360 to take time-lapse photos as well. It offers both standard and advanced time-lapse modes. The advanced modes are Bulb Ramping, Interval Ramping, Long Exposure and HDR (High Dynamic Range) time-lapse modes.

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These modes do not require the existence of the smartphone during the shooting. Once you have the parameters set and start the shooting, you can just use your smartphone for other purposes. Capsule360 benefits from your smartphone in every possible way, but it is also capable of doing many things by itself.

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Capsule360 benefits from the capabilities of your smartphone to the fullest. It can track an object with a single touch on your phone. Just start the app and mark the object you want to track on the screen. That’s it!  Capsule360 will take care of the rest. It will rotate the smartphone to the perfect angle to keep the marked object in the view.

Capsule360 can also recognize your face and follow you the same way. You don’t have to stay within a limited area while you are recording. Vloggers will just love this feature.

Imagine you need to take the 360° photos of an item. It is just a hassle to rotate the item precisely to take all those pictures. You need to keep the same angle between each picture to get a smooth transition effect also you should not move the object at all. Capsule360 turns the whole process into a few touches on your smartphone. Just tell Capsule360 how many pictures you want to take. Capsule360 will rotate the turntable accordingly and it will also trigger the camera to capture smooth and quick 360° photos.

You can control up to three Capsule360 units with the smartphone app. To make things easier, we have added the auto-mode detection feature. If you are using a Capsule360 for the PAN mode, the app will detect this automatically and it will show the PAN settings for your use.

If you are using multiple Capsule360 units to combine PAN, TILT or SLIDE moves, each unit will be detected to be used in that particular mode. You don’t need to do anything to control your setup from the smartphone app.

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Astrophotography can be very challenging when you try to take long exposure pictures of stars and planets that are millions of miles away. Even they appear to be standing still in fact, they are not. They are in an endless motion and they change their position all the time. This means you need to move your camera during the shooting to capture a sharp picture. Imagine trying to move a camera manually to track a star. Capsule360 can do that with great precision using the intelligence of the perfectly designed app. Your next nightscape and star photos will be just out of this universe!

Capsule360 can also be used as a motorized slider together with the Capsule Slider. You can use the Capsule slider as a manual slider as well. It will turn it into a motorized slider with a Capsule360 unit. Capsule360 will slide automatically with a great precision per your settings. You can fully control it over the smartphone.

Good news is that you can use not just one but two of Capsule360’s with Capsule Slider. You can mount another Capsule360 on top of the first one and this will give the PAN capability. As the Capsule 360 on the bottom moves along the slider, the one on the top will do the PAN movement.

Capsule Dolly is designed to provide you with freedom of linear and curved slide movements on flat surfaces. Attach your Capsule360 to Capsule Dolly and make it motorized to get smooth motion which will give a professional touch to your videos.

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Create your motion and time-lapse setup easily and quickly! Capsule360 can learn motion paths with your manual movement, just demonstrate them, and they can be repeated as many times as desired. You can configure this motion and all its settings from the mobile application via Bluetooth.

Our user-friendly and cleverly designed mobile application lets you make all setup and configurations easily. You will not be bored with complex user interfaces and your motion setup will only take 10 seconds.

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