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BladeMaster has two versions, BladeMaster PRO & BladeMaster TE, to meet our users who have different preferences.

BladeMaster PRO (Wireless/Cherry MX)

Enthusiast Keyboard Users’ Extreme Pursuit 

  • Superior typing experience with Cherry MX RGB Switches, made in Germany. (Options: Red, Brown, Black and Speed Silver)
  • World’s Fastest Wireless Gaming: By BladeMaster PRO, you can game effortlessly on the 2.4GHz wireless mode with a superior response time – 1ms/1000Hz report rate.
  • Hot Switching between 3 connection modes: Bluetooth 4.0/2.4GHz Wireless/USB.
  • $109(save $41) for On-Time birds
  • Retail price US market: $150, EU market:150

BladeMaster TE (Wired/Gateron)

Best Choice to Start Your Gaming Keyboard Journey

  • Perfect keyboard for entry-level, casual gamers, and upcoming enthusiasts to start with gaming keyboards.
  • Gateron switches used to access enjoyable typing experience. (Options: Red, Blue, Brown, and Black)
  • $69(save $20) for Kickstarter Special
  • Retail price US market: $89, EU market:89


Update#2: 8 Layouts Wireframes

Update#5: Pick the best switch for your BladeMaster keyboard

BladeMaster is designed to be the ultimate gaming keyboard,which is widely acknowledged by video game community. During the past 14-month Research and Development (R&D) process, thousands of gamers and keyboard enthusiasts involved by our forum-based team to give us fascinating suggestions and inspirations. Finally, we meet all expectations by incorporating the latest and greatest tech innovations into the BladeMaster PRO. Thus, we are confident that BladeMaster could be the best gaming keyboard you’ve ever seen.

Top Tier Components

All BladeMaster keyboards are manufactured in world-class factories , which produce high-end models for famous brands such as SteelSeries and CoolerMaster. We promise you that everything used for BladeMaster is selected from the best!

A Programmable Touch-Typing Knob for Gaming, Programming, Office Work and Anything You Want from a Keyboard !!

Genius-Knob is an innovative idea that solves real problem! People are used to controlling the keyboard with left hands and control the mouse with right hands, but the keyboard is not easy to fully control by a single hand.

Some of the right-hand keys and complicated functions such as macro and batch script processing can be assigned to the knob now to avoid losing control of the mouse by using right hands.

How? When you are rotating the knob forward/backward or making single-click/double-click, you are actually acting four different input commands. In this way, one knob is equal to four custom functions. When putting it into practice, you will be amazed how great it is!

Everything is under control with the Genius-Knob

 project video thumbnail


There are two ways you can use knob in any game:

  • 1. The 4 default commands of the Genius-knob are PageUp, PageDown, Home, and End. By entering “Key Settings”, you can assign any operation to the knob. Taking the example of PUBG, you can get superior functions by assigning this way: Energy Drink – PageUp, Bandage – PageDown, First Aid Kit – Home, and Painkiller – End.
  • 2. By using our software(DREVO POWER CONSOLE), you can relate this knob to any key or operation commonly used in a game by default. E.g. Forward – M, Backward – K, Single-click – 6, Double-click – =.

With the knob, in most cases, you do not need to look at the keyboard to activate game skills, so that you can be always a step ahead at the tense gaming session.

Update, May 17th: 

POWERCONTROL – Extra 2 layers knob functions

Learn more:  Update#7:Easy to Program the Genius-Knob

Your nice assistant for office work & programming

By means of Macro and Batch script, you can assign four of your most repeated and complicated operations to the knob, then a simple touch will solve the problem.

 project video thumbnail


Easier multi-media control

Adjusting your audio, lighting modes, and activating other frequent functions are a breeze.

 project video thumbnail


You decide what it is!

DREVO POWER CONSOLE, a customizable software, already has several built-in settings on the knob. We are still constantly trying to improve and glad to hear suggestions and improvements from you.

Please feel free to share with us what other functions you want to see with our smart knob. You can leave comments on this project. We will collect the ideas of supporters and make a video to show the functions they want to see .

The advanced Radi Lighting System is another main feature that we are proud of. The 360° lateral middle embedded light bands are elegantly synchronized with the backlit keys. Additionally, they are combined with true 16.8 million colors, 9 lighting modes, per-key customizable as well as two-lighting overlay compatibility, creating the best RGB lighting experience you can have from a keyboard.

 project video thumbnail


One of the core design principles behind the BladeMaster is “more possible and more convenient”. It is not logical to think that everyone will be gaming on the BladeMaster all the time. When used in office work and professional programming work, BladeMaster is definitely a powerful choice as well!

Fully compatible with Mac & Windows

  • All the special functions (e.g. multimedia control, brightness control, mission control, lanchpad…) are supported on Mac & Windows.
  • Except the special functions, BladeMaster support all major OSes (Windows/macOS/iOS/Android/Linux/Unix).

A dream keyboard for Programming

More details about how BladeMaster helps you improve work efficiency can be found on our FAQ page.

FlashLink Tech – Self-developed Superb 2.4GHz Wireless Tech

To ensure true wireless gaming, the DREVO team implemented a self-developed connecting tech called “FlashLink” in BladeMaster PRO.

  • It allows you to game effortlessly under the 2.4GHz wireless mode with a superior response time – 1ms/1000Hz report rate. Besides that, other report rates are also available for your own preference: 2ms/500Hz, 4ms/250Hz, and 8ms/125Hz.
  • Frequency hopping tech skips extra useless signal frequencies and exterior influences
  • 1 on 1 connection and transmission encryption will keep your data safe.
  • Optimized techs are integrated to maintain a stable connection and reduce latency as well as keep lower power consumption.

DPC – Optimized Cloud Software

BladeMaster is designed with a full-fledged and patented software called DREVO Power Console(DPC), which can take care of all your custom needs easily!

  • Radi RGB – Customizable per-key backlight & 360° lateral middle embedded light bands are integrated. Any device adopting Radi RGB lighting system can be synchronized simultaneously.
  • Multimedia – Can be used to open the software commonly such as Chrome, E-mail, Calculator etc.
  • Macro – Assign any commands to any keys including the knob (FN key is excepted)
  • Cloud Sync – Import & export settings via software anywhere
  • User Statistics – Understand your daily typing habits clearly!
  • Batch Script – Assign the batch file to any key for higher efficiency work
  • Profile management – Import and export your settings anytime you want; Settings can be saved in your DPC account or on-board memory(3 at most).

It can also give you the much-needed edge over your competitors during gaming contests. Besides, battery status and special key lighting combo sets are available for games such as CS:GO, Overwatch, MOBA, etc. Everything is at your disposal through the software. When you are playing popular games, the software can even automatically recognize your gameand assign certain command settings accordingly to the smart knob for your advanced operation.

 project video thumbnail


 Note: DPC for Mac/Linux users will launch in the second half of 2018

On-Board Memory

If you don’t want to download the software every time when you use a new PC, no problem! The on-board memory helps you retain custom settings you like to use. The built-in storage enables you to keep three different settings, and you can activate or switch them by simply pressing the keys: FN+F1/F2/F3.

Many offline activities are more fun to you with on-board memory inside your keyboard! Taking a keyboard that knows your preferences is super cool no matter where you are: Lan Party, Internet cafe, PC bang or eSports contest.

Design Concept: Elegant and Powerfull

Every successful product in the market has a reason. The inspiration for the exterior design of the BladeMaster is a culmination of our designers’ consolidated work, which includes elements from various fields such as electronics, arms, biology, fashion, and automobile. To sum up, the BladeMaster’s appearance is a harmony of several things that in your daily life but not one, which will make it a fabulous keyboard that you have never seen before.

The design concepts that we concluded from the elements are humility, dynamic, sharp, lightsaber, and shield. You will notice that the intricate details in the appearance are a concrete explanation of the abstract design concept.

Practical Designs for More Possibilities

 9 Layouts Available

Update#2: 8 Layouts Wireframes

Various Switch Options

Update#5: Pick the best switch for your BladeMaster keyboard

Cherry MX RGB for BladeMaster PRO 

Ultimate mechanical key switches Cherry MX RGB switches are used for BladeMaster PRO. Those switches create the experience that you cannot have with other keyboards. E.g. World exclusive CHERRY Gold Crosspoint technology. Precision “Made in Germany” with low bounce time. Guaranteed over 50 million keystrokes per switch with no loss of quality. Red, Brown, Black and, Speed Silver switches are available.

Kind notice: Cherry MX Speed RGB Silver is 40% faster than the speed of CHERRY MX Standard switch

Gateron RGB for BladeMaster TE 

Gateron switches are well known and loved by the keyboard enthusiast community. Gateron manufactures high-quality switches and trusted by many professional gamers, so it is definitely a nice choice for cost performance.

Best Choice by Comparison

It is hard to try a new product. We give you some counterparts you may be familiar with to do a comparison to help you make a wise decision. We are glad to prove that BladeMaster is at the top level from any parameter.

What’s in the Package?

We give you everything commonly used for a gaming keyboard. The beautifully designed package features resistance to shake and environmental damage

Technical Specs

BladeMaster is Ready for Production

DREVO has an experienced team who are committed to improving hardware to create extraordinary gaming experience for gamers. To make this campaign 100 percent success, we focused on each detail from design to production in the past 14-month R&D process. We ensure that the final product will be exactly same as what we promised to the community.  

It has been a clear goal set by DREVO team at the very beginning of the campaign: each supporter will be ensured of timely delivery of BladeMaster. For this goal, we negotiated with numerous factories and suppliers globally to ensure that every process will be carried out as planned. Also, we arranged about 10 EVT samples for professional reviewers to gather professional so that we can promise that the final version of BladeMaster will be the top keyboard in the market!


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