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Infento offers modular construction Kits to build life-size rides together with your kids. Like Lego and Meccano, but bigger, much bigger! You can start with a walker, a tricycle or a scooter. When your child has grown you simply rebuild the ride into one of the larger models.

Our modular Kits empower your family to become makers. You create something tangible together and spend quality time: building while bonding. At the same time, you give your child an important skill set for the future.

With one Infento Kit and one hex key, parents and kids can build a wide variety of rides together. One box packs fun for the entire childhood; from toddler to teenager.

In 2015 we launched Infento on Kickstarter and it was one of the most crowdfunded educational inventions ever.Now we are back on Kickstarter, with a massive expansion of the Infento Universe.

We’re proudly presenting you tens of new rides and 6 new Kits. One of those is an all-electric Kit. In total we have 32 rides waiting to be explored.Our new models enable children to experience entirely new ways of moving and steering. 

Are you ready for unlimited fun? Here’s what we have prepared for you…

Get ready for 3 amazing new inventions from Infento: Stabilizr®, ePulse® and Driftlock®.

An exclusive invention from our Infento designers: a clever Stabilizr® System with two freshly designed stabilizer blocks and four rubber strings. The strings from the Stabilizr® System come in two colors: grey and black. You will receive two pieces of each.

The black ones offer the biggest resistance, which means they are more suitable for bigger kids. The grey ones are more elastic. With mixing you can choose from three strength levels to create the ideal match.

Discover the power of electricity! With our ePulse® System you can now turn your own created ride into an electric one! The brushless DC motor from the ePulse® System has two speed settings: switch the key to choose 3 mph (5 km/h) or 7 mph (11 km/u). Open the throttle by twisting the handlebar, just like you do on a motorcycle. Reverse by pressing the button on the handlebar. The added protective belt shield will make sure you have a safe trip.

The motor comes with a 4 Ah lithium-ion battery that is modular, so it can be placed in various positions. It provides you with 60 minutes of continuous run time for your adventures. After only 2 hours of charging you’ll be ready for your next tour!

Are you ready for some serious drifting fun?! Our new small 4 inch wheels have the ability to swivel like caster wheels. This allows you to move in entirely new ways. From drifting to swiveling and spinning. A high tech composite bearing creates a smooth ride. The Driftlock® System makes it possible to control the wheels.

By placing positioning blocks in the slots, you can lock them. This means the wheels won’t swivel if you don’t want them to, the choice is yours. Smart ey?

Since our Kickstarter launch two years ago, Infento has won multiple design, toy and parenting awards.

This year we have won a Red Dot Award. It’s one of the world’s leading design awards. Our goal was to develop rides that are not only modular and functional, but also beautiful to see. It was a huge honour to receive the acknowledgment from the jury of this prestigious award.

Apart from design authorities, we were also rewarded by parents that actually tested the Kits themselves. The Parent’s Choice Award jury described Infento as a ‘wildly inventive construction kit’ that ‘provides invaluable learning experiences’. Wow!

During our first Kickstarter campaign we’ve received a lot of coverage from the international media. They embraced our unique idea and saw the many benefits it offered for families, some even dubbed as as the coolest kids toy… ever. Thank you!

Infento stimulates the young brain to develop important 21st century skills and abilities. The famous four C’s: Creative thinking, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Infento introduces technique to children in an entertaining and accessible manner. The basic engineering skills they learn are a great asset for the rest of their lives.

They will build confidence by experimenting and reach success through trial and error. After accomplishing some incredible results they won’t be hesitant to start a new challenging project. Changing a flat tire on a car, assembling a freshly purchased wardrobe, or taking that robotics class in school – all doable tasks!

What if you don’t just buy your child a ride, but you create it together? Spend quality time while working on a shared goal. Imagine the proud smile on your child’s face when he or she gets to try out the ride for the first time.  

This experience you’ll share will be an everlasting memory. After building it’s time to spend hours of fun with the ride you have built jointly, with your own hands.

Infento covers all stages of a child’s youth: from just 8 months up to 14 years. Let them grow, the rides will grow along.

Did we mention that our Kits are also eco-friendly? Think of all the rides you end up buying throughout the years. Most of them break easily and end up in the trash.

With Infento you can just transform one ride into the next. Our quality parts are made to last a lifetime.


11 incredibly fun rides for just 179. We’ve got you covered from 0 up to 8 years of age. Start your Infento journey and have a great time while building together with your child. Learn them to walk with our Turtle walker, or let them use their hands on the Gecko to zigzag around the living room.


Wiggle, drift, cruise? Pick what you like! Kids from 6 to 14 years will love this Kit. Boost their creativity and build some eye-catchers together. Wiggle those hips on the Flowmotion XL or steal the show skateboarding through the park with the Funboard.


With the Smart Kit you can build any ride from the Explorer and Pioneer Kit, or pick one of 3 other great rides. Premium quality fun for an entire childhood. Twist, turn, scoot and cycle for 0 till 14 year olds. Get building and help them develop an invaluable skill set for the future.


 No less than 25 possible rides in the Genius Kit. While creating together your child will get the chance to unleash the inner creative Genius 🙂 Build our famous Speedster pedal go-kart or go for some laidback drifting with the Whirl. And how do you like our redesigned Biker, isn’t it a looker that makes a motorcyclists envious?


Every kid dreams of its own car, like mum and dad have. We’ve created our first all-electric Kit with 6 possible rides; from the Minibike to the Hot Rod. The 2-speed electric motor allows for a smooth ride and will bring you countless fun moments. Press the start button for the adventure to begin.


You say you want it ALL? We can arrange that 🙂 The Legend Kit offers you the opportunity to build any of the 32 rides from all the new Kits! Many hours of quality time with your kids guaranteed. And yes, the Legend includes the ePulse. This can easily be identified as our flagship Kit. For the real makers among us.

Infento is not only about rides. Thanks to our modular system the parts can be used in many different ways. Just let your imagination run wild and build your dreams.

We offer various Add-Ons to expand the functionality of your Kit. And there are many more Add-Ons planned already!

Snow Add-Ons  (available on our website)

Want to transform your ride into a sledge? No problem. With our Snow Add-Ons you can keep on gliding through winter. Build a sledge, a snow scooter or a skibock, you name it, you make it!

LED Add-Ons (available on our website)

For those looking for a bit of extra bling, we have the LED Add-On. Click the smart LED strip into a profile of your ride to personalize it. The LED lights can emit any possible color and display a huge amount of effects. Just ride and shine.

An Infento Kit is not just a product. By purchasing a Kit you will enter the Infento Community. Infento fans from all over the world have already made super inventive creations. 

Our Community offers the possibility to get inspired by fellow makers and share your own special work of art. A keyboard stand, a horse, a babygym? Build something awesome and get your spot in the gallery. Our modular Kits offer you unlimited possibilities. The Community page will be updated with more options, to like each others creations and interact.
Our roots spring from education. In 2012 the first Infento product was launched: an educational Kit especially designed for schools to give children an important skill set for the future.

Educators are aware of the need to prepare children for the rest of their lives. Skills like creative thinking, spatial awareness and knowledge of basic technique, are import to help kids develop themselves as successful human beings.

Infento offers the opportunity to learn these skills while children use brain and hands. This way the theory comes to life, in a fun, enticing way. The Infento Education Kit uniquely combines creativity, development of technical insight and fun.

Infento offers the opportunity to learn these skills while children use brain and hands. This way the theory comes to life, in a fun, enticing way. The Infento Kit uniquely combines creativity, development of technical insight and fun.

Who’s using Infento?  

  • Elementary schools
  • Middle school
  • High school
  • Afterschool programs
  • Homeschooling Special needs programs
  • Gifted programs
  • Technology clubs
  • Community
  • Centers
  • Maker Spaces
  • Summer camps
  • Technology camps
  • STEAM curriculum

The positive feedback from schools, parents and children led to the decision to develop a product especially designed for families.  

Building an Infento ride is not rocket science. All you need is a Kit and a hex key to complete your build. Our digital manuals are very visual. We avoid using a lot of text, instead we show you clear images. This makes it easy to follow for everyone. Young and old. Step by step you’ll be guided to complete your cool creation together.

We also have various ‘how to’ videos to help you get started.

And in case you have any questions, our customer support service is always ready to help you out!

Needless to say: you can of course use your imagination and create your own custom ride. The options are unlimited.

We only use top quality parts for our Kits, from our trusted suppliers. 99% of the parts are exclusively designed, developed and produced by and for Infento. We made these parts with two goals in mind: they had to be extremely durable and extremely safe. No compromises. Only when these criteria were met, we took them into production.

A Kit mainly consists of high quality anodized aluminium profiles and axles, galvanized steel fasteners and glass fiber reinforced plastic joints. We use these unique quality parts because an Infento Kit is built to last, to be enjoyed from toddler to teenager. And even for the generation after. Year after year the modular parts can be reused in different rides.

Infento was founded in 2010 by Sander Letema and Spencer Rotting. These brothers in law both have a passion for inventing and designing. Together they designed and developed a unique modular concept.

Infento is the first in the world to produce a kit for families that lets them build real constructible rides together. You only need one kit and one hex key to create unlimited rides (and unlimited fun!) for an entire childhood. From walker to go-kart, from toddler to teenager.

Children take up 33% of our population and 100% of our future.

Today’s kids face a world that is rapidly evolving and that comes with many challenges. Creative thinking will be a crucial skill that determines the success of the next generation. And we’re not only talking about personal success. Children now enter a universe of fast changing technology, an ever-shifting global economy and far-reaching health and environmental challenges. All scenarios that will require plenty of creative thinking.

We think the world should focus more on letting our kids explore the world around them while encouraging creativity. Early development of creativity is much more important than we think it is.

The good news is that every child has unlimited creative potential. It is the mission of Infento to help as many kids as possible to fulfill their potential in a fun, challenging, caring and playful way.

Have you ever thought of the fact that your kid might work in aerospace or biotech engineering later? And what about programming robots, or designing and engineering virtual reality?

We are heading towards an ‘imagination economy’, where creative and intuitive thinking create economic value. You also can start fostering the creativity in your child in a fun and simple way.

What can Infento contribute here? Infento challenges the minds of these incredibly original thinkers. Let them imagine, dream, create, puzzle, solve. There is a Chinese proverb saying:

“Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I’ll remember
Involve me, I’ll understand”

The best way to understand is to be involved. Kids could stare at a book or listen to a teacher for hours, but you might recognize this: the best way to learn new skills is to actually learn by doing. This is the principle of ‘kinesthetic learning’; a type of learning where children engage in physical activities, rather than just listening or watching. Infento offers the perfect tool to help kids develop their talents and skills.

Everything is ready. We can start shipping in September.

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