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Airborne Motors Corporation will soon announce the availability of a compact, hybrid personal air vehicle that’s easy to fly and easy to drive. Designed for vertical flight and takeoff, the Typhoon F1 offers complete and total freedom, coupled with a mind-bending thrill ride and an eye-opening look into the future of travel.

A working prototype is planned to be available as soon as 2017, at the world-renowned auto show in Dubai.

Airborne Motor Company (AMC) is making the dream of personal flight a reality.

Our personal air vehicles (PAVs) are powered by aerial robotic technology similar to that used in quadcopters and vehicle avoidance systems, which is adapted and customized to suit the tastes of supercar buyers all over the globe.

The result is an astonishing new type of vehicle that can take off directly from the comfort of a personal garage, yacht or any open space without the need for a runway.

The Typhoon series of personal aircraft will take to the skies and the road with equal finesse.

The Typhoon experience depends heavily on the comfort of the driver, which is why we’ve put such intense scrutiny on safety. By making the safety of drivers our ultimate concern, Typhoon owners can immerse themselves in the magic of flight.

The Typhoon PAV is controlled by a central computer, which controls all aspects of the flight and contains a pre-programmed flight plan. Drivers can take full control of the craft, diving into and out of turns at astonishing G-forces.

Get in over your head, though, and simply let go of the controls. The craft will take over, returning to a stable hover.

The technology base used to build the Typhoon PAV was designed explicitly with scaling in mind. While the Typhoon F1 is built for a single occupant, a larger F4 (a four-occupant vehicle) would be a simple matter of increasing the radius of the main fan by one foot.

We’re in the process of building the F1 prototype, and we expect to have a working model to debut at the Dubai Motor Show in 2017. Dealers have already expressed interest, and we’ve lain plans for a distribution channel that consists of direct sales through our Dubai office and of partnerships with regional distributors.

We’ve secured a partnership with Fusion Luxury Motors to manufacture an initial prototype, with the potential to scale production for commercial applications within their 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Fusion will be a key partner in manufacturing the prototype, and when the time comes, in securing a standalone manufacturing facility for AMC.

The potential for advertisers is unprecedented. The military, various universities, and corporate entities like Red Bull have already shown heavy interest, with the military and universities offering access to their significant resources and networks. In exchange, these entities would use the F1 as a means to promote recruitment into their respective programs.

AMC designed the Typhoon series around a central fan, which not only supplies over 1,000 horsepower to power the craft, but doubles as a giant gyroscope to keep the craft perfectly, unequivocally stable.

The rotors in each corner of the craft rotate in three dimensions for precise, intuitive maneuvering.

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

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