Transparent Suitcases – Yay or Nay?

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According to Yanko Design

The Rimowa X Off-White Transparent Carry-On Case has some rather obvious pros and cons. It’s just a question of which of them outweighs the other, and that’s completely subjective.

Made from transparent yet extremely resilient and impact resistant PolyCarbonate, the carry-on suitcase is completely see-through, although the ribbing on the surface to give it structural integrity obscures one’s direct view of the insides of the suitcase. With accented black handles, wheels, and labeling on the handle and locks, the Rimowa and Off-White collaborative suitcase gets a distinct contrast that gives it a much-needed pop.

Polycarbonate isn’t completely transparent, and the suitcase’s insides get a slightly frosty/cloudy appearance, but the contents within aren’t hidden from one’s view. While most people wouldn’t be comfortable with carrying a suitcase that flaunts the items inside, it may appeal to a few who have nothing to hide and are looking for a suitcase that’s distinctly different, and can be spotted from afar on the conveyor belt at the airport arrival hall. There’s no way anyone’s mistaking this suitcase for theirs! Plus, here’s a hidden psychology tip: Transparent items are usually perceived as fragile/breakable, so the people handling your luggage will probably subconsciously take extra good care of it!

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