ManMade: SciFi Action Adventure Game set in an AI-Ruled 2050

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ManMade is a 5 episode long cinematic action-adventure game in which you experience an AI-ruled Istanbul of the 2050s, with or without virtual reality, through the eyes of different characters. By making choices, you can change how the future will unfold.

You will mainly play as William Kaan, one of the creators of modern ruling AIs, who is now seeking revenge on his creations. He won’t hesitate to use his unique senses or wits to outsmart people to take revenge.



  • A futuristic, detective-like experience: Use your enhanced senses to investigate scenes, gather information, and chase leads
  • An immersive cyberpunk world: Immerse yourself in the cyberpunk streets of 2050’s Istanbul.
  • A non-linear story: The story changes according to your decisions, actions, or the absence thereof. Every choice you make will alter the experience.
  • A cinematic VR camera: An innovative take on the virtual reality camera, allowing you to experience the story without the effects of motion sickness or loss of immersion by combining the use of third and first-person perspective (mostly first-person). You can switch between the first and third person and control your camera in the third person mode.
  • Real actors, real performances: 3D scanning is used to digitize the faces of actual actors. We used IKinema motion capture and FaceWare face capture for capturing performances of the actors for action sequences and other game movements.
  • An original soundtrack will be released: A soundtrack, consisting of 20 tracks from various artists, will be available for purchase (included in the deluxe edition).

ManMade is a cinematic action-adventure game. The player experiences the story by exploring the environment and by performing action sequences in the form of quick time events. However, gameplay is not limited to just exploring. You will experience unique mini-games throughout your gameplay, most of them consisting of action-packed mechanics.

Visuals from WIP Pre-Alpha Gameplay Demo
Visuals from WIP Pre-Alpha Gameplay Demo
  • Experience the world as different characters: Every character has a diverse background, beliefs, and abilities
  • Every detail matters: Exploring the scenes will provide more information to use later in the game for overcoming problems, unraveling the truth, and persuading people.
  • Every decision and every dialogue choice matters: Every choice you make shapes how you experience the game. You can play the game more than once to experience the game differently.
  • Use your wit and enhanced senses to solve mysteries: You will use the improved view, hearing, and smelling abilities to uncover what no one else can
  • Feel the tension with action sequences: You have to act quickly and correctly when quick time events or time-limited events occur.
  • Intuitive virtual reality controls and movement: You will be immersed in virtual reality while experiencing the story as an action-adventure movie. You can toggle between first and third person cameras. You will control your camera in the third person mode.
  • Unique action-packed mini-games: You will play different types of unique mini-games throughout the story. Most of them are action-packed!

We love story driven games. We believe it is of paramount importance to create an immersive game for our players to truly experience the story we want to tell. For that reason, there’s no better choice for telling our story than virtual reality. We didn’t develop ManMade as a PC game and port it to virtual reality. Instead, we developed ManMade to accurately utilize the benefits of VR – such as the different interaction methods, user interface, user experience, and the 3D immersive sound virtual reality provides.

However, while developing a VR game, there are some challenges to be considered. These are latency (FPS), interactions, and motion sickness. The UI should also be readable in the virtual world. So, we developed a novel approach to the cinematic camera system by combining first person and third person views without losing any immersion or causing any motion sickness. The camera system is still a work in progress for VR and PC.

We are using Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine’s quality ensures ManMade’s graphics feel as real as possible.

The game is primarily set in various parts of beautiful cyberpunk Istanbul.

No one would have guessed that the world was on the verge of significant change, nor the unfortunate chain of events that was awaiting Kaan, one of the pioneers of advanced artificial intelligence. He was living an entirely happy life, but an accident changed his course of life. After losing his faith in artificial intelligence, Kaan wants to get revenge on the system that betrayed him. The story reveals what life may bring in Istanbul in the year 2050 and displays the scenery. It also shows us how other people and our choices can drastically change our lives, touches on the fear of the future, and the growth of artificial intelligence.

“In ManMade, the soundtrack is one of the key elements of the immersive VR experience. As the game takes place in the 2050s, I composed hybrid tracks which include two layers: synthesized sounds and acoustic orchestral instruments.” – Umur Doma, Composer of ManMade

Here is an example of both layers and the title song Skyline including these layers, which was originally composed for ManMade.

During the gameplay, the choices you make will not only come with consequences but also with unique soundtrack experiences that are related to your decisions.

Here are two versions of a track, different options trigger each one.

All animations and cinematics are the fabulous product of 3D scanned and modeled actors and their performances.

3D Scanning
3D Scanning
MoCap with IKinema
MoCap with IKinema
FaceCap with FaceWare
FaceCap with FaceWare

 (360 Images may take a longer time to rotate)

You can add multiple 22 Euros to your pledge for every extra copy of ManMade (in PC + VR or PS4 + PS VR)

You might be asking “who the heck are these guys?”. Well…

We’re a team of creative individuals gathered from game, movie, commercial, and other creative industries with the passion of creating one of the most ambitious virtual reality storytelling games in the world.

Why Kickstarter?

We’re a small but efficient studio in Istanbul, Turkey. We love creating everything cyberpunk. We learned a lot during our journey, and it’s time to put all that knowledge to good use. We’re sure that with the help of the Kickstarter community we can raise enough attention to our project so that we get the required support and funding to make our dream come to life. So please, back us and “be a part of the future, today!”.

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