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  • This is the last chance to obtain the game with a 30% discount or to get exclusive Kickstarter rewards.
  • If we can go over the funding goal, it will allow us to finish the game faster and better by hiring more manpower.
  • All tiers starting from tier 1 will also receive a little digital comic booklet for free (as unlocked in a previous crowdfunding campaign)
  • Planned Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita (Console ports will follow after PC Release)
  • Primary Languages : English, 한국어, 日本語, (Probably 中國語)
  • Estimated Release Price (Steam) : 25 USD
  • HD Trailer (1080p)
  • Homepage / Twitter

Pixel Princess Blitz is a one-of-a-kind sandbox roguelite action RPG. The ever-changing journey will take you through a dynamically simulated world populated with warring factions, mysterious dungeons, giant bosses and challenging quests!  

PPB is an ambitious game that doesn’t simply chase the trend, but follows a clear vision: An adventure generator that allows you to explore a crumbling kingdom for fame and fortune in the way you want.

To achieve that, we are combining and innovating the best elements of action, simulation, strategy and role-playing games – its result is something that’s impossible to describe with just a few buzzwords such as ‘Roguelite’.

We sincerely believe that the time and effort we’ve been investing to give you something the world has never seen before will be worth it in the end. It would be much appreciated if you could assist us a little bit further in this arduous journey by becoming a backer!


This is Kuruna – a brave girl with a big heart and exceptional fighting skills.

All she has ever wanted was the simple life in the town watch, serving and protecting the good people of the village.
A life where, when off duty, you would go fishing, do some gardening work, play with the neighborhood children, sing with them and read stories with them.
However, that life would soon come to an end…

And when they fell asleep, she would enjoy the quiet in her rocker, sipping warm milk tea from her favorite mug.
And when they fell asleep, she would enjoy the quiet in her rocker, sipping warm milk tea from her favorite mug.

The Broken Sword

As a sudden Ratling invasion devastates the lands, Kuruna is sent out to investigate the cause of the invasion. Her investigation leads her to the ancient ruins of Hummingwood, and it is there where she meets her destiny.

Kuruna discovers that the ancient temple known to house an ancient dragon, the so-called Guardian of Hummingwood, has come under attack. She reaches the deepest chamber of the temple, fights the Black Knight who was about to break the barrier, and is killed in a desperate battle.

The Harp Sings Once Again

Kuruna’s journey, however, was not yet to come to an early end.

The dragon, his body destroyed by the Black Knight, manifested his soul into Kuruna’s dying body to heal the wounds and revive her. Having witnessed Kuruna’s bravery and skill, he decided to place his hopes in her. Blessed with a dragon’s soul, Kuruna is requested to put a stop to the ominous evil creeping across the kingdom.
And so begins Kuruna’s adventure, which would soon alter the Kingdom’s fate and rewrite history!

Beat’em-up Style Action RPG

A Fierce Brawler – Face hordes of enemies and huge bosses with devious attack patterns. Roll-dodge, strike, slash, shoot arrows, throw potions and bombs, cast powerful magic spells and summon guardians.

An Intricate Combo System – Just mashing the same button is not fun and is likely to get you killed. Connect your moves or cancel out moves into a devastating combo. Your set of combos will change with the items you equip yourself with!


Get Tactical – Many objects can be destroyed or interacted with using your weapons, spells and gadgets. You can cross big gaps with a grappling hook, shoot a switch to trigger a trap, destroy a bridge to get rid of enemies, and more.

Survive a Dynamic Sandbox

Fantasy Backpacking Simulator – Explore a world fitted with challenges. A day-night cycle, a dynamic weather system, random encounters and sector-wide anomalies drain your stamina and resources as you go places.

Guided Randomization – Each playthrough consists of multiple ‘sectors’ which are created via a complex combination of presets and procedural generation, making no game ever the same.

Each Action Card represents a tactical opportunity. Use them wisely!
Each Action Card represents a tactical opportunity. Use them wisely!

Trading Card Game – You also have access to Action Cards‘ – a game element that only strengthens the tabletop feel of Pixel Princess Blitz. You can play them to escape a tight spot, increase your odds of survival and bend the rules! For example, you can play ‘Stealth’ to move safely through a chaotic battlefield, or play ‘Instigation’ on a town to raise a militia when monsters are nearby.

The town is besieged by Ratlings! Don't just stand there, do something!
The town is besieged by Ratlings! Don’t just stand there, do something!

A Living World  The world is populated with towns, monsters and factions that all follow their own agenda. Armies fight over vantage points and supply centers, Monsters sprawl across the land and towns deploy guards and adventurers to defend themselves.They are playing an RTS among themselves, and you possess the power to be a game changer. Protect towns, sabotage supply lines, take out commanders and solve problems(and more).

  • Imagine two factions having bases around the sector and sending out patrols and armies to outdo the other one. If you sabotage one faction by taking out their outposts and patrols, this will naturally lead to the other faction gaining the upper hand, quite possibly leading to their victory.
  • Whether you intervene or not is entirely up to you. The factions will engage each other no matter if you’re there or not, so if you don’t care what they do… then don’t get involved. This is YOUR JOURNEY.

Randomized Loot & Arms Race

An Innovative Character Customization System!
An Innovative Character Customization System!

Loot Generator – Acquire and trade in a huge variety of weapons, gears and items which are all generated at random! An item could have multiple positive and negative attributes, be upgraded or degraded in quality, enchanted or cursed, common, rare, or unique – You won’t see the same equipment twice.

An Arms Race – Utilize your limited time and resources carefully to keep your arsenal up to date, as your enemies keep getting stronger and the environment more dangerous as you progress. Falling behind in this ever-intensifying arms race will only mean your death.

Dungeoneering like Never Before

In PPB, we treat dungeons not as a static collection of rooms, but like a board game played against another player. AI-controlled Dungeon Overseers are put in charge of each dungeon, taking every available step to kill the intruder – reparing rooms, facilities and sending out hunting parties after you. You must think strategically and act tactically to overcome this cunning opponent.

Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap

Immersive Storytelling

A Meaningful Adventure – experience a non-linear gameplay enhanced by a elaborately prepared narrative told through long campaigns and random events. We believe that even the best sandbox game would soon run dry if it doesn’t tell a meaningful story or give you context to your efforts.

True Role-playing – I believe that a good RPG is not about letting you choose your sex or change your looks, but enabling you to make meaningful choices that result in logical consequences! Most encounters in PPB will offer multiple choices and different solutions. Like in Tabletop RPG, the game will role a die to determine your success, adding relevant modifiers such as equipment, skill or stats.

Soundtrack – Pixel Princess Blitz’s gorgeous high-quality music, composed by Ethan Jeffrey, does a fantastic job of setting the tone of the adventure, quickly becoming an integral part of the world of PPB.

<Main Theme of Pixel Princess Blitz>

Sound Effects – The often overlooked silent laborers. We are working with Aaron C. Edwards, a professional sound generalist with more than 12 years of experience, to create hundreds of SFX for Pixel Princess Blitz.

the game boasts a huge cast of high-quality pixel art characters, crafted and animated the traditional way by Japanese artists without relying on visual tricks, just as those classic JRPGs, fighting games and Beat’em-ups were made back in the old days.

Erin is fighting the air for some unknown reason...
Erin is fighting the air for some unknown reason…
We start with the first sketches...
We start with the first sketches…
continue filling the frames in between...
continue filling the frames in between…
And brush it up!
And brush it up!

The pixel art of PPB distinguishes itself with its crisp shapes and clear colors. We’ve also taken extra time and effort to come up with new and elaborate designs, instead of filling the game with just floating enemies or washed-out shapes and fuzzy details.

Knight Mantis
Knight Mantis
Swamp Lord
Swamp Lord

We have removed most physical rewards so we don’t get distracted off the actual development. Though high amount of pledges would help us for sure, I believe that finishing this game should be our top priority, and the fulfillment process of physical rewards introduces a new risk that could topple the entire undertaking.

Early Access Key :
Get a DRM-free copy of the game via Steam when we enter Early Access. You’ll retain your access even when we move to full release of version 1.0. (You can also choose to receive a key for the platform of your choice)

Invitation to Closed Beta :
You will be invited to test out the beta build many months before we hit Early Access – and retain your copy of the game through Early Access and the full release. During Closed Beta, we will reflect your feedback and keep updating the game, so you’d be practically building the game together with us.

Digital Official Sountrack :
The talented Ethan Jeffrey is writing every piece in the magnificent soundtrack of PPB. The digital OST will come with an exclusive cover art that you can admire on your player. Here is another full song from the soundtrack; please enjoy! 🙂

OST Booklet :
A digital booklet with exclusive illusts, sketches, a comic in color, plus an insightful developer commentary about the music and sounds of PPB.

PPB Guidebook :

This traveler’s guidebook will contain stories, diary entries and interviews written by common people of Verad. It contains a bestiary, information about main factions and characters of PPB, exclusive illusts, comic pages and more.

Digital Art Book :

This gigantic art book will allow you to look behind the curtain, bringing you tons of visual materials, including sketches, concept arts, colored in-game art assets in their original size, pixel-art sprites and more. We have so many materials to show off – you’ll like it!

Your Name in the Game :

The name you give us will be put into the random generator to be used at various places. It may be found on the board at a adventurers’ guild house, maybe among the ‘Heroes of the Month’. The player can compete against other adventurers on that list by racking up renown, and you could be one of those names.
Your name may also be on the ‘Injured Adventurers’ board, where the player can donate a few coins and get a better rep. These are great roleplaying opportunities for the player, and you can be a part of that fun experience.

Your Story in the News :  

The game will generate newspapers that report about recent events. Think up a fictional story to be featured on its front page. It can be about yourself, or even just a funny story. Imagine other gamers reading about the discovery of a dangerous ruin, and finding the story about your heroic act beside that: “Steve from Bullworth wins the annual eating contest for the third time in a row.” Also, you will be credited as ‘Guest Creator’.

Design a Unique Item:

Equipment items in PPB, such as weapons, shields, armors etc. are randomly generated, but there are also ‘unique items’ that can look different on the inventory screen and have a few special properties that make them stand out. Work with us to design a unique item with special properties, and if you wish, a lore the player can read after identifying it. You are also free to include your own name in a lore-friendly way.

The VAT Incident

We ran our first Kickstarter campaign back in 2017 and got funded successfully thanks to the help of our backers, raising 132% of the actual funding goal. We’ve economized and used the pledges carefully to pay the members of the team for their ongoing effort, and to hire additional members who proved themselves crucial to the project very soon.

The post-funding development went pretty smoothly, but we had to spend more time than we had originally allocated because we had to add, remove, remaster and rectify big features, graphic assets and codes while Pixel Princess Blitz kept evolving. (This is the usual process of game development) And that led to a delay with which we were not happy.

And in January 2018, we learned that we have to pay 19% of the funds raised on Kickstarter as VAT(Value-added-tax). This was unexpected because Kickstarter’s Q&A section stated that there would be no taxes on the money we spent.

Taken from the Q&A Section.
Taken from the Q&A Section.

(In retrospect, the article seems to apply to the US-residents only – but this was hard to grasp at that time. It also sounded pretty convenient to me, so I’d stopped bothering from that point on. It’s my fault.)


With that, most of the remaining budget that we’d saved up for the final spurt was gone, and as you could imagine, it’s been very stressful. I hope that the uniqueness and the high production value of our game could get you interested enough and maybe convince you to back us in this final Kickstarter campaign before the release of PPB.

Of course, I’ve consulted our backers from the first Kickstarter campaign first before considering this. Thankfully, they liked how I’ve handled the first campaign. To me, the single most important thing is not to disappoint my backers – I wouldn’t be attempting this without their blessing.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading the campaign page and that you will keep our game in a corner of your heart, should you decide to pass on our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you!

Risks and challenges

At this point, nothing could threaten the completion of this project.
Unforeseen delays are still possible, but they won’t be due to any grave issues like a team member bolting out, or mismanaging the budget.

Soon we will enter the closed beta phase where we will keep fixing bugs and reflect your feedback in the game through updates, so you’ll be able to follow the progress even if our plan to enter Early Access gets delayed.

No matter what happens, we’ll finish this game and keep expanding its contents even long after the release of version 1.0! The game’s framework was designed with constant post-release updates in mind from the very beginning.

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