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GameQ’s one of a kind experience brings a new level of fun and excitement unavailable to fans of Twitch streamers and YouTube content creators…until now.


With the convergence of video games and online/streaming technology, the global community of gamers have created a new, innovative form of entertainment. In 2017 over 650 million people were entertained by watching streamed and recorded video game play. Many video game content creators, like Ninja, Kittyplays, Loserfruit, or KYRSpeedy have reached star/celebrity status by attracting millions of viewers, followers, and subscribers. Their fans are as passionate and engaged as those who fill stadiums and watch traditional sports/athletes play on television or other platforms.

While it is impractical (if not impossible) for traditional sports fans to actually play with the stars they admire, the virtual nature of online video gaming makes such dreams feasible for video game fans. The problem is that while fans playing with their favorite video game stars does indeed happen, it’s by random chance against very, very long odds since about 700 million people play online video games! It only takes place when a fan, playing online, is placed (randomly by game servers) in a game with one of their favorite YouTube, Twitch, or eSports gamers.

GameQ removes the randomness and long odds for fans by delivering a systematic, predictable method to play with their favorite video game content creators. GameQ is the place where fans play with video game celebrities as they stream and record to create their unique style of entertainment content.

My Idea and Team

As an avid, lifelong video game fan I thought of the GameQ concept one night while watching my favorite YouTuber and wishing I could play the video game with him. My name is Justin Rothschild and I’m a senior at Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business.

I’ve had important support and advice in starting GameQ. After coming up with the idea I “pitched” it to my dad (the only thing he knew about video games was that I’d been playing them since I was a toddler and that he’d spent a lot of money on consoles, games, and gaming accessories). A marketing executive with experience ranging from globally recognized brands to small businesses, my dad listened to my idea and then did some in-depth market analysis/research. I was really excited when he said it was a great idea and an opportunity worth pursuing. He had one caveat; he would help me start GameQ but I had to stay in school…an easy decision! An immediate need was finding a technology advisor with deep web development experience. One of my father’s former colleagues is a seasoned technology executive with one of the most prominent tech companies in the world. We briefed him on the idea; he loved it and signed on as our technical advisor.

Our plan

We have figured out the method by which we can better connect fans and the video game stars they watch. It took us six months to figure out the technology part, but we eventually found a solution. Now we are ready to build a proof of concept site. We have already tested the technology solution and it works! However, we need web development resources and we are not developers. Through our technology advisor, we have identified people who can do the job. We’re putting some of our own money in but need help to cover the full cost of the proof of concept site development.

For our proof of concept, we will recruit a group of content creators (both Twitch streamers and gaming YouTubers) and fans/consumers to use the site and provide feedback about functionality and value. As a backer, if you are interested in participating in the proof of concept test, please contact us at

Once we have the beta site up and complete our proof of concept test, we will seek investors to develop and roll out the complete and scalable website. GameQ will not only provide the most unique connections in the gaming community at large, it will also give streamers, YouTube content creators, and eSports professionals additional revenue to support continuing development of their great entertainment content.

The GameQ business model uses a tiered membership for fans and, as rewards for our Kickstarter backers, GameQ will give a membership matched to the level of the contribution. The rewards memberships will be delivered and start upon launch of the site. In addition to the fun, excitement, and connections GameQ will generate, we also plan to identify a philanthropic cause that is meaningful to the video gaming community and make donations from our revenue.

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