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Whether you’re on a weekend camping trip and need to power up your phone, or you’re left without power in the wake of a hurricane, or you find yourself stranded with a dead car battery, or you live in an area that doesn’t have the benefits of a modern infrastructure, the X200 is the definitive power source wherever and whenever you need it most.

At InnoGen Energy, we’re on a mission to bring innovative, practical, and affordable energy solutions to the consumer and commercial markets.

Introducing the X200 Power-Hub: a versatile, portable energy system that provides safe, clean, and reliable power in the absence of outlets or grid power at a moment’s notice, in virtually any environment, and for a range of use-cases:

As our launch product, the X200 is just the first release from our team’s robust pipeline of groundbreaking energy solutions, each and every one purpose-built to meet unanswered needs in the marketplace and increase the global standard of living for those that need it most.

With the X200, InnoGen is directly addressing two key problems:

The Everyday Problem
There is a distinct lack of dependable personal energy solutions on the market that can provide the power people need, when they need it, and on their own terms. While there are a few existing products on the market that attempt to solve this problem, they are limited in their functionality and capacity, and are often gimmicks that provide little in the way of practical and versatile power.

The Big Picture Problem
The reality is, it will take many years and significant investment to bring modern power grid infrastructure to those living without electricity, and the world simply can’t wait that long. Those living without power need innovative, off-grid power solutions that can not only meet their daily needs enough to raise their standard of living but can also be manufactured and distributed at practical and sustainable costs.

That’s where the X200 comes in.

With the X200, InnoGen is tackling these challenges head-on, delivering critical power whether in an emergency, for daily use, or simply jump-starting a car, while also offering a high impact, cost-viable, and readily-distributable solution to parts of the world that don’t have adequate access to electricity.

Superior in its design and quality, and unprecedented in its functionality, the X200 pushes the limits of what a standalone charger can do.

Weighing in at only 12 lbs, the compact X200 is 11” tall and 8” wide, providing maximum portability with an easy-to-carry, ergonomic handle. The X200 is durably constructed with impact-resistant housing using only the highest quality materials.

The X200 contains advanced lithium-ion batteries that provide superior performance, enabling maximum electronics usage with shorter recharge times.

Featuring a range of charging outputs, the X200 meets numerous charging needs for any given situation. The X200 can be charged from wall outlets, using personal solar or wind power, or by cranking the built-in hand crank generator at a comfortable 60 RPMs. For example, 15 minutes of cranking can ‘jump’ your car and get you back on the road, and just 5 minutes of cranking can power your smartphone for an hour.

The X200 features a plug and play system that needs no installation, configuration, or updating. With a built-in inverter and 120 volt, standard DC, and USB outputs, the X200 provides maximum ease of use in a variety of power applications.

Our team has worked tirelessly over the past few years to bring the best, most dependable energy system to market, and we’ve made a ton of incredible progress toward that goal. Much of the heavy-lifting is already complete — including product design and pre-manufacturing. Now, we’re ready to begin manufacturing the X200 and to put it into the hands of users everywhere.

Here’s a look at how we got here:

Interest Is Building. We’ve secured 2 letters of intent for a total of 2,000 units for the X200, one from Alaskan distributor GoldenLine Distribution, one from Dubai-based distributor Al Isteshara Global Trading Company. We’ve also confirmed interest from As Seen On TV and Shark Tank.

Key B2B Discussions with Overstock, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Costco, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop, REI, Gear Junkie, HGTV, QVC, Walmart, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, and Home Depot.

Key B2B2C Discussions with the International Federation of Red Cross, international relief organizations, disaster relief agencies, the United Nations, and World Bank, as well as other nonprofit relief organizations and NGOs.

Strategic Partnerships Secured with billionBricks, Give to Asia, BJB Battery, and Splendor International.

Multiple Patents & IP In the Works. 3 patents in the application process for the X200, one patent in transfer for our Dual Interactive Rotor Wind Turbine (pipeline), and one patent licensing option for a magnetically assisted kinetic turbine system (pipeline).

Manufacturing Locked Down. We’ve developed valuable partnerships and negotiated pricings with 5 major partners, including a generator manufacturer, a plastic injection molds maker, a battery supplier, a PCB manufacturer, and a mechanical parts manufacturer.

Distribution Is A Go. In addition to the two confirmed LOIs, we’ve outlined a plan to sell and distribute 360,000 units locally and internationally over the course of the next 5 years. Our B2B model will allow us to wholesale to small, medium, and large retailers and distributors, including the ones listed above. We’ve also engaged with Maurice Sporting Goods — the world’s largest wholesaler of outdoor products and sporting goods — to help with volume distribution.

Our go to market plan is to first concentrate on the US consumer market, leveraging the value proposition the X200 brings to multiple target customer segments. While we will remain flexible on our initial roll out to maximize sales(depending on where we gain the most traction), the initial channels and order of our market rollout will be:

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