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STREAMZ are the world’s first smart streaming headphones that allows people to instantly listen to stored HD quality music or online streaming music such as Pandora without requiring a separate music player or smartphone.

Everything is built inside the headphones including an Android WIFI/Bluetooth music player, up to 36GBs of storage, an HD quality DAC and amplifier.

Instantly search and play your favorite music with a voice command or a swipe of the built-in touch screen … all without the hassle of a separate music player.

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STREAMZ are the world’s first smart headphones with a built-in Android music player that instantly plays music without the need for a separate music player or smartphone.

STREAMZ are going to change how millions of people listen to music, watch movies, play games and get their online media.  With STREAMZ there is no more hassle with separate music players and smartphones. Simply press a button or say a command and you are instantly immersed in your own world of multimedia entertainment.

With STREAMZ everything is built inside including an Android WIFI/Bluetooth HD quality music player and up to 36GBs of storage.  That means that now with a simple voice command or touch of a button you can instantly listen to music stored on STREAMZ or directly from your favorite online music service including Pandora and Spotify.

Besides being the first smart headphones STREAMZ are the first to offer an integrated HD quality Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) which allows for the fist time people to autonomously and wirelessly listen to audiophile quality music anywhere without having to be hard wired to an HD quality music player or DAC.

STREAMZ is the beginning of a smart headphone revolution that makes listening to music easy, elegant and entertaining.

The company is in the process of capturing a lead position in this nascent, soon to be billion dollar market by licensing its STREAMZ patent pending smart headphone technology to OEMs and it is preparing to sell complete STREAMZ headphones through both established international distributors and mass retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon.



500 million people worldwide listen to music using a separate music player such as an iPhone or iPod and a pair of headphones.  Millions of people want a simpler, more comfortable way to listen to their music without depending on a cumbersome and complicated separate music player.

Global headphone sales are projected to grow from $7 billion in 2013 to over $12 billion in 2018 and with 95% of 2013 sales growth in premium ($100+ priced) headphones consumers are demanding headphones that are SIMPLER for active use, HIGHER QUALITY and MORE COMFORTABLE without the need to depend on a separate cumbersome music player of smartphone.

People Don’t Want the Hassles of a Separate Music Player

They simply want to play their music anywhere at any time with a press of a button.


STREAMZ Smart Headphones are the first to incorporate a WiFi Streaming Music Player that allows you to instantly, easily and comfortably listen to all sources of music including stored music and Pandora streaming radio without a separate music player.  With it’s built-in DAC STREAMZ offers unprecidented quality.

With STREAMZ Listen to Music without the Hassle of a Separate Music Player

Play your music whenever and wherever you are … with STREAMZ !


STREAMZ debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on January 7th 2014 to rave reviews and in less than six months has successfully accomplished the following milestones:

  • Raised $135K for initial development, patent, marketing activities
  • Designed, built several prototypes and continues to improve  the product’s hardware and software functions including the addition of a 96kHz/24 bit DAC, a new Android System and Player App plus new voice synthesis and touch panel controls.
  • Filed a broad utility patent with eighteen claims.
  • Initiated discussions with six leading OEMs, one of which plans to license STREAMZ for use in their own headphones with planned first year royalties exceeding $300,000 and 83% gross margins..
  • Signed up domestic dealers and three international distributors in Germany, Russia and Dubai UAE with planned first year orders exceeding $500,000 and and 45% gross margins.
  • Received rave reviews and releases from leading technology publications including Engadget, Yahoo Tech and Gizmag.
  • Received numerous product review requests from renowned industry technology editors including David Pogue of Yahoo Tech and Tyll Hertsens, editor at and founder of HeadRoom (
  • Working with Android designers and Google employed developers to develop new STREAMZ Apps based on the company’s MAUI (Media Application User Interface) Application Programming Interface (API) and VOXEE voice user interface.
  • In conjunction with the founder’s company Mozaex, the company has established sales channels, a world-class engineering team, domestic and off-shore production facilities plus customer service and G&A resources.


Currently there are no other WIFI Android smart streaming headphones available in the market today.

The closest competition are “Feature Headphones” that feature Bluetooth but they do not include a processor, WIFI, music player, storage or other STREAMZ unique feature.

STREAMZ Unique Benefits

No Other Headphones Offers These Unique Benefits:

UNMATCHED SIMPLICITY – Instantly Plays music without a separate music player.

UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY – Plays music& audio from all devices wirelessly.

UNPRECEDENTED QUALITY – HIFI DAC that ensures the highest sound quality.

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