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We completely reimagined how phones should get charged in the easiest way. JuiceOn combines advanced self-engineered gel technology and Qi wireless charging standard to ensure charge your phone fastest, safest and most effortless. Ths elegant, compact battery pack totally rocks your phone.


The World’s First Attachable Wireless Power Bank 
The Most Effortless Phone Charging Solution  

Simply stick and go to boost your phone for 50% more battery.

JuiceOn is an extremely mobile power bank that can be used in all of those emergency situations. Unlike wall sockets or other portable chargers, JuiceOn simplifies the entire charging process by making charging more accessible and convenient.

We Shouldn’t Sacrifice Convenience For Capacity.

In fact, we don’t actually charge our power bank to full every day. Because we spend most of our day indoor with power accessed. The frequency of using a big power bank in a week is not quite often.

We believe eschews any kind of feature or element that is seen as a distraction, or a complication to a basic design can make things easier and better.

Carrying extra weight for the battery that might not be needed is seen as a distraction for the people who wants to pack light 

We call this ‘going light’

By allowing you to get rid of your bulky power bank, JuiceOn encourages you to pack light to minimize your carry-on weights when you going out.

We believed in this kind of design philosophy and it is something that we not only applied to all our dedication of product creation but our life as well.

Be Hassle-Free When Charging

We completely reimagined how phones should get charged in the easiest way. JuiceOn combines advanced self-engineered gel technology and Qi wireless charging technology to offer you the most convenient charging experience.

JuiceOn Benefits Your Everyday Life

Because JuiceOn is…

Lighter and Easier

It enhances your accessibility to your phone while charging!

Be free of distraction.

Charge while listening music?
Pack light for your workout?
No Problem!

Need to charge your phone while playing your favorite game? No Problem!

Charge on-the-go.

Anywhere anytime and clutter-free.

Portable-size designed, fit all your pockets

JuiceOn Makes Sharing Easier

Because Life is About Caring & Sharing

Let simultaneous group charging become effortless just like the tapping water

[GIF Josh takes one]

JuiceOn is capable to power up multiple devices simultaneously according to your needs.

Group Charging Station

JuiceOn offers a set of charging station for the pledge of 4 pads or more.

The charging station can charge 4 pads simultaneously.

A set of JuiceOn (4pcs) can charge iPhoneX to full twice.

Explore the futurist’s way of charging with JuiceOn
Stay Neat & Stay Elegant!

How Does JuiceOn Charge Wirelessly

JuiceOn’s improved transmitter coil in the charging base generates a wider electromagnetic field that able to deliver electrons through a thicker barrier then powering the battery.

For our charging packs, we use high-capacity lithium batteries with lithium cobalt oxide cathodes alongside a high-quality chipset from Neusoft. This provides an 85% boost to conversion efficiency. This tiny lightweight battery provides an iPhone 8 with 25% charge.

Battery Capacity

1700 mAh

Charging Efficiency

A set of JuiceOn (4pcs) can charge iPhoneX to full twice with a charging speed of 80% charge per hour. One piece of JuiceOn can power up your phone 50% more battery.

It Also Offers

No hassle charging through the bulkiest phone case.

Advanced Nanotechnology Adhesive Layer

Works With Any Phone


The sticky side of the battery pack is designed to be reusable. You can always wash it when it gets dusty, then drying up and it can be reused again and still stays sticky.

Won’t Make a Mess


Standard — International Qi Standard

Input — 5.0V 1A

Output — 5W

Efficiency — Up to 80%

Weight (Power Pack) — 50g / 1.8oz / 0.1 lb

Weight (Station) — 180g / 6.1oz / 0.4 lb

Material — PC & ABS

Operating temperature 0℃ ~ 40℃

Operating humidity:10% ~80% (No steam condensation)

Dimension (iPhone 8) — 100x 60 x 6.5 mm

Secured & Durable

Won’t Scratch *

Low Temperature *

Interference-Free  *

Intelligent Reliable Protection System   *  

Overcurrent, Overvoltage, Short Circuit, and Overheated Protection.

Foreign Object Detection — (FOD) is a safety mechanism which automatically interrupts power delivery if there is interference caused by a foreign object.


Path We’ve Went Through

From the early stage concept to today’s prototype, we have redesigned the structure many times until we found the best alternative.

From stacking style to vertical standing charging style

from a set of three pads to a set of four pads

We’ve been continuously improving the design to achieve the better user experience

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