What’s the most unpopular gaming opinion you’re willing to stand by?

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This week we’re borrowing one of Twitter’s favorite pastimes: sharing opinions we know everyone’s going to yell at us for. We’re sorry, but we’re not going to delete it. These are positions we’ll stand behind—hills we’ll die on even if we probably shouldn’t, much like every sniper in a Battlefield game.

We’ve all got opinions we know are scarcely shared, so after you’re done balking at our firmly-held beliefs, let us know in the comments: What’s your most unpopular gaming opinion?

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I’m definitely in the small percentage of people who believes this. There’s a lot of discussion about cut content in MGS5, stemming mostly from this footage of a missing mission 51, which really just acts as a finale to the Eli (Liquid) arc in MGS5, and not the entire game. I do think the game’s existing ending wraps up what this very unusual Metal Gear is about perfectly—it touches upon the player’s role in the game, the oddly quiet portrayal of Snake and the themes that are explored in the loose bits of story you actually get to see and hear in MGS5.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying MGS5’s story is good—it isn’t, although I find its lack of cutscenes pleasing these days versus the likes of MGS2 and MGS4—but the ending’s big reveal stayed with me for a long time. I wrote about it a few years ago.

This is my bullshit.

Joe Donnelly: The Witcher 3 is a good but not great game

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I like The Witcher 3. I like its characters and its storylines. I like its subplots, its thoughtful sidequests and its sprawling world. Its Blood and Wine expansion is great fun. And I don’t mind its indulgent, gratuitous sex scenes.

But I do not get on with its combat. In fact I really, really don’t like its combat. Its imprecise and clunky, and for someone so well studied in martial arts, Geralt controls like a tank. So much so, I bounced off the game twice before persevering enough to overlook its fighting mechanics. Its levelling up system is a pain in the arse as well. For me, The Witcher 3 is good but not great. Despite what my colleagues say.

Tim Clark: Bungie should give up on PvP

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Oh my god the state of Joe’s take.

Anyway, I don’t know if my opinion is actually unpopular, but Wes laughed right in my face when I voiced it in the office so I assume it counts. Bungie should give up on PvP entirely. The glory days of Halo multiplayer are long gone, and in the year of our lord 2018 it’s fine not to split your resources between singe and multiplayer game design. Destiny 2 would be in a much better spot if the studio was entirely devoted to creating brilliant raids, strikes, story missions and other alien-shooting activities. Moreover—yes I said moreover—trying to balance a game unilaterally between PvE and PvP is a fool’s errand. By focusing purely on the single-player stuff, the designers would be able to create all manner of insanely cool and overpowered weapons and gear without simultaneously creating a salt mountain of crybaby PvPers. I’m sure all the PvP devs are nice people so with a small amount of retraining can stick around and make more PvE stuff. I’m not a monster after all.

All that said, I did really like Gambit, so maybe it’s me who is the fool.

Andy Kelly: The modern day bits in Assassin’s Creed are good

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From the very first Assassin’s Creed, people have been complaining about those bits where you’re yanked out of whichever historical setting you’re currently stabbing your way around and into the present day. But if you’ve ever wondered who actually likes them, and why they keep appearing, it’s because of me.

See, I’m actually quite into Assassin’s Creed lore, which is an unpopular opinion in and of itself. I’m aware that it’s ludicrous, hokey sci-fi nonsense, but that’s precisely why I like it. It’s a story I’ve been following for years, and I like how each game tells a different part of it in a different way—often via those present day sections. I thought setting part of Black Flag in an analogue of of Ubisoft itself was pretty clever, actually.

I also like the change of scenery. These sections are never that long, and I find the change in tone and atmosphere appealing, just to break things up a bit. I don’t like ALL of these levels, though. That stuff in Revelations where you have to shove blocks around and solve puzzles was weird. But mostly I’m into it. And I’m sorry.

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