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According to indiegogo.com

SpeakSee is a set of microphones that accurately transcribe speech-to-text in over 120 languages and accents, and although developed for people with hearing loss in mind, it is a game changer for everyone who benefits from accurate transcriptions.

SpeakSee is a portable kit of smart microphones that transcribe speech-to-text in real time. Available in over 120 languages and accents. Easily save, search and share your transcripts.

SpeakSee’s state of the art microphone technology ensures that the system can accurately capture conversations, identify different speakers and transcribe it into text, in real time, also when there’s background noise. SpeakSee can also be plugged into smartphones, conference call-systems and televisions – always subtitles!

How accurate is it (in background noise)?

  Microphone System
  App design

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