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Designed with a sleek easy step-through aluminum frame, 250W, 350W, and 650W geared rear hub motor options, and removable 48V battery, FLASH METRO packs a strong punch at an affordable price. Speeds up to 28MPH with 20-40 mile range.


Current prices for all Metro bikes expire soon. 

Get your Flash Metro now, before these Early Bird perks end on July 12th at 1 pm PST.

An enjoyable commute starts with a reliable electric motor at an affordable price. That’s why each Flash Metro features a Bafang geared rear hub motor. Whether you’re a serious daily rider or just looking to take a casual cruise by the beach, the Flash Metro comes in three power options including 250W (EU Compliant) 350W, and 650W.

Which Motor is Right for You?


Flush Mounted & Removable

Flash Metros come with a secure removable key lock Li-Ion battery that’s as versatile as you are. Unlike other e-bikes that come with bulky batteries and attachments, the Flash Metro battery sits flush within the frame. Charge the battery while on the bike, or simply remove the battery to charge at home, coffee shops, or anywhere you find yourself needing a little extra juice.

2 Battery Options

Choose from 2 different 48 volt batteries with different watt hour (WH) ratings, which affect total usage/distance in between charges.

The default 9.6Ah 460WH battery is included with all Metro bike models making it ideal for minimalists, leisure riders, or anyone who values affordability and ease of use.

The 14Ah 672WH Extended Range battery increases your range to 40+ miles, making it ideal for experienced riders, bike enthusiasts, and daily commuters.

For extended journeys, double your range by carrying an extra battery as an optional add-on.

*Upgrade options available for all Metro models.

Flash Metro’s features are ultra-simplified, making it “as easy as riding a bike.” All models come with pedal assist to reduce fatigue, controlled by simple 3-button power dashboard control.

Manual + Pedal Assist Mode

Set to 0 and the Metro rides like a regular bike. Set to 1-5 and start to pedal, and the motor will smoothly apply increasing power.

Thumb Throttle + Integrated USB

Need a little get-up-and-go? Use the thumb throttle (M350 and M650 models) to quickly accelerate without pedaling. All Flash Metros also feature a USB port for powering your favorite electronic devices on the go.

The Metro rides like any other regular bicycle with seven mechanical gears, with the added benefit of electric power when you need a boost in speed.

All Metros come with Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 160mm rotors, with the option of upgrading to hydraulic disc brakes (with 180mm rotors) for stopping on a dime. For more customization, add a front suspension fork with 50mm of travel.

Hydraulic disc brakes and front suspension are available as a premium performance upgrade.

Whether you are tall, short, or have limited flexibility, you can hop on and off your Flash Metro without using the curb, tilting your bike, or getting your foot caught. Flash Metros were carefully designed and built with Aircraft grade T6-6061 Aluminum for a build and durability that can withstand just about any weather conditions.

No need to worry about bike weight. The Flash Metro 250 weighs in at only 47 lbs, while the Metro 350 & 650 weigh 49 lbs. Each Flash Metro supports a maximum rider weight of 270 lbs, with a suggested rider height between 5’3” to 6’2”.

To ensure that all backers can truly enjoy the benefits of owning a Flash Metro, we have designed the Metro 250 specifically to align with European guidelines. The Metro 250 comes with all the features that make Metros unique, plus front and rear lights, without the thumb throttle (per EU regulations). Rest assured, EU backers still have the option to upgrade the Metro 250 with accessory options.

All Metro models will ship to the EU. While current EU regulations allow for the use of the Metro 250 without registration, please be aware of all laws and regulations in your local municipality.

Import Duties May Apply

The EU is currently debating the addition of an import duty tax that would affect all Flash Metros sent to the EU. If your shipping address is in the EU, please be aware that you may owe additional import duties before we ship your bike, if these duties are approved before your Metro ships in the fall.

If import duties are too expensive, you will have the option at that point to cancel your order and we will refund your original payment, minus a 25% cancellation fee to cover all fees associated with your original order.

Select Your Flash Metro eBike Motor Size



  • Add performance and personality to your Metro with any of the following upgrades and custom accessories.
  • All packages are compatible with every Metro model, except for the Speed Upgrade (M650 only).
  • To claim an upgrade or accessory bundle, just click on the image below, and the perk will be revealed on the right side of the page, above the bike perks.
  • Any questions? Please let us know at support@flashbike.io

When backing our campaign, simply choose the Metro model that’s right for you. After the campaign ends, we’ll ask you to pick your color.

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