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At GLIGO, we make premium hybrid smartwatches at a radically fair price. Smartwatch features run for an extraordinary 180 days and watch-hand battery lasts even longer – 2 years!  ✓ Minimalist design that fits any occasions  ✓ E-ink screen for better visual experience  ✓ 2-year watch battery life with 180-day e-ink display time without charge  ✓ 3 in-use scenarios: sport/business/leisure  ✓ “Simple nudge” reminders for incoming event/mail/call  ✓ 30-meter waterproof

You want a smartwatch that respects your time. We created GLIGO to do just that.

No crazy/flashy UX and alerts that never stop. We only keep track of the most important things for you throughout the day: check time, meeting reminder, and a little bit of health monitoring and fitness tracking.

While giving you the most comfortable watch-reading experience, GLIGO also has unprecedentedly long battery life. Different from most of the smartwatches on the market that require charges daily, we adopted an energy-efficient dual-core design: the quartz core has a battery life of up to two years, e-ink screen has a battery life of up to 180 days.

We strive for simplicity and functionality, and always with style. With GLIGO, you can focus on the things you care the most about. 

GLIGO’s screen is e-ink, and there is no reflection under the sun like traditional liquid crystal displays have. And it only consumes energy when screen color changes (e.g., switching from black to white). After turning off, images on screen remain, hence very energy-efficient.

Another advantage of e-ink screen over traditional liquid crystal display is that it is easy to read. E-ink looks like printed text, making it easier for eyes.​

Press the bottom-right button on GLIGO and switch between black and white screens freely. Given your environment, choose mature black or chic white.

The watch has a two-pin design and is equipped with quartz movement. The e-ink screen displays time, date, and notification icons.

GLIGO’s waterproof body can withstand depths up to 30 meters. So now you don’t have to worry about taking off your watch when you’re showering, at the beach, or working out.

Let us first introduce to you the reminder functions under four innovative scenarios.

Mobile phone reminders are automatically synced to the watch, and the e-ink screen will display the reminder in different time intervals. For example, if you have an important meeting between 10 am, and 12 pm, the outer circle between 10 and 12 will show white, reminding you that there is a meeting during this period.

The display is black or white background; there are agendas reminder lines for next 12 hours (as you see, there are lines around the display edge, when your calendar has tasks in those hours, the display will show a range at that hour).


You can set and view your full daily schedule easily. As shown in image above, the watch face shows that you have some upcoming appointments at 11:50 AM, 14:30 PM and 18:30 PM.

The screen background is black or white; there’s a ring around the display edge which we called sports amount ring, it goes as your sports amount increase until you fulfill your target sports amount which is set through mobile App.

Black or white background, the display shows a digital time or date, which is in sync with your mobile phone time or date through the mobile phone app. So when you travel to different time zone, the display can show time of different time zones.

When you have traveled to France from American, GLIGO’s quartz hands show the local current time in US (e.g. 10:10 AM) and its face shows the local current time in French (3:10 PM) at the same time. And it also can show the date in French (Oct. 10th).

GLIGO features email alerts, call alerts, and application alerts so that you have to take out your mobile phone or notebook to check them. Life can be simple and easier.

The GliGo Watch application allows your GLIGO to connect seamlessly with your phone, enabling you to access stored information in real time, use your GLIGO to take pictures, and program your reminders as well as your mode choices.

Quick, convenient magnetic charging technology can be used to provide charging power to the E-ink screen alone; the quartz core has a battery life of up to 2 years.

Robust body with streamline makes this smart watch resistant to high temperature, corrosion and tear and wear, allowing for a long lasting use.

Do sports with GLIGO. It tracks everything from your steps, running distance and heart rate. It can also remind you to take a rest. Its sleep monitor tracks your sleep patterns – when you go to sleep and wake up.


There are two different styles for you to choose from: Classic Leather or Stylish Milanese, don’t miss the opportunity to show your style.

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