GoHeart- The ultimate outdoor networking device.

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Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t get any help while on an adventure?

You reached for your phone and there’s no signal; you call for help and no one hears you.

You’re in pain, your body hurts, you’re exhausted and YOU ARE LOST!

GoHeart Mesh is the ultimate outdoor networking device with a user-friendly interface that allows users to get help, track friends and talk to them without needing internet or telecommunication signal.

 GoHeart can be used for everyone!

It isn’t limited to travelers; it turns your phone into a cool communication device!

GoHeart can be used to get help!

Communicate at a concert without line interference

Communicate without boundaries

Many years ago, our outgoing founder, Bob fell in a valley while on a mountain bike adventure. While trying hard to get help using his phone, he realized that the hill doesn’t have any communication signal. His only hope of communicating with others to get help leaves him in a devastating situation. He didn’t have a choice but to gather all the strength he got and crawl to the nearest road where a group of passers-by helped him.

After the incident, Bob was very determined to solve the issue of communication problems while traveling outdoors. He did a great number of research and readings on outdoor travels; thus the idea of GoHeart Mesh was born.


GoHeart uses mesh networking technology which connects you and other users directly and dynamically to create an efficient route. So that you and your friends can stay connected while traveling in a group.

GoHeart uses DSSS to reduce overall signal interference and supports a higher coverage range than a traditional walkie-talkie. The technology also allows GoHeart to be sensitive in receiving transmission and uses low power consumption.

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