HoloSuit: VR Full Body Motion Tracker with Haptic Feedback

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HoloSuit is the world’s first affordable, bi-directional, wireless and easy to use full body motion capture suit. With options for 26 or 36 embedded sensors and 9 haptic feedback devices dispersed across both arms, legs, and all ten fingers combined with 6 embedded buttons – HoloSuit captures the user’s entire body’s movement data and uses haptic feedback to send information back to the user, for scenarios including sports, healthcare, education, entertainment or industrial operations.

An XR suit which tracks and trains you in the real as well as virtual world. It is a smart track suit which has sensors embedded in them to track your every move at lightning speed. You can use the track suit either independently or while wearing an augmented reality, virtual reality or mixed reality display or viewing the avatar on an external display. The motion of the user in the real world is tracked, stored and virtualized.

 HoloSuit Being Unveiled at the the Augmented World Expo 2018 Press Conference

HoloSuit Jersey, TrackPant being used to track Golf Strokes

HoloSuit Used for Surgery Training using Hololens and Oculus

HoloSuit Jacket – Jacket compromising of the motion sensors along with the haptic sensors which tracks your upper body motion.

HoloSuit Gloves – Gloves consisting a set of sensors that track your finger motion also with buttons to control your virtual self.

HoloSuit pant – Track pant along with a strip consisting of motion sensors that track your lower body motion and angles.

Holo jersey – A casual jersey which has the same capabilities of the Holo jacket

Head extension – A head band that consists a sensor to take control of your virtual characters head.

Clavicle extension – Extra sensors in the shoulder region to help you carry out more complex movement or postures.

Foot extension – Extra strip with sensors to help track motion of the feet.

The above package includes two applications

Yoga – A fun, entertaining and most importantly a healthy activity the user can indulge in and master it

Piano – A simulation where u can get to be the best pianist and master the skill of becoming the greatest musician ever

We aim to provide further more applications through categorizes such as

The complete set consists of 36 motion tracking sensors, which we have tweaked it into tracking not only your motion but the raw data such as angle, acceleration and force…

our product offers a wide variety of features such as

  • The HoloSUit compromises of 9 haptic exciters which will allow you to feel actions and bring out a whole new level of immersion.
  • It is Wi-Fi enabled allows remote collaboration with any person around the world through it.
  • Supports all Augmented, Virtual, Mixed Reality devices using Wifi so the user can experience the thrill of the virtual worlds without any constraints.
  • It has Cloud syncing feature that allows the user to back up their saved data in the cloud as backup and share them to other people to view as 360 degree videos with full body analytics and ability to zoom, pan, tilt, analyze joint angles and forces etc.

HoloSuit is compatible with –

  • Android
  • windows
  • iOS
  • unreal engine 4
  • unity engine

Holosuit captures your entire body motion including fingers, head and foot and can transfer it to an avatar or robot in real-time. This allows humans to operate humanoid robots leveraging the same tools which are built for humans in fire fighting, nuclear disaster, hostage rescue situations. Holosuit Pants with foot extension enables the robots to even climb stairs. Holosuit comes with options for 26 or 36 embedded sensors and nine haptic exciters distributed across both arms, legs, and all ten fingers combined with six embedded buttons.

Holosuit allows you to replace expensive and time consuming Motion Capture studios with real time creation of full body animation. You can combine Holosuit body motion with facial tracking features of smart phone and create full-fledged animations. Holosuit Golf can train you in the Virtual world and records your motion in the real golf course. You can even share this full 360 recording with your coach who can play, pause, rewind, zoom,change camera angles and get full body analytics of your golf drives. We are working with former India National Cricket Team Coach to virtualize cricket coaching.

HoloSuit Yoga is a cross platform app which allows the trainer or student to store various yoga poses. The student can then play back these poses and follow them while wearing the HoloSuit. If there is any mistake in the pose, haptic exciters closest to the discrepancy will vibrate – gently guiding the student back to the correct pose without even needing the display. Sports/Fitness Trainers can even observe and correct the student as she is doing the pose in the same virtual space by interacting with their avatars through haptic exciters.

We are working with 10th Dan of Karate in Okinawa to virtualize HoloSuit Karate training Holosuit is already getting deployed for upskilling of Factory workers in steel industry and training of defense personnel on latest equipment at a fraction of the current cost. Holosuit is being embraced by Indian Government or virtual training of paramedic personnel for disaster response training scenarios. The training can be done in mixed reality – where the trainee’s movement in real world is translated to virtual world or virtual reality – where buttons can be used to simulate movement. Multiple personnel can be trained simultaneously where they share the same virtual space in HoloWorld.

HoloSuit Applications

HoloSuit has gathered a lot of interest and has over 60,000 followers in facebook. It is already tested in over 6 countries – France, UK, Canada, US,Vietnam and India for multiple domains.

1.Nuero surgeons are working with it to help their patients understand their movement limitations and retrain their minds. 2. Bollywood and Hollywood directors and animators are working with it to recreate virtual orchestras and do motion capture at fraction of the cost of normal capture studios. 3. Former Indian National Team Cricket Coach is looking at it for creating virtual cricket academy. 4. Factories are planning HoloSuit deployment to train and attest skills of their workers on latest equipment virtual reality/ augmented reality before letting them operate expensive equipment 5. National Disaster response teams are looking at it to train their teams in virtual reality on Nuclear, Chemical , Biological Disaster Responses. 6. Architects are planning on using it as the 3D interface of choice to construct entire buildings in augmented reality onsite by using the 3D point feature and buttons to select and place different parts of buildings. 7. Doctors in Vietnam are planning to use HoloSuit to help their students conduct virtual surgeries and provide real time feedback.

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