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Moving the cities into the future

Because we believe in the revolution of eco-responsible cities. Because we like to move around the city in an agile and fast way. Because we do not like unnecessary complexities. And above all because we like beauty and good design. We present you oh!bike.

An e- bike that puts technology and innovation at the cyclist’s service. You can pedal and enjoy the city to go further in an easier way.

We have created a bike that was conceived 100% electric from concept to creation. We have designed and developed all of our own components which were necessary to achieve optimal mobility result in the city

We introduce our own concept of control, with the aim that the bicycle adapts to each user and not the opposite. The oh!bike is an intelligent bicycle with a bionic behavior capable of interpreting your needs and assisting in pedaling according to the level of help you require at any given time.

We have incorporated a movement sensor in the pedal which measures the speed and force that you are exerting in the axis of the bottom bracket. With this information the oh!bike adjusts the power supplied by the engine and provides the assistance you need at all times

Going up a heavy slope? oh!bike perceives your effort, and gives you that push you need.

With the 250 W engine in the front wheel and the battery in the center the weight distribution is ideal creating a two-wheel-drive bicycle (2WD): the rear wheel through muscle energy and the front wheel with electric power. In our own test bench, we have simulated thousands of routes and conditions to ensure maximum efficiency in the motor system and a smooth response in all situations.

We keep the bicycle in its purest state. Making it easy and simple, like a conventional bicycle, giving up unnecessary complexities, but with the best available technology. The oh!bike is above all intuitive, with an extremely simple interface. There is a button to start, and a boost button that increases the assistance when you need it at will.

Oh!bike offers you two levels of assistance.

  •  Eco Mode: assistance adjusted to your muscular input and maximum range with electrical support.
  • Power mode: the bicycle will give you its maximum assistance. More power input to strengthen your pedaling action.

The boost button: allows the electric support to increase on demand of the cyclist for temporary situations in which you require maximum force.

Do you want to know the status of the battery? It’s very simple you just have to check the power button. It has 8 green LEDs that go off as the battery is consumed.


We believe that bike weight is important, and for this reason we have applied simulation technologies to design and achieve a bicycle of only 15 kg and maximum resistance, where the removable battery is perfectly integrated and protected. Oh!bike is one of the lightest electric bikes on the market. With a 24 “wheel much more stable than any small wheel (20”) and much more maneuverable than those with a large wheel (26 “or 28”).

With hydraulic disc brakes, clean and silent belt transmission and internal – hub gear, all oriented to the Design performance and low maintenance. The oh!bike is more comfortable, more stable, safer and more practical.

For more than 3 years, we, as group of engineers and designers from Barcelona has been working on the creation of a new concept of urban electric bicycle. We wanted to give as much importance to the form as to the function. That’s why the bicycle oh!bike has a unique style. An accurate design and special care to the last detail.

Oh!bike is comfortable for all types of people due to its ergonomics and dimensions. 2D folding system of handlebars and pedals allowing flat storage and transportation.

Charge and go! Battery perfectly integrated with two USB ports. You can easily extract it for your charging with less than 4 hours and a range of up 50 km.

Created and assembled by us. No worries. We are proud to stand behind oh!bikes. We are confident in our product, because we take care in the quality of our design and production.

Oh!bike has passed all the European requirements standards of mechanical, electrical and electromagnetic compatibility approvals, guaranteeing a safe and top quality bike.

Furthermore, oh!bike was awarded the Delta Gold Prize in Mobilty Design at the 2018 ADI-FAD Awards. The oh!bike recieved the award for «The Best Design of the Year» and it will be exhibited in the Barcelona Design Museum.




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