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Introducing KNZ SoundFlux, our Dual-Driver True Wireless Stereo Headphones provide a much wider dynamic range than all single driver headphones currently available on the market. The two 6mm dynamic drivers work in unison with noise cancellation technology to cover a wide range, offer a clear/pure sound experience.  ● Dual Driver Sound System ● SoundPass Mode ● Stereo Phone Calls ● Fast Charge ● IP66 Waterproof ● Siri and Google Assistant


Our Dual-Driver True Wireless Stereo Headphones provide a much wider dynamic range than most single driver headphones currently available on the market. The two professional quality 6mm dynamic drivers work in unison with noise cancellation technology to cover a wide range while offering a clear and pure sound experience.

  • Dual Driver
    • One focuses on creating a solid foundation – bass
    • The other focuses on keeping the high end accurate and clear, mid and highs – treble
  • Professional Audio DSP
  • Lossless Codec
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Software Optimization

Regular headphones have a limited range of frequency response since their single driver can only cover part of a human’s hearing range. They either perform average in both bass range and treble range, or are tuned to cover one and leave the other poorly compromised.

Powered by a dual driver audio system, SoundFlux covers both bass range and treble range naturally with the two professional grade drivers.


Comparing sound curves of Airpods, Elite 65t and SoundFlux, it is obvious that SoundFlux performs significantly better in the bass range, especially lower bass. The mid range is also better with the capacity for more details, while treble is as great as the two earphones which are known by their great treble performance.

KNZ SoundFlux VS. Apple AirPods VS. Jabra Elite 65t

SoundPass Mode, when enabled, allows you to be aware of your surroundings and engage with the environment without pausing your music.

A simple triple-press of the multi-function button will activate SoundPass mode, and you can talk to people without pausing music.

And yield traffic while jogging.

And, if permitted, notice traffic while driving.

Check out Chris Patterson’s reaction when he was testing the impressive SoundPass Mode!


Unlike most true wireless earbuds in the market which only support mono talk, using the latest Bluetooth chipset, SoundFlux supports stereo phone use.

Crystal clear sound quality and stereo phone calls make SoundFlux not only pleasant for music, but also for voice chatting.

Adjustable Volume

Press the button twice to change volume up or down for the optimal experience.

The ultimate in-ear comfort, silicone ear tips mold to the unique contours of any ear to provide a better fit and seal.

  • 3 Different Sizes – S, M, L
  • Included are three different sized earhooks for additional security if needed


Even without ear hooks, SoundFlux provides a more secure fit than most sports headphones.

So light that you barely feel them in your ear

Seamless One Time Setup!

Quick one time initial setup for automatic pairing when taken out of case and automatic disconnect when you’re done.

  • Pair SoundFlux to your device once and it will automatically pair every time you take them out of the charging case
  • SoundFlux will automatically disconnect from your device and turn off when placed back in the charging case

Powered by Bluetooth 5 Low Energy technology, SoundFlux provides

  • Up to 4.5 hours of music play and phone use without case charging
  • Over 24 hours of listening and talk with charging case

SoundFlux is equipped with a high-sensitivity antenna which guarantees stable Bluetooth Connectivity when on the move!

Stay focused and in the zone without having to worry about interruptions with your music!

Perfect for any outdoor activity and movement on the go!

SoundFlux headphones are IP66 Waterproof and Dust Proof. No damage from sweat or rain – perfect for outdoor activities!

  • Offers protection from a powerful water jet (12.5mm spray of water at 100 liters per minute) in any direction for at least 3 minutes
  • Also offers a dust free protection

   Take full advantage of the high res microphone with your voice assistant.

Besides the superior sound quality, the unique and useful SoundPass Mode, when comparing the most important aspects of in-ear headphones: Comfort, Fit, Portability, Battery Life, and Price, SoundFlux surpasses not only the average, but also the elite products in the market.


  • SoundFlux headphones
  • Charging case
  • 6 ergonomic earbuds
  • 6 earhooks for a more secure fit
  • USB cable
  • User Manual

For our Indiegogo campaign, we offer three color options:

We are professionals

Starting from World’s first stereo Bluetooth headphone – Motorola S9, in the past 10 years, our engineering and manufacturing team members have developed numerous great products in the market for many renowned brands. Now along with our award-winning design team, KNZ is becoming a popular brand in the North American market.

As we continue to grow and establish ourselves as a premium-quality audio and mobile electronics company, our products are now available to consumer in stores and online at metroPCS, Cricket Wireless, Best Buy, Walmart, the Home Depot, and many other marketplaces.

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