Titan – The Deepest Diving Underwater Drone for Everyone

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“With Titan, everyone can have fun getting to know the ocean.” –Geneinno Team

Most drones provide a fun way to you capture beautiful outdoor views and while hiking or traveling. But with an underwater drone, anyone can explore the unknown ocean depths! The functionality of a standard, airborne drone expands to meet challenging ocean currents with high performance motion technology.

Titan is the most affordable underwater drone on the market with the highest available water pressure rating, built to go wherever your underwater adventure takes you. With its powerful 4K 30fps camera and  streamlined, game-like control system, Titan can be your eyes under the sea. Able to withstand depths up to 150m (492ft), farther than any other drone to date, you can pilot Titan with an easy to use smartphone/tablet app. Capture stunning underwater images and videos, find plentiful locations to fish, or even carry out accurate technical inspections of underwater equipment. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you are scuba diver, underwater photographer, drone enthusiast, marine naturalist, educator or just want to have fun, Titan is your best choice.

Titan’s built-in camera features a 160° ultra-wide angle lens, creating cinematic 4K videos and spectacular 8MP photos in rich detail and color.

Our smartphone app gives you total control while piloting through a live video feed of your underwater drone.

1080P high resolution real-time video transmission
1080P high resolution real-time video transmission

Red and purple dive filters provide color correction while capturing footage in water at depths of 5m to 21m (15′ to 63′), perfect for fresh or saltwater that appears different color due to algae.

Photo without filter
Photo without filter
Photo shot with Titan using color corrective filter
Photo shot with Titan using color corrective filter

Powerful LED lights on each side of the camera illuminate the darkest depths of the ocean.

Amazing Footage by Titan, at Palau

We designed Titan with a diving range of up to 150m, so Titan can dive down and unravel the mysteries of the deep blue sea, while you stay high and dry, and enjoy the adventure.

Powered by 6 high performance thrusters and guided by a precise steering algorithm, Titan commands the speed, endurance, and agility needed to withstand demanding deep dives and strong currents.

Titan’s underside features an accessory extension port that enables exciting add-ons for different diving purposes.

Easily transport Titan in our durable, wear-resistant rolling case.

Now let’s see what a real experienced underwater cameraman says:

Titan’s included remote controller uses a 2.4GHz frequency to connect with viewing devices, like your smartphone or tablet. It transmits live footage at 1080p, allowing you to watch epic moments unfold in real-time.

Romantic real-time underwater proposal
Romantic real-time underwater proposal

The GeneRov app is designed specifically to assist you knowing the drone‘s precise path at all times.

Polymer lithium batteries power Titan for up to 4 hours while only requiring 2 hours of charging time, more than enough for a single dive.

Titan’s eye-catching orange and black design, with symmetrical thrusters for balanced thrusting power, has won a prestigious Red Dot Design Award.

Now let’s see the depth test that Titan goes down deep water:

 New function – High angel shot and low angel shot both at 60 degree

Start having fun in just four steps
Start having fun in just four steps

All things considered, making anything for underwater use is inherently more challenging than making things to be used on land. But our hardworking team is passionate about creating the best underwater drone that can operate in the open ocean as easily as in the stillest freshwater lake. To that end, we have done hundreds of experiments on Titan prototypes in order to eliminate deficiencies and create the highest performing product we can.


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