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Lumen is a device and app that measures your metabolism through the breath. With the app, you will receive daily personalized meal plans to help you lose weight and optimize your workouts. You may think you have a fast or slow metabolism, but in fact, it changes every day, based on the food you eat, how much you sleep and if you workout. ~ Sustainably lose weight ~ Optimize your workouts ~ iOS & Android compatible ~ Backed by science

Track & monitor your metabolism in a single breath

Know what to eat and when to reach your weight loss and fitness goals

Lumen is for people who want to

Simple as breathing

Your breath reveals if your body is burning fats or carbs – anytime, anywhere

Hundreds of beta users love Lumen

Over the past year, we’ve helped hundreds of beta users make a sustainable change in their lives


Take the guesswork out of your nutrition

Lumen is like having a nutritionist in your pocket

Track your metabolism in real-time

Know if your body is burning fats or carbs and get daily guidance on how to reach your weight loss and fitness goal.

Customize your nutrition

Get a daily personalized meal plan based on where your metabolism is at today. Know exactly what to eat and when.

Discover how food really affects you

Find out how the food you eat impacts your metabolism and what’s preventing you from reaching your personal goals.

See how yesterday’s choices impact you today

Each morning, see how your metabolism is affected by yesterday’s sleep, activity and food choices. No food tracking needed!

Optimize your workouts & get fit

Check if you have enough energy before a workout or if you need to fuel up. Breathe afterwards to see its impact on your body.


Give your body a voice

Lumen helps you answer questions about your body no one else can, to uncover the why’s behind it all


The science behind Lumen

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is LIFE. It’s the process by which your body converts the food you consume into energy for immediate use or to be stored for later.

How does Lumen measure my metabolism through my breath?

When you breathe into the Lumen device, it measures and analyzes the various gases in your breath (especially Co2) through different sensors in the device.

The concentration of various gases in your breath tells Lumen what your cells are burning for energy – carbs or fats.

A look at Lumen’s technology

Over the last four years, we’ve validated Lumen’s science and technology at top hospitals, universities, and clinics around the world. We’re committed to bringing a device to market that’s accurate, accessible and easy to use.

The concept of measuring metabolism through the breath isn’t new, but it traditionally required hours in a metabolic chamber or cart, and a team of doctors or dietitians to measure the results. It’s known as RQ (respiratory quotient) and is the ratio of carbon dioxide (CO2) to Oxygen (O2) consumed. It’s being used in top hospitals and clinics worldwide to help world-class athletes reach peak levels of fitness for years.

Dr. Merav Mor, Lumen co-founder and chief metabolic research officer during validation studies

Our patent-pending technology reduces the time of measuring metabolism from 60-minutes to a single breath.

After conducting multiple studies from 2015 to 2017 with a wide range of participants, Lumen reached equivalent results between the current gold standard measurement and the Lumen device measurement. Two of these studies were conducted at external institutes, San Francisco State University and Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

Molly Maloof MD

Speaks about Lumen’s Science & technology


No more feeling stuck, confused and lost about what to eat


Lost 15 lbs post-pregnancy using Lumen’s custom-built meal plans.



Learned what to eat and how to optimize his workouts.



Finally broke through her weight loss plateau, lost body fat and got fit.


Troy, Fitness & Wellness Professional



What I get with Lumen

Designed with you in mind

From its compact size to its protective matte coating and magnetic cap, Lumen is designed with an attention to detail to make it easy to use– anywhere and at anytime. It’s taken us 4 years of prototyping and testing to develop for this breakthrough technology.


Tech specs


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