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We all are permanent multi-gadget users. And who better than us knows that exhausting feeling of a sudden horror of a dead phone, smartwatch, and earphones when they are vitally important. Waiting for a battery to charge up, especially when there is a couple of devices and the only one socket could be really annoying. To make this pain go away we represent Wyrex.

Using a magnetic-induction technology, Wyrex matches all Qi-compatible devices. The Wyrex pad consists of numerous coils – four fast charging for phones (10W), one coil for smartwatches, and one coil for earphones.

You can put four devices on the pad at one time including an Apple Watch, AirPods, and two phones (iOS or Android).

Yes, you read it right: with Wyrex there is no distinction between Operating Systems, so you can use it for various models.

By offering 4 fast charging 10W coils Wyrex saves your time. Charge devices faster by one-third compared to standard wireless chargers. A multi-coil pad provides more space for charging, so you can always be sure your device is connected properly and ready to use.

The kickstand mode turns into a form of the pre-opened page of the book, which creates the most convenient angle for usage. See all your notifications, have video calls, or watch a video hands-free, while Wyrex is charging your devices. We turn the anxiety routine of charging into a comfortable, fast and productive process.

Wyrex pad incorporates complicated multi-coil charging system and simplicity of size and form. It takes minimum space in any position. Additionally, Wyrex pad is foldable. You can easily transform it into the kickstand mode to make the working process more convenient.

Wyrex is the embodiment of the functionalism and superior design. With Wyrex we didn’t want to be satisfied with just being used. Our goal was to create the solution that handles all smart devices’ needs with the modern sense of style. Wyrex is a necessity and an accessory at once. The unique, minimalistic design looks great both on a busy desk or on your bedside table.

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