ZIISTLE: The Coolest Ergonomic Qi Wireless Charging Kit

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Ziistle is an ergonomic modular wireless charging kit that is super light, super thin and super convenient – take it wherever you go and use it to charge your phone wherever you need while being able to ergonomically use your phone while it’s charging in a way that is always comfortable for you.

Sometimes you’re charging your phone and you’re also… doing a video call with a friend or a client… or you’re watching a video—the latest edition of “Epic Fails”, a movie, or a presentation from a possible partner… or maybe you’re just taking a break and having a cup of coffee while your phone is resting a bit as well—but you still need to pay attention to the incoming screen notifications. On the other hand, if you’re trying to use your phone while it’s charging, you’re likely to get neck pain since currently available charging bases do not allow it to be in a position that makes its usage comfortable and good for your posture.

With ZIISTLE, you can easily and comfortably do all this, as you rely on a super convenient modular wireless charging kit that includes a wireless charging base, a stand and a cable organizer. You can set the charging base to 3 different positions, leaving the stand in different modes that adjust to various circumstances and needs that you may have at any time.

ZIISTLE allows you to keep your phone ready right there in sight, where you need it, which means you can see and read on-screen notifications and even read full messages, see pictures and watch videos without having to pick it up or hold it.

In fact, if you use the iPhone X, you can even seamlessly unlock the phone through Face ID recognition while it’s charging on ZIISTLE—almost without having to touch it. No doubt, ZIISTLE is as hands-free as a charging kit gets!

Portrait Mode: The phone forms a 60°angle with the desk, so you can easily read messages or unlock an iPhone X with Face ID in a way that won’t hurt your neck.

Landscape Mode: Lay the phone, still at a 60°angle, now at an ideal position to let you comfortably watch videos

15° Drop Mode: On low surfaces, such as a tea table, this mode will again offer you a comfortable viewing and writing position.

Our original technology to separate the PCBA and the charge coil makes it really compact. Most importantly it is able to prevent the charger from generating too much heat and thus much more safe.

ZIISTLE wireless charging kit is QI standard which ensures its safety and durability.

In addition to that, made of PU leather and superfiber, ZIISTLE is also beautiful. With a minimalist design, it adds a specially tasteful touch to the desk, table or surface where it’s placed—and it’s available in gray, dark gray or red, so that it can even match all your preferences from this perspective as well.

ZIISTLE is the world’s thinnest wireless charging base—its base is only 3.6mm thick! That makes it incredibly easy to carry and store.

ZIISTLE is also a DIY charging kit, the charging base can be sold separately and the three parts can also be used alone.

Under the table cloth, attach it to a wooden stand… in fact the base is so thin and discrete that you can even tuck it under the sofa cover! And many more. Build your smart home with ZIISTLE, we look forward to your answers.

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