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Prepdeck contains over 45 high quality accessories and features into one sleek and organized system. This allows you to stay tidy and organized as you prepare your meals, and leaves you with less clean up.

This is our supremely-efficient lightweight axial mid-drive motor.



We all love the feeling of creating a delicious home cooked meal, but always dread the time it takes, the mess it leaves behind, and the never ending search for the right kitchen tool. These issues can quickly make cooking feel frustrating, overwhelming, and a lot like a chore.

There are plenty of kitchen accessories, but they all solve only a singular issue. There is no all-encompassing solution to help you prepare, measure, and store your food for minimal clean up and efficiency as you cook.






Prepdeck contains over forty-five high quality accessories into one sleek and organized system that allows you to stay tidy and organized as you prepare your meals, leaving you with less to clean up and less to stress about.

A cluttered kitchen can be overwhelming. With Prepdeck, every tool you need is right in front of you.

Effortlessly follow your favorite recipe or cooking show with the sleek table stand that sits elegantly behind the Prepdeck.

Drop your worry and focus on what matters: Preparing a beautiful meal and having fun doing it!


With a sleek, minimalist design, and a variety of colorways, Prepdeck is meant to not only keep you organized and stress-free, but to enhance the beauty of any kitchen, big or small.

The Prepdeck enclosure doubles as a sizable cutting board, allowing for faster, more organized prep-time. It’s magnetic and is removable for easy cleaning.


Prepdeck is not just for cooking in the moment. Prepdeck containers can also be stored in the fridge for those who love to prepare their meals ahead of time.

We created Prepdeck because we were tired of feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen. We knew there had to be a better way than messy drawers, dirty counters, and never ending prep time. We believe that there is so much joy to be had when cooking meals for yourself, with family, and with friends.

Cooking should not have to feel like a chore, and with Prepdeck, it doesn’t.

Regardless of your kitchen size, cooking expertise, or the time you have to cook, Prepdeck is for you, helping you stay organized, efficient, and happy in your kitchen.

You can add on additional board choices via the add on menu. You will make your final board choice(s) once the campaign has ended.

If you’re interested in purchasing 10-100 Prepdecks for business or wholesale, please contact us at and we’ll be glad to assist you.

To purchase add-ons, simply back them separately from your Prepdeck.

Some of life’s most special moments start in the kitchen… creating delicious meals for loved ones, sticking to a diet that helps you accomplish your goals, or sharing time with family and friends around the dinner table. But busy schedules, and endless demands, can quickly turn cooking into a daunting task that feels like a chore.

After experiencing this frustration first hand, Alexander Eburne took pen to paper, leaning on his 10+ years of experience developing and bringing products to market, to create Prepdeck.

With a year and a half of hard work, countless iterations, feedback, testing, prototyping and refining, now behind us, Prepdeck is ready to become a reality, and your pledge is a big part of making that happen. With your help, we can move from prototypes to production, and we’ll be well on our way to helping bring back the joy of cooking, with Prepdeck.

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