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What if your car alarm was actually useful? Meet Bmmpr. Immediate phone notification (6.5 seconds or less) if your car has been disturbed. Bmmpr simply plugs into your OBDII (diagnostics) port. Detects impacts (including position and intensity), Identifies break-ins, and Notifies before tows occur. No wires, no monthly plans. Installs in 3 minutes. Plug in, sync up and rest easy.

Header How bmmpr works
We have broken down the process of how Bmmpr can detect even the smallest of impacts. From the moment something disturbs your car, to the arrival of a notification on your phone just seconds later, the video below explains the entire system.
Now you have a thorough understanding of the technology behind Bmmpr. Your next question is probably…
Header Bmmpr Work on your car?

Our goal is to protect Every car, Everywhere.

Bmmpr works on all cars made after 1996, when OBDII ports (the diagnostics port on your car) became mandatory.

For those of you with slightly older cars, or much older cars (like classics)- we’re working on an adapter (OUR FIRST STRETCH GOAL!) that will mount Bmmpr directly to your battery (to be purchased separately – estimated price $35 USD MSRP).

GIF Khalie

Small big car image

Just to make sure Bmmpr works on all kinds of vehicles- we tested Bmmpr against a Prius C and a Silverado 1500. Same functionality, same tennis ball capability.

Most importantly: Same Peace of Mind.


Now, your next question is, “Will Bmmpr work on my phone?”

Bmmpr App

(Compatible with iOS & Android)

The Bmmpr App includes special features such as:

  • Per incident data
  • GPS location
  • Image/Video capture & review (for documentation purposes)
  • Note taking abilities
  • Easy zip-up and export feature (to share all incident data in a single go)

Checkout the quick walk through below…


Header Installing

Now you know that Bmmpr will work with your phone, but what about installation?

Bmmpr installs in less than 3 minutes– just follow the easy steps below!

  1. Unpackage your Bmmpr.
  2. Download the iOS (or Android) app.
  3. Plug Bmmpr into your cars OBDII (diagnostics) port.
  4. Follow the prompts to sync Bmmpr with the app.
  5. That’s it!

Installing GIF

Okay, so- we haven’t covered one really important thing…

Everyone asks – “Bmmpr connects to the Internet via cellular… So isn’t there a monthly charge?”


We want to give people every excuse to get Bmmpr! No one needs yet another monthly fee tacked on to their lives. That’s why Bmmpr includes 3 years of coverage with every unit purchased – then, after those 3 years are up…

…it’s only $20 *per year* (USD North America, $25 USD International).

Cool, right? Alrighty, let’s review…

Hopefully by now, you’re pretty sold. But wait, what’s better than knowing something happened?

Header Proof

We’ve partnered up with top camera manufacturer, AUKEY, and added a wireless dash cam that connects directly to the Bmmpr app. You’ll receive an image from the camera, along with the events’ details.

Camera proof

Our camera will be a variation of the AUKEY DR-01 (Amazon), and while we are currently working on a potential retrofit- as of right now, it will not be compatible with existing AUKEY cameras.

Add one to your order when you select your perks!

Check out our reviews below…

 Header too good

We’ve been working on our technology for almost 3 years, and we’re confident to back Bmmpr with our Tennis Ball Bounce: Money Back Guarantee. If you’re still a bit apprehensive, this should help:

If a tennis ball doesn’t set off your Bmmpr, we’ll issue you a full refund; no questions asked- and even pay for the return shipping.

Peace of mind, or a full refund. Simple.

Evolution of Bmmpr header

Bmmpr started one night on a road trip to Seattle, it dawned upon us just how much car alarms suck. They make a lot of noise, but not much else. After that, we got to work, with the goal of informing owners everywhere.

Evolution of Bmmpr img

Here’s a few snaps of our (April 2018) small production run of 20 units of Bmmpr!

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