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Use The X-1 At Home...
Use The X-1 At Home…

The X-1 mechanical keyboard is engineered with German precision and powered by American innovation. Hexgears and Kono Store are proud to showcase its multi-device wireless connectivity, high output RGB backlighting, and beautifully machined aluminum case. The X-1’s portable form factor and responsive keys will impress gamers and professionals alike.

... And On The Go
… And On The Go

Join our Kickstarter for a keyboard you can use everywhere. It’s the keyboard that Apple should be making — but better.

Key Features:

  • Compact, low profile form factor (35.5 x 13 x 1.5 cm, 0.5 kg)
  • Hard-sided carrying case
  • Kaihua “Choc” low profile mechanical switches (Brown, Red, White)
  • RGB lighting with multiple backlight modes
  • CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum case
  • Wireless: 4 device Bluetooth memory, 6KRO
  • Wired: USB Type-C, NKRO
  • 1,000 mAh rechargeable battery (uses USB-C port to charge)
  • 3 month estimated battery life with lights off (4 – 20 hours with RGB lighting — varies with brightness levels and use case)


The Bell X-1 And The Hexgears X-1
The Bell X-1 And The Hexgears X-1
The Hexgears X-1 is inspired by the world’s first supersonic aircraft — the Bell X-1. The keyboard’s wing-like profile, high-performance mobility, pairing systems, and backpack-based launch capabilities parallel its legendary aircraft namesake.
On October 14, 1947, a modified B-29 bomber carried the Bell X-1 to an altitude of 20,000 feet. The experimental aircraft, sporting a body based on .50 caliber bullets, was carefully dropped from its mount in an extensively modified bomb bay. Chuck Yeager, a remarkable daredevil test pilot, controlled the X-1 as it ascended to an altitude of 43,000 feet and broke the sound barrier. He achieved a bone-shaking top speed of Mach 1.06, then returned to base for a safe landing.
Bell X-1 In Flight
Bell X-1 In Flight
The Hexgears X-1 spearheads a new class of mechanical keyboards, just as the Bell X-1 ushered in a new era of flight. Don’t miss out on its launch.

Design Philosophy:

Slim And Efficient
Slim And Efficient
Hexgears’ engineering team created the X-1 with one concept in mind: freedom. Most keyboards chain you to a desk. Some allow for limited mobility, but they still fail to provide enough versatility for your needs. The X-1 solves that portability problem seamlessly with discrete wired (USB-C) and wireless (Bluetooth) modes.
USB-C Connection And Power Switch
USB-C Connection And Power Switch
You can choose when, where, and how you want to get things done on any compatible system. Once you do, you’ll have the best input device possible. It’s that simple.

Efficient Size, Outsize Durability:

Durable Choc Mechanical Switches
Durable Choc Mechanical Switches
The X-1 uses a well constructed compact layout and durable, ultra-thin keys. “Choc” switches from Kaihua are rated for 70 million presses, much longer than industry standard Cherry MX switches. You’ll be able to type worry-free, as the switches will likely outlast your computer. You also won’t need to fret about dust grains disabling your keyboard.

Performance And Comfort:

The X-1 On A Gaming Desk
The X-1 On A Gaming Desk
Kaihua Choc switches provide benefits for gamers and typists. Their low profile design reduces press distance, which can speed up key presses — a useful feature for gamers. If you’re coming from a laptop or chiclet keyboard, low profile mechanical switches will feel much more comfortable and familiar than full size versions.
Comparing Choc switches with regular membrane keyboards, which you have probably used on countless computers, is even more revealing. Membrane keyboard keys must be pressed all the way down to work. Membranes also tend to limit how many keys can function at once, which can hurt performance in certain games. Low quality, squishy switch feel is their final and most heinous flaw.
The X-1 Looks And Feels Excellent
The X-1 Looks And Feels Excellent
Mechanical keyboards address all of those issues. Sharp, responsive feedback is their dominant trait. The X-1 allows 6 keys to function at once in wireless mode, and all keys can register at once over USB-C. You don’t even need to bottom out to activate the switches and send a keypress to your device.

Choose Your Switch:

Kaihua Choc Switches
Kaihua Choc Switches
We’re offering 3 Kaihua Choc variants in the X-1. Resistance measurements, called force curves, are available for each switch in the charts below.
  • Choc Brown: gentle, smooth tactile switch
  • Choc Red: easy to press linear switch
  • Choc White: sharp sounding clicky switch with amazing tactility
If those terms don’t make sense, here’s a quick rundown on each Choc switch type:
  • Brown / tactile switches have a tangible “bump” when pressed, but no click. They’re a familiar option for typists and gamers, as most keyboards are tactile.
  • Red / linear switches don’t have a tactile bump or a click. That can be advantageous if you prefer uninhibited keypresses.
  • White / clicky switches make sharp clicking noises. They also have a sharp tactile bump. Check with your coworkers, or family, before introducing a clicky keyboard. They’re gloriously loud!

Important Backer Information:

X-1 Carrying Case
X-1 Carrying Case
All switch options have the same price. You will be able to select your switch type when the campaign ends. A reward voucher code will be sent to your email after its close. Once it arrives, you will need to configure your X-1 on kono.store — our partner storefront.

About Hexgears:

Hexgears — A German Company
Hexgears — A German Company
Hexgears originated in Germany, the home of precision engineering. We build high quality products for elite gamers and disciplined workers. Gaming is a lifestyle, and our merchandise reflects that. Peak performance and ultimate control are our calling cards.
We’re here to be the gaming brand that you can take anywhere — even the office. The Bluetooth equipped X-1, our flagship product in the US, is a perfect way to introduce that concept.
X-1 Side Profile
X-1 Side Profile
Hexgears’ founders think that the gaming industry is stagnating. With that in mind, they’re working to inject creativity and mobility into new products. We’re characterized by constant research, competitive pricing, and deep-seated determination to make products that accelerate your digital presence. Even if that means breaking new ground and taking risks.
Match Your Style With The X-1
Match Your Style With The X-1

KeebTalk – A Keyboard Community:

KeebTalk Is A Cool Place
KeebTalk Is A Cool Place
If you want to discuss the X-1, or keyboards in general, check out KeebTalk. The site hosts a dedicated group of cool enthusiasts with interesting opinions and a solid grasp on keyboard subculture.


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This article and images were originally posted on [] August 9, 2018 at 09:00AM. Credit to Author and .






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