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What will Lumzag Smart Bags do for you? – Charge your Mobile phones & gadgets wirelessly, – Remind you to take all your stuff with you, – Light up inside when it’s dark, – Notify you if someone tries to open it or take it away, – Always show you its location, – Show what’s going on behind, – Provide you with internet connection in any part of the globe, – Enhance your modern high-class style, – And yes, carry your stuff, obviously 🙂

Introducing Lumzag Smart Bags

Lumzag Smart Bags are the most advanced intelligent carry system to date, designed to make your lives easier, smarter and more secure. Presented in the trinity of the Backpack, Messenger and CrossBody, Lumzag Smart Bags are the ultimate definition of what you always missed in your bag: intelligence, power, safety and control.

The Seven Innovative Features of Lumzag

Charge your phone wirelessly on the go, while also charging your tablet and laptop with our built-in removable 10,000 mAh power bank, which makes Lumzag TSA approved.

Special sensors of Lumzag track all your stuff. Simply set the list of your daily belongings in the app, and never forget any of them again. Simply mark your items with special Identification Stickers that come with your Lumzag Smart Bag, identify them in your Lumzag app and forget about losing anything ever again.

Never again dig blindly inside your bag, trying to find something. The built-in LED light in the main compartment gives you comfortable and energy-efficient solution for the problem of that black abyss in the bag.

Simply activate the security mode in the app and get notified every time someone tries to open your bag or steal it. It will also activate high-pitched alarm when the distance between you and your bag is above your set maximum.


Track your bag wherever you are, regardless the distance between you. The GPS tracker allows you to always know the exact location of Lumzag.

Get an extra pair of eyes in the urban jungle: always be aware about what is going on behind, seeing it on your smartphone screen through the camera on the back.

Always have affordable internet access, regardless the internet connection available in the area. To assure that we have a specially designed data sim built-in into Lumzag.


Lumzag Materials


Carbon fiber has the highest tensile strength of any commercially available fiber. It doesn’t stretch. Carbitex CX6® harnesses these key characteristics in an exceptionally flexible form – enabling carbon fiber performance in soft applications.


The Silicone coated genuine Italian Leather makes Lumzag absolutely water repellent, durable and luxury looking.


For every inch of your backpack to be protected we used water repellent AquaGuard zippers, the coating on which does not only increase their durability and reliability, but also gives them luxury look.

Lumzag Smart Backpack is especially designed for your safety and convenience. The ergonomic design ensures comfort.

The thoughtful interior design ensures comfortable and easy organization of your belongings and even allows you to charge you airpods on the go.

The Lumzag Smart Backpack is available in three colors: Silver Black, Dark Sapphire and Velvet Wine.

The Lumzag Smart Messenger Bag is designed specially for those who enjoy the functionality of a large, convenient bag, but are not backpack fans. With the same functionality and capacity as the Lumzag Smart Backpack, our Messenger is the perfect companion for those, who prefer more classic business look.

The wireless charging pocket on the Lumzag Messenger is conveniently placed on the back, to ensure fast access at any time.

The adaptable high-quality strap is designed to make carrying your Messenger conveniently, and the Fidlock Snap fasteners are here to make sure, you will never get tangled again.

Designed for those moments when you don’t need a heavy-duty carry on you, but want to have the same features working for smaller amount of things, and smaller weights on your body, the Lumzag Smart CrossBody will be the perfect companion for the easy-walk or a city-tour. And yes, you do have all the Lumzag features here as well.

Dimensions and Specifications

Lumzag Smart Box

The heart and essence of the Lumzag Smart Bags is the Lumzag Smart Box. It includes all the functional core and the built-in power bank. To make Lumzag Smart Bags acceptable for any airline security control, the Lumzag Smart Box is designed removable, so you will never have to worry about smart luggage requirements, even if they are ridiculously strict. Moreover the Lumzag Smart Box itself is TSA approved.

Lumzag Bags

Lumzag Mobile App

Lumzag Mobile App is the means to control the Lumzag features. It also displays the missing items list, what camera captures etc. The app supports IOS versions 10 and up and Android versions 6 and up.


The Lumzag Wireless charging pad is a perfect option to charge your Lumzag, without messing up with cords and cables. As a matter of fact you can charge any other QI supporting device through this pad.

While Lumzag keeps track of all the items you mark with special stickers, this works only for the stuff you constantly keep in your bag. Lumzag Wallet Tracker is an option to track your wallet through your Lumzag app, even if you carry it outside of your bag.

Lumzag Smart Box has a built-in 10,000 mAh power bank in it. But for the maximal power-up in a long conference, or any other reason you simply want more, we designed a possibility to double the power. The Power Bank Extension is available for the Lumzag Smart Backpack and Messenger, providing additional 10,000 mAh of capacity.

The power bank in the Lumzag Smart Box has enough capacity to juice your devices for a fruitful day. But sometimes we need more than a day. Or we simply want to go green. The Lumzag Solar Panel is designed for these occasions and will charge your Lumzag Smart Box, along with the power bank naturally, right from the sun.


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