Alldocube X: Tablet for High Quality Entertainment

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Featuring advanced Super AMOLED display, premium Hi-Fi theater-like audio and a range of other powerful features, Alldocube X is designed and optimized for high-quality media entertainment like movies, TV shows and music

Introducing the Alldocube X

A Tablet for High-Quality Entertainment.

Alldocube X is a high-end and ultra-slim tablet PC that dsigned for multimedia enthusiasts. Adopting the best display on the market and independent Hi-Fi chip for processing high quality sound, we have thought of everything to make Alldocube X the best media tablet around!

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Most advanced display

Equipped with the most advanced 10.5-inch WQXGA (2560×1600, 16:10) 2K Samsung Super AMOLED display, Alldocube X delivers more than 105% of NTSC color coverage and has a remarkable 100000:1 contrast ratio, providing richer colors and more realistic images. Moreover, it also has a range of advantages compared to other non-AMOLED displays, such as: rapid response, lower power dissipation, better transmittance and so on.

Advantages of Super AMOLED display

  • Excellent image quality

The high contrast range provide clear contrast between light and shade, giving a vivid sense of reality.

  • Rapid response/ultra-slim design

Because of the self-emitting and fully laminated technologes, Alldocube X has a simple screen structure design, which allows it to be incredibly thin and response rapidly.

  • Richer color reproduction

DCI-P3 color gamut reaches up to 100% while the LCD screen is only 86%, it reproduces colors that match nature’s palette almost perfectly.

  • Lower power consumption

A self-emitting display, it displays emit light without a backlight and are able to control each individual pixel, which results in significantly reduced 30% power consumption than LCD.

  • Healthy for eyes

Reducing 50% the blue light of wavelengths between 415 to 455nm that is harmful to our eyes, it received a certification of ‘Safety for Eyes’ from VDE.

  • Best outdoor visibility

Advanced outdoor visibility technology makes the on-screen content look bright, natural and easy to view in the outdoor.

  • HDR content support

It displays all images in extremely high quality HDR (High Dynamic Range) parameters which helps to give reality a new lease on life.

High quality sound

Packing the Hi-Fi chip from AKM, Alldocube X delivers a mind-blowing audiovisual performance. It can minimise distortion, harmonics, noise and other disturbance with audio processing to produce audio quality that far exceeds that of normal CDs. Using two laterally positioned stereo speakers, it creates an auditory sound stage that delivers an amazing, theater-like experience.

Independent AK4376A HiFi chip

Adopting independent Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM) AK4376A advanced D/A converter to help convert digital signal to its analog counterpart. It has integrated the DAC and headphone amplifier together, ensuring the faithful reproduction of audio.

Ultra slim design

Engineered with more advanced CNC all-metal unibody technology, letting Alldocube X own an extremely sturdy and slim body. Thanks to the fully laminated display technology, we’re able to create Alldocube X at just 6.9mm thin, which is an industry-leading level. Ultra-slim design not only fits in your hands more comfortable, but also is good for a wonderful trip!

Professional quality camera

Alldocube X packs the two 8 megapixel front and rear high-quality cameras. Whether taking brilliant pictures, priceless selfie, or making video chats with your friends, capturing the most precious moments in life has never been so easy!

4K playback and recording

Featuring the high performance MediaTek MT8176 CPU and new generation IMG PowerVR GX6250 GPU, Alldocube X works greatly for complex graphics processing. With 4K playback/recording capabilities and support H.264, H.265/HEVC, VP-9 video encoding and decoding, Alldocube X enables you the most fantastic movies and TV shows experience.

Advanced content sharing

Alldocube X offers the latest wireless broadband connectivity, embed advanced content-sharing features such as Miracasting, you can share your wonderful content with family and friends at any time!

Smart home control

As the control panel for your whole smart home devices, such as: Nest, smart security cameras and other smart devices, it can play a key role for your IoT devices.

Large memory and storage

4GB RAM on Alldocube X can easily and smoothly multitasking, while 64GB ROM can store massive amount of your favourite APP, movies / TV shows, travel photos and files etc. If you do run out of space, with a microSD card slot that you can easily expand your storage space up to an additional 128GB.

Fingerprint unlock

Packed with the side-mounted fingerprint recognition scanner, it can recognize your fingerprint information accurately and instantly, fully guaranteed your security and personal privacy.

Alldocube X Demo Video

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