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BlazeNow by BlazeNow Inc., is the revolutionary new mobile app and web platform creating the world’s first centralized online community for the cannabis culture where patients, enthusiasts, and businesses can connect and engage.

For cannabis enthusiasts, BlazeNow is the ultimate user-friendly resource for locating, rating, and reviewing dispensaries, delivery services, vape shops, and doctors while enabling them to share their unique experiences and recommendations on social media.

For businesses that cater to the cannabis user, BlazeNow provides a powerful marketing tool to reach new and larger audiences, significantly boost brand exposure, increase the bottom line, and ultimately compete more effectively in the emerging, multi-billion dollar legal cannabis industry.

Change is on the wind.

The cannabis community has had much to celebrate as of late. Not only is the cultural perception around marijuana use becoming increasingly accepting – both medically and recreationally – but so is the regulatory climate. The legal cannabis space is a booming and wide-open industry that’s already chalking up some impressive numbers – evidence of big things to come on the horizon.

We’re witnessing the construction of a bipartisan bridge to legislative reform all across the nation, with around 10 additional states hashing out details around the legalization of recreational marijuana use over the next 2 years. States including California, — by far the country’s largest market — Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts.

We have front and center seats to the emergence of a major market from out of the proverbial shadows and into the upper echelons of the mainstream consumer space, setting the stage for massive economic opportunities going forward. We’re talking larger than the organic food industry, massive.

As the industry approaches the tipping point of explosive, widespread growth, discerning, sophisticated consumers and businesses deserve a platform that better aligns with their needs while filling the void left by many first-generation web-based cannabis services. Widespread perception of these services is that they are notoriously low tech, lacking in quality service, and just haven’t cracked the code to fostering better engagement between the consumer and product or service provider.

How are we doing it? By providing all the resources that consumers and business need to thrive in the rapidly growing legal marijuana landscape.

BlazeNow is much more than just the cannabis industry’s answer to Yelp. It’s more than just the next sleek tech-driven solution for facilitating streamlined interaction between brands and consumers. With BlazeNow, we’re linking virtually every cannabis-related entity within the industry, creating the ultimate win-win scenario for both consumers and canna-businesses alike.

We’re giving consumers access to literally every single facet of the cannabis world, allowing them to

Member Rewards Program
Whenever a user checks into a dispensary, posts a review, or refers a friend who downloads the app using a unique referral link, they accrue member loyalty points, which they can redeem for prizes including BlazeNow swag, accessories, and higher level premiums like concert tickets and industry event invitations.

The One-Stop Shop For All Medicinal Needs
With BlazeNow, millions of sufferers of diseases ranging from cancer, MS, ALS, epilepsy, anxiety, and PTSD and more can gain better access to marijuana-related information and treatment in order to help them improve their quality of life.

Our EazeMD video conferencing feature helps patients locate doctors within their area, communicate with them in real-time to understand strain effects for their individual medical condition, and then get a prescription for the strain they need.

If you suffer from MS, for example, imagine being able to get a notification from a dispensary nearby that has the appropriate strain for your condition, connect with a doctor who can provide the script, pay for the product, and then have it delivered to you — all right from the app. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what BlazeNow offers.

The consumer side is just one half of the BlazeNow equation. BlazeNow is also a valuable resource for the countless businesses and brands who directly appeal to the cannabis crowd to promote their products and services right to those customers in their area. Marketing services include:

This is a huge opportunity not just for obvious businesses like dispensaries or delivery services, but for businesses in numerous major markets that cannabis consumers relate to — from restaurants to movies to extreme sports to hiking to music and everything in between.

We make it possible to target consumers based on their current location. Let’s say a consumer is leaving their favorite dispensary; BlazeNow will be able to send them a pop-up notification informing them that a Ben & Jerry’s is just around the block. This is just a single use case in how BlazeNow can promote brands both big and small.

Back-End Enterprise Software
BlazeNow will also provide data collection, sales and traffic stats, menu uploads, seamless inventory management for owners and managers, and eventually a POS system, so our affiliates can manage and track everything within the app.

PartnerRewards Program
As part of our Partner Rewards Program, shops and dispensaries can earn money per download of BlazeNow giving them an incentive to refer their customers to the app via their email lists as a reliable source for their menu and deals.


In addition to consumer and canna-business benefits, we also combine a third element: BlazeRx, which is designed to educate users on the safe and beneficial use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Montel Williams, who uses marijuana daily to help with treatment of his MS condition, will be the celebrity endorser for the BlazeRx model. He is an outspoken advocate for the medical marijuana industry and will work with BlazeNow to continue to enhance our product and services.

Through this feature, users will gain the unique convenience of direct access to doctor video conferencing from the their phones, in addition to a surplus of information related to medical marijuana from product reviews, patient testimonials, and detailed informational pages that will educate users on the different cannabis strains that are available and their known benefits in providing relief or treatment for specific ailments. Users will also be able to participate in once-a-month live interaction sessions with Montel Williams who will further promote the benefits of medical marijuana from his personal perspective.

BlazeRx will also feature a page fully dedicated to the legislative issues surrounding medical marijuana to keep users apprised on the different laws and regulations that have, or may have, a direct impact on them and their access to medical marijuana. Included with this page will be a detailed breakdown of the existing legislation in each state as it relates to the use of medical marijuana, as well as links to informational articles and videos to help educate users on the existing legislation in their state.

We’ve already made a ton of headway in our goal of building BlazeNow into a world-class brand and becoming the go-to source for all cannabis-related needs.

Customer Validated
A lot of the heavy lifting is already complete. Our product is built, it’s available for download on iOS and Android, and we’ve amassed over 10,000 SMBs on our site, as well as over 2,800 pre-registered small businesses.

Investor Validated
BlazeNow has attracted some heavy hitters in the entertainment, entrepreneurial, and sporting world who have put their vote of confidence in our brand. Method Man and Redman have come on board as equity partners in branding. Media Icon Montel Williams has partnered with us and joined the Board of Advisors to launch BlazeNow Rx with a focus on medicinal uses and benefits.

We also received investments from Jonathan Mariner, CIO of Major League Baseball. Lindy Snider, owner of the the Philadelphia Flyers, is currently negotiating an investment and advisory involvement as well.

Look Who’s Talking about BlazeNow
Customers and investors aren’t the only ones interested in the BlazeNow brand. We’re also gaining media coverage in major national outlets like

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