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With the clear majority of photographs now being in a digital format, physical photos are looking more beautiful than ever before. They bring with them a wonderfully unparalleled sense of anticipation, as we eagerly wait to see the image develop before our eyes. Shaun Wellens wanted to rejuvenate this old-school emotion by encapsulating it into a device that’s fit for the modern day, and his creation came in the form of M24.004.

The M24.004 camera is an attention-stealing object, its clean, uniform lines and sharply engineered corners create a handsome, masculine aesthetic. This has only been emphasized by the rough, brushed metal finish that’s complete with exposed screws. The camera lens looks as if it is bending the casing outwards and this creates a beautiful interruption in the otherwise perfectly straight sides, adding a wonderful element of suspense to the design.

Designer: Shaun Wellens





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