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At Blind Spot Gear we’re on a mission to make the most portable, flexible and innovative power and lighting solutions for the creative industries. This is Blind Spot’s 5th Kickstarter, what a journey it’s been!

Cinema5D Review

For a full list of compatible cameras please visit our FAQ.

 DSLR Shooter Review

How to back this campaign:

1. Click “Back now”

2. Pick your reward level

3. Want to add more stuff to your reward? Check out the Add-Ons, for any items you want to include in your purchase please add up their value and add this to your reward pledge, after the campaign closes we will confirm the order with you. For detailed instructions see the For detailed instructions see the FAQ.

 Reward Menu

When will it all ship?

We expect all rewards to leave our warehouses during December 2018. We are confident we can meet this target – as they say, this is not our first rodeo, in fact, it’s our 5th. We have great relationships with all our suppliers, our supply chain is in place and our logistics/warehousing partners are tried and tested.

 Tech Specs

  • Got any news, tips or want to contact us directly? Feel free to email us: esistme@gmail.com.

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