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You hold the power to start a revolution in your paws, and only you can bring justice to the mean streets of Hamsterdam! Will you be the hero your town needs? Will you become the Hamster-fu master you were born to be? Will you defeat the whisker twister in chief, the vile Chinchilla Marlo? You bet your bushy tail!

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Hello again Kickstarter, we’re back with something a little different!

We’re Muse Games, you may know us from our teamwork-based Steampunk vehicular combat series Guns of Icarus, or from the magical phosphorescent forest of CreaVures.

We’d like to introduce you to our newest creation, Hamsterdam! The brawling hamster-fu beat-em up made for Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, PC/Mac, and PS Vita!

Let the mob take over Hamsterdam? Not in this life! Your town is beset by the vile Rodent Gang and the scourge of MarloTonic™, just as the evil Marlo planned. The one thing he didn’t plan on? A Hamster-fu master with cheek pouches stuffed full of J U S T I C E.

The once peaceful town of Hamsterdam is in danger! The vile chinchilla Marlo and his Rodent Gang are wreaking havoc and terrorizing the town. Enter our hamster hero, Pimm, who must harness his mightiest martial arts powers and kick tail through district after district, on a heart-pounding journey to take down the Rodent Gang, save his grandfather, and restore peace to Hamsterdam.

Hamsterdam. The once beautiful town Pimm calls home, now a degenerate den of crime and corruption.

This is the sauce of all the trouble in Hamsterdam. Using Marlo Tonic to control the population, the nefarious Marlo is sitting pretty at the top of the food chain, but he’s about to be cut down to size when the fur starts to fly!

Hamsterdam is a game where rhythm & precision meets some good old fashioned button mashing. With classic arcade brawling mechanics and tap and swipe martial arts combos, the power of Hamster-fu is in your paws!

Boss battles

Beating down the faceless goons of the Rodent Gang is one thing, but sooner or later Pimm will come toe to toe with fiendish boss battles that will really test your skills.


Every street-smart superhero needs a ride that shows the bad guys they mean business. Take Pimm for a ride on his scooter, and maybe once Hamsterdam is safe, you’ll be riding off into the sunset.

Swing, tap and swipe, rhythm

We built Hamsterdam with the intuitive gesture controls of the Nintendo Switch and the touch controls of other mobile devices in mind. It is also playable with a keyboard and mouse on PC/Mac. Unleash your inner Hamster-fu master and swing, tap, or swipe your way to victory!

Nintendo Switch™

We'll support multiple ways to play on Nintendo Switch, including Joy-con, buttons, and touch
We’ll support multiple ways to play on Nintendo Switch, including Joy-con, buttons, and touch

 Mobile/Play It Anywhere

We’ll be announcing stretch goals later in the campaign, be sure to check in to see what we’re up to!

 Concept Art

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