iEV X – A Vehicle that changes size based on your needs

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The idea is intelligent and so is the future of Electric Vehicles

The iEV X Series is the next step towards a sustainable revolutionary future where a clean and intelligent transportation system could be a reality.

Introducing the iEV X Series – Futuristic Robotic Body Platform Designed Vehicle that changes size based on your needs. 

This new concept revolutionizes urban mobility in impeccable ways. Based on the future of urban transport, we have worked to ensure the next generation of vehicles’ performance consists of futuristic size, driving and environmental performance.

Size and capacity of all types of EV vehicles, Quad, Scooter and Bicycle is fixed, when individual requirements and needs may change in different environments. For instance: like traveling with between 1-2 indivudals. We made a vehicle designed with a Flexible Robotic Platform where the size and capacity of the vehicle increases/decreases in a few seconds while being fully robotic.

With this vehicle having a room and standard seat protected by chassis while having an incredible record breaking width of 78 cm, you have the convenience of having comfort and stability of a car without fear of changed weather, environment, or using a helmet for safety as you are protected  completely by body. Anyone can drive iEV X safely, comfortably while saving the environment, space, and change the future of mobility.

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Not a bike, nor a car, but something even better

How is the iEV X, A vehicle of the Future?

After 18 years of research on the most ideal and sustainable solution to urban transportation, we discovered that we want to make a vehicle built for the future. We want something that saves the environment, saves space, and still is comfortable and safe! So we started with problems and found solutions. We made a vehicle that is 100% electric, changes size based on needs with a Robotic Flexible Body platform, and comfortable due to having a chassis, body, dashboard, and seat. We conducted a survey with friends, families, and strangers to see what was needed in an urban setting, what their vision of future transportation was and how we could make an idea closest to their imagination.

Families wanted room for their kids while also wanting space for parking, Teens wanted an affordable electric vehicle that protects them in the rain, Newly weds wanted something for the both of them to sit in and go have a drink at the busy bar in the city, and individuals wanted something that in this new upcoming minimalistic future of different aesthetics, technological development, and focus on sustainability, a flexible vehicle that only takes your space if you need it and saves the environment.

We know this is a challenge to change people’s lifestyle. To take people out of their comfort zone, that’s why we brought this product to KickStarter as some of the most talented and ambitious individuals strive to have an idea that’s different and people will decide whether they want it to happen or not. We have this sort of idea and we need your utmost support to make it happen.

iEV X Series consists of two models: iEV X and iEV X+


 iEV X Series Flexible Robotic Platform

  • Dimensions for 1 Passenger: Length: 160 cm, Width: 78 cm and Height: 135 cm
  •  Dimensions for 2 Passengers: Length robotically changes to 190 cm
  • Dimensions for more passengers/cargo: Length robotically changes from 190-220 cm
  •  In drive mode you are able to open the roof together with the door to a limited amount of 20 cm max for some fresh air.
  • iEV X Series can drive in motorbike or mobility line of the road.
  •  Controlled via iEV X mobile application or from the dashboard (completely robotic).
  •  The size could be changed to fit in more people, more stuff, and more air!
Use the size based on your needs without changing width or height at all while keeping the vehicle small, compact, useful and safe.
Use the size based on your needs without changing width or height at all while keeping the vehicle small, compact, useful and safe.


Use your phone as the KEY to your iEV  

World’s ultra-narrow Intelligent Electric Vehicle

  • The ultra compact iEV X is 78 cm wide enabling ease of handling in confined spaces.
  • While car side mirrors have 50% closure the iEV X Power side mirror creates the unbelievable 78 cm width with 100% closure.
  • 6-7 Times Smaller than a Car

iEV X Series – Power Side Mirror 


The iEV X Series are the Smallest Intelligent Electric Vehicles in the world due to its body and design which allows it to be the safest option in its in its category. This is due to:

  • Strong carbon steel chassis & aluminum body panel protecting the passenger within the vehicle.
  • A protected room with standard, comfortable seat with seat-belts, large doors on either side (Flexible Robotic Platform Technology)
  • 4 wheel vehicle creating stability
  • iEV X Series is equipped with Rear camera 170 degree Wide-Angle perspective to eliminate blind angle working with the 7′ touch screen monitor
  • Power Side mirror for rear view also included

 L I G H T I N G

iEV X Series consists of multiple areas of LED lighting giving it a both vibrant and urban look.

Rear and Side View Lighting
Rear and Side View Lighting
Interior and Front Lighting
Interior and Front Lighting
Back Detailed Lighting
Back Detailed Lighting

 D E S I G N

Careful and Beautiful Design that is beyond what a vehicle of this size could do: the design for iEV X Series has been a development not overnight but through multiple prototypes, research, and ideas to finally reveal the model we have today.

iEV X series is protected with two European Design Patents (15/01/2015 iEV Robotic Charging Station), European Design Patent (15/01/2015 iEV ROBOT) and pending utility patent 2018.

Comfort with aesthetically pleased edges, aerodynamic efficiency, futuristic body with beautiful vision from all sides and angles.

Ergonomic Focus

Room and seat shape are designed both to fit almost like an embrace while integrating driver’s control with the car’s futuristic and technological capabilities.

 C O L O R

Choose Color options for your personal iEV X! 


  • Zero Emissions
  • 100% Electric Powered by lithium-ion batteries
  • Solar Energy & Human energy
  • Cost is lower than other electric cars

iEV X Series Cost is lower than any other electric cars. When the internal efficiency numbers of Tesla Model S 75D: 33 is 20,5 kWh/100 km and for Hyundai IONIQ is 15,4 kWh/100 km, the iEV X is only 2 kWh/100 km in the case where the iEV X doesn’t use solar and pedal energy. With these two energies in use the iEV cost would be nonexistent – meaning free!


iEV X Series is powered with 3 sources of energy

  • Solar: the roof of iEV X is covered with 40W flexible solar panel to charge the lithium battery pack.
  • Lithium battery pack with BMS “ Battery management system “ to store energy for the iEV X power train or iEV X+ includes the share and transfer of energy with other iEV X or buildings.
  • Human pedal energy (optional) with 35W power for exercising and in the meantime charging the lithium battery pack with your work out. This is an optional feature for iEV X+ only.



  • On-Board Charger: Period time: 3 hours for full charge (30 min Quick charger optional)
  • We provide the following 220/240V Plug for EU, UK and Australia and 110V for USA to our clients around the world.

iEV X+

  • No plug in
  • No wire
  • All Robotic
  • Exclusive for the iEV X+ only (optional)

Optional: iEV X+ Robotic Charging System “iEV RCS” allows for the automated charging of the vehicle’s energy storage by establishing a connection between the iEV and iEV RCS Station. 

L I F E S T Y L E    I N T E R F A C E

Exclusive for iEV X+ (optional) 

The iEV X+ Exclusive Lifestyle Machine comes with five major functions to change Human life and Behavior

  • Generate Solar and Human Pedal Energy
  • Battery Energy storage
  • Energy Robotic connectivity with public/private buildings and Charge station
  • Transportation System
  • Human lifestyle

 Lifestyle interface is a Smart Building Integration to Robotic connectivity with your home or public building or other iEV X+  to share energy .

 After 16 years of Research on iEV 

 * The list price for optional products and more information on iEV RCS and iEV CWM will soon be available on our website:

The quality of finishing products:

The pictures and model representations of the vehicle are not the quality of the finishing product and are prototypes. The final product may vary in that it will consist of molding finishes and machine cut brushed aluminum. We Design and Manufacture the  iEV X series ourselves in Germany.

Knowing that as times change, transportation also needs a change

iEV GmbH has been developing new forms of transportation which have increased flexibility for personal mobility, allowing new levels of fun and freedom of travel, while also being 100% environmentally friendly and aware. An ultra compact 4-wheel iEV developed based on the theme of compactness and enjoyable mobility.

 Please Share our Kickstarter to your friends and family! We need your support to make this concept a reality. 

{ Copyright 2018 iEV1 GmbH }

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