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Safety first: Military grade encryption, biometric security, secure neutral state in case of failure, extra layer of metal, durable, strong and thick materials.

Open how you want: With your fingerprint, passcode, mobile phone, bluetooth key fob or even with a standard key.

Share conveniently: Share once, forever, or with a schedule. Via fingerprint, passcode, or Bluetooth. Schedule mobile access for your repair man or send a passcode to your guest during their stay. You can still make a copy of your key for grandma.

Smart clutch: No motorized bolt, our smart clutch saves precious power and follows your intuitive use of a lock.

Super compatible: 3 models – all with the same features – for a compatibility with over 80 lock types.

Built to last: anti-scratch glass for the numeric pad, shock-resistant electronics, weather-sealed, multi-layer paint, 2-year battery life.

Smartlocks are convenient—but the first function of a lock is to keep you and your things safe. The team at Keago understands that and has implemented several safety features:

Military grade 256bit-AES encryption: for all communications between your lock and any other device.

Safety in the code: Keago’s software has been streamlined to focus solely on security. Every single digital opening of Keago is authenticated and verified through Keago’s brain. It takes a split second and there is no way around it.

Biometric security: Keago utilizes the latest technology in biometric sensors to recognize your fingerprint precisely within milliseconds.

Secure neutral state: If the battery is dead, don’t worry. Keago is always locked in its neutral state.

Durable and strong materials: The casing of Keago is made of stainless steel, thicker than most locks on the market. Behind the sensor and the numeric pad, an extra layer of metal protects your Keago.

We won’t impose our vision upon you. Technology should offer the freedom of choice. With Keago you can open your door how you want.

Fingerprint: Fast and convenient, the moment your touch Keago, your door is already unlocked. Times that you forgot your key are now stories of the past.

Passcode: Type your code on Keago and you’re in.

Mobile phone: Use our App to unlock your door in one touch with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth key (sold separately): Tap Keago with the Bluetooth key fob and it unlocks.

Standard key: The good old key is still available. Insert it, turn it clockwise, and Keago unlocks.

Touch the handle and Tadaa! it's unlocked!
Touch the handle and Tadaa! it’s unlocked!
Perhaps the most difficult is now to choose...
Perhaps the most difficult is now to choose…

Freedom once again. Keago offers three methods to share and three access types. That’s nine ways of sharing, and infinite convenience. Note that “Once” and “Scheduled” sharing methods require the wifi bridge sold separately.

Three methods to share:

Once*: Set up an access that will expire after one or another number of predefined uses.

Forever: Set up an access that will last until you cancel it.

Scheduled*: Set up an access for a defined period of time, or even on a recurring basis.

Three access types:

Passcode: Passcodes need to be set up while you are near the lock and connected to it via Bluetooth. Once set up, you can share the passcodes however and whenever you want.

Fingerprint: The fingerprint needs to be set up while you are near the lock and connected to it via Bluetooth. The person whose fingerprint is being registered must be present near the lock too.

Mobile access: Mobile access can be set up remotely. This is a digital key that Keago will recognize.

Send a temporary passcode to your Airbnb guests or a one time passcode to the repairman!
Send a temporary passcode to your Airbnb guests or a one time passcode to the repairman!

Other sharing features:

Admin: Share admin access, only admins can share access with others they can also add new admins or delete existing ones.

Bluetooth key and standard key: Feel free to share in person, the same way the world has done it during the past few centuries.

*Requires the wifi bridge sold separately. The wifi bridge is not compatible with Keago for Indoor Latch.

You can still share the good old key whenever you need!
You can still share the good old key whenever you need!

Our smart clutch is the core innovation of Keago! Standard smartlocks use a motor to move the bolt in and out, locking and unlocking your lock. We see many disadvantages to that:

Power: it takes a lot of force to move a spring-loaded bolt a few centimeters over. The power inside your lock – far from any outlet – is a very precious resource.

Unintuitive: people are used to locking and unlocking their doors manually. Once the door is unlocked you should be able to open it right away — but motorized bolts require you to wait 1-2 seconds until the bolt is fully retracted to finally open the door. While you might get used to it after few days, your guests and family will likely mistreat your lock by trying to open it while the bolt is still retracting.

Failed locking: All smartlocks relock your door for you, but do they detect if the door is closed or not? If the door is left open while you go fetch the mail or say goodbye to a guest, other smartlocks will automatically relock after about 10 seconds—even if the door is still wide open. This may sound like a simple inconvenience, but it could pose real security threats. Other smartlocks do not register failed relocks on doors that appear to be closed but are not fully shut, the bolt might bump into your door frame without notice, leaving your house at risk of intrusion.

So how does Keago solve the problem?

Instead of motorizing the whole bolt, Keago has simply motorized a tiny clutch. Imagine a tiny pin aligned to a tiny notch. If the clutch is off, the pin is down and the door handle moves freely without moving the bolt. When the clutch is on, the pin goes inside the hole and conveys the motion from the handle to the lock.

This technology is nothing new—it’s simply the way a key and keyhole traditionally work. The key pushes pins which engage and disengage the lock. We have simply adapted that technology for digital use.

Let’s see how that compares with the motorized bolts:

On power: The clutch is tiny and requires very little force to move. The movement of the bolt, which requires greater force, is accomplished by the motion of the hand. This saves considerable power and increases battery life up to 2 years.

On intuition: You can use your lock the way you always have. Unlock and relock when you need it. The main difference is that in addition to the key, you can also use your fingerprint or passcode and to unlock the door.

On failed locking: Just like your traditional lock, Keago is relocked manually if and when desired. If the bolt is bumping into your door frame, you will feel it and resolve the problem as you have always done so far.

As you can see, when unlocked the bolt doesn't move, it's the hand motion that moves the bolts. Saving 90% of the power.
As you can see, when unlocked the bolt doesn’t move, it’s the hand motion that moves the bolts. Saving 90% of the power.

Keago is great right out of the box but certain functions require more power than batteries can offer. This is the case with the wifi bridge, with a range of 50 meters you can plug it almost anywhere in your house and it will unlock new features for your locks:

Note that the wifi bridge is sold separately and is not available for Keago – Indoor Latch version, as this version is more compact it doesn’t have the space to fit the components that connect with the bridge.

Once and scheduled sharing: sharing with those two methods require you to use a wifi bridge.

Opening remotely: you may enable remote access and unlock your lock from anywhere in the world via internet.

Infinite log: without a bridge Keago will record the last 50 access logs if log recording is enabled. With the wifi bridge and if enabled Keago will store this information online and therefore be able to record unlimited number of logs.

Locks come in all shapes and sizes, yet smartlocks always fit only one type of lock body. At Keago our team worked for over two years to develop the technology behind our lock. We feel that our software security, smart clutch innovation, and PCB development should not be restricted to any single lock type. This is why Keago comes in three models:

Keago Mortise: For mortise lock body on your front door.

Keago Deadbolt: For deadbolt lock body on your front door.

Keago Indoor Latch: For latch bolt lock body on your interior doors.

Each model is compatible with several installation types. More information on compatibility bellow.

Too many smartlocks are built like fashionable tech devices, not like locks. They use materials like aluminum that are soft, weak against skin acidity, heavy shocks, weather, and time. At Keago we have built our locks to be strong and durable.

As mentioned before, the casing is made of stainless steel and the glass is scratch resistant. The paint adds an extra layer of protection to the metal and has two coats in order to prevent chipping and scratches for many years.

The lock is also weather sealed. The prototypes have passed the IP4 test and will endure light rain – yet Keago might have trouble recognizing you fingerprint if your fingers or sensor are wet.

The electronics have been tested against heavy shocks and our software can be updated to avoid obsolescence.

Additionally, thanks to our power-saving smart clutch, you need not worry about the battery for 2 years.

*US$ price are only for reference, Keago being based in Australia all transactions are settled based on the AU$ price. Please consider the actual exchange rate at the time of purchase.

                                   Keago Indoor Latch and Mortise versions are both available with right handle and left handle.

By default, all Keago versions are compatible with door thickness of 4.5 to 5.5 cm ( 1-3/8″ to 2-1/4″). If your door is thicker, we can provide a different set of axles and screw to match your configuration.

By default Keago Indoor Latch and Deadbolt versions include a lock body shipped together with the lock. If you are certain that you do not need the spare lock body and would prefer to avoid waste we will offer you the option to refuse the lock body.

Keago Mortise version does not include a lock body by default , we can provide one for an additional fee if requested.

All your preferences will be requested in the backer survey sent at the end of the campaign.

*US$ price are only for reference, Keago being based in Australia all transactions are settled based on the AU$ price. Please consider the actual exchange rate at the time of purchase.

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