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Keeback fundamentally changes the notion of what backpacks should be like. It breaks the norm and reinvents it to the next level. A simplified, practical and durable backpack that compliments your style. It also promises to be the next sensation in ‘wearable fashion devices.’

Keeback — a revolution among backpacks

The world’s first backpack designed as a device with a display. Breaking the notion that a backpack must be made of fabric, I reinvented it and created a multifunctional device with lots of features. The biggest innovation is the casing, which is made entirely out of a lightweight and durable plastic.

You can see 3D model more detailed on Sketchfab


It’s almost here, but your support is needed…

For the last years here on Indiegogo there are a lot of finished ready made products, but a lot of peopole forget the main mission of this platform was set to help projects at the early stages, We’ve chosen Indiegogo, a platform for enthusiasts, both helpers and makers, wishing to get support of likeminded people. In our small but beautiful country, we are struggling in finding an investor who can also be a believer, thus we are here on this platform, seeking for support of crazy people like ourselves, who believe in projects that may seem impossible to do.
The reality is that there are a lot of young designers who don’t have the funds to start their project and really need help with funds that turn their ideas into reality. The motto at Indiegogo is to help with the initial stages, and this is where I am at.


The backpack that world

have never seen before

​Keeback is unique, it is constructed from strong and flexible plastic with an amazing design, is here to please those who want something of extraordinary but useful in a daily life. Truth be told, it’s the next generation of wearable devices. The materials used in making the bag and the integration of technology, is something no other bag has achieved so far.
Try to look at it in another way. All you knew about backpack till today, it’s all of them are made from еру tissue, now take a step forward and imagine, how it can be transformed in new way?  Unique device behind you that wonder all who see it.

The maker

Industrial Designer and Engineer – I am Steel Drake with more than 12 years of experience. I am known for the smartphone concepts and cars concepts that I have designed. I started off in 2006 as a graphic designer and a 3D Generalist, and later after a few years I graduated as an Industrial Designer. My partner in this project is Michael Tuktarov – an Electrical Specialist Engineer, and Software Developer. He and a few other members from his team will be working with me on this project.

Keeback – the next generation of backapcks

Reimagine the backpack with me just like any other tech device of yours, but making use of it in your daily or long travels! Forget that they can be made only from textiles and look at the possibility of what clever engineering and use of different materials can do to enhance its role. Sporting a display that mirrors many functions – it can showcase your mood, or play an ad. Even showcase the song you are listening to, by displaying its lyrics.

This lightweight backpack is only 1,700+ grams and you won’t even feel its weight on your back. After having tried different designs, our latest design comfortably sits on your back, and you won’t even feel that it’s there.

Main Features of Keeback

Features, that makes this backpack so unique


On the display you can set whatever you want, using the custom app. The app will feature preloaded animations, along with these you can create your own animations or message for display on the backpack.
The display is energy-efficient and doesn’t take up too much of power. The built-in battery unit can also power other devices using the USB connectors that accompany the backpack. The power for the display lasts for up to 3 days.

Take it where ever you want

This all-weather backpack is ideal for all seasons. Summer or winter – use it whenever you want to. Crafted from premium quality plastic, the construction and style fits your lifestyle. It adapts easily to the city life, however you can also take it in the mountains, beaches or just about anywhere. It holds space for a 13-inches laptop and other important things you may want to carry.

Why Goal is flexible?

If $20 000 goal reached, we will build Keeback with a simple display (200-300 pixels),

if $45 000 goal reached, a complex display (4000+ pixels) will be built onto backpack.

In both cases, the backpack will have the same technological functionalities.

What you get?

Early supporters will get 50% off and because of you believed in this project and supported it. You will be the first in the world who will get the first Keeback backpacks for 3-6 months earlier before it hits the market. You going to help now, and we want you will be the first Keebackers.

Metallic / White / or Black ?


Yanko Design about Keeback


I have been working on the Keeback project for almost two years now. The project is partially ready, all dimensions and all 3D files are completed and ready for molding, all contacts and agreements with suppliers who are ready to produce all parts and components are agreed upon. Your contribution to the project, will help us bring alive the dream we have..

Thanks guys and cheers
Steel Drake

Short history

How it all started from the idea, january 2017
first foam 1:1 size hand made prototype

Trying a simple vertical one color flexible display ordered from our suplier and put it on foam hand made prototype to imagine the idea

Additional questions?

I’m always open to answer any questions any time –

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