Next Innovation Backpack: Floatable, Modular, and Waterproof

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The Most Functional Backpack Ever!

Inflatable-Floatable-Waterproof- Modular

The Next Innovation backpack is designed for the extreme conditions, but also with a minimalistic modern aesthetic that creating a sleek and chic look. It’s more than just an outdoor backpack, it’s an everyday backpack that works as well in urban lifestyle, and it does things other backpack can’t.

Dimensions: 20″x 14″x 9.5″(Max)

Color: Grey


Waterproof & Floating Test

 Floats fully packed


 Comparison with other outdoor backpack

 Air-tight zipper protects your gears and electronic equipment from water, also keeps the air in the bag to make it floatable. Plus, the air tightness adds an anti-theft concept to the bag. It is hard to open your bag without getting attention.

 Reflective strip: allows to be seen at night to keep your safety.

 Padded anti-crush back

Padded ergonomic straps allow a perfect fit along your body and support for heavy load. Adjustable sternum straps come with a multi-function buckle, including whistle and other upcoming features.

 Removable easy-to-reach body access pocket for small items.

Urban Lifestyle

The MODULAR design allows you to easy switch, swap, merge and separate by the connected zipper. Effortless to go from an understated urban style backpack to a travel style.

Commuter’s Backpack

 Double Deck

 Perfect for everyone to organize your life.

Traveller’s Backpack

 Triple Deck

  With all the space and organization necessary for up to seven days of travel

 Fit as a carry-on bag when flying

When we say “go to the airport”, you imagine

 This is how our backpack changes your life

Add-on items/ easy-to-reach fast check pocket

 Outer Bag

Upper Layer
 Removable organization panel for small items.
 Easy switch storage for your glasses or earphone.  
Lower layer

 Portable Solar Charger Pocket or Wet Items Storage

 Cable tunnel for your portable charger.

Central bag

 Unique pillow function for camping and waterproof construction

 With a side carry handle, the central bag can be used individually, or as a waterproof internal bag in your suitcase.

Essential Bag

• Padded laptop pocket fits devices up to 17″.

• Padded slot for tablet.

• Keep your digital devices from rain and snow.

Upcoming Features

  • Shoulder strap interior slot pockets with a built-in retractable key chain, and will fit your subway card or other small goods.
  • Multi-function buckle with compass, thermometer and flint, perfect for your outdoor activities.

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