VAVA Home Cam: Wire-free Security with a One-Year Battery

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Always know what’s happening at home, any time, anywhere with the VAVA Home Cam — the easiest way to watch over your home. Over the past year, the VAVA team has been hard at work designing a better home security experience that’s simple to use, durable enough to weather any situation, and reliably delivers high-performance monitoring, day and night.

Meet the VAVA Home Cam — a wireless security camera designed to go outdoors or indoors, with a battery that lasts up to a year on a single charge.

Here’s what you get:

  • 100% wire-free security with an ultra-long lasting battery (up to 365 days on a single charge
  • Super vision, day and night, with 1080p HD clarity, advanced H.265 video encoding and wide dynamic range to make sure you’ll always get the best picture quality
  • A discreet, beautiful camera design that works well both outdoors and indoors
  • Secure, reliable storage options on a microSD card or your own local setup (NAS/RTSP supported)
  • Tough IP66 exterior to weather any situation
  • Real-time alerts and live viewing capabilities so you’ll always stay in the know from the VAVA Home Cam app
  • Three mount types (outdoor, magnetic, desktop) for any surface
  • No monthly service fees


Know more of what’s happening

A property crime happens every 3.7 seconds, and although more than 60% of us want home security, less than 20% of us actually do.  Why? Because the way home security has worked needs to change. Instead of complex systems requiring expert installation and ongoing monthly monitoring fees, we need simple, reliable home security that just works, outdoors AND indoors. VAVA Home Cam installs and sets up in minutes, and is designed to fit easily wherever you need an extra pair of eyes.

Unlike other security cameras that need to constantly be plugged in, recharged or require expensive battery replacements, VAVA Home Cam comes with a specially-engineered rechargeable battery designed to last up to a year on a single charge.  By using more efficient video processing standards (e.g., H.265 encoding uses up to 50% less bandwidth when compared to H.264 compression standards) and a low-energy wireless communication protocol between the Home Cam and Base Station, the VAVA Home Cam is designed to save energy without compromising performance.

Plus, we partnered with charging powerhouse, RAVPower, to design a battery specifically optimized for the VAVA Home Cam. The result? Better power management and efficiency for optimal performance — meaning less hassle and more savings for you.

Stay Charged with the VAVA Solar Panel

Get even more energy smart by pairing the VAVA Home Cam with a VAVA Solar Panel to harness the power of the sun so you’ll never need to recharge.  Each weather-resistant VAVA Solar Panel comes with its own mounting kit and 2M (6.5 ft) charging cable.

*Add the VAVA Solar Panel to any pledge for just $45*

See in 1080p high-def clarity with VAVA Home Cam’s 140-degree wide angle lens, day and night. VAVA Home Cam’s Sony EXMOR IMX323 sensor, wide dynamic range, and advanced H.265 encoding mean clear, sharp pictures in every environment  — even in complete darkness. The VAVA Home Cam goes beyond basic monitoring with a built-in alarm that you can trigger from your Home Cam app, and two-way audio communication so you’ll always stay connected.

Details to Help You See Clearer

Not all 1080p resolution is created equal, and the VAVA Home Cam includes several details to help you see clearer.  Each Home Cam is equipped with an industry-leading Sony EXMOR IMX323 sensor, wide dynamic range, and uses H.265 video encoding for crisper images and footage.

Wide dynamic range is designed to balance lighting in pictures and videos, and is especially helpful for situations where there is a contrast between lighting in the shade and elsewhere (e.g., front door entryways where it may be much brighter towards the street compared with directly in front of a door).

H.265 video encoding allows for higher efficiency when transmitting video footage and takes up significantly less storage space. When compared with H.264 (which most cameras today use), H.265 cameras can generally reduce bandwidth consumption and storage by 50%, meaning a more seamless and space-saving monitoring experience for you.

Alerts When You Need Them

Get automatic alerts straight to your Home Cam app when unusual activity is detected, such as motion or when someone tries to move your camera. Each VAVA Home Cam comes with three levels of motion sensitivity (low, medium, and high) and a customizable monitoring schedule, so you’ll only get the alerts that matter to you, when you want them.  For added protection, you’ll also receive an alert when your Home Cam is moved out of range.

See something unexpected? Trigger the VAVA Home Cam’s built-in alarm directly from your app, no matter where you are in the world.

Stay protected rain or shine, with VAVA Home Cam’s tough IP66 exterior to weather any situation.

Each VAVA Home Cam comes with three different mount types (outdoor mount, strong magnetic mount, and desktop mount) for easy placement on any surface.

Super strong magnetic mount
Super strong magnetic mount
Desktop mount
Desktop mount
Outdoor mount
Outdoor mount

Outdoors or indoors — the choice is yours. The Home Cam’s unique design gives you the flexibility of protecting your home’s exterior or keeping an eye on what’s going on indoors.

The VAVA Home Cam is as tough and versatile on the inside as it is on the outside — unlike most home security cameras that rely solely on one storage method, the VAVA Home Cam offers multiple options for locally encrypted storage that come at no extra charge to you. This includes support for storage on a microSD card (supports up to 128GB*), in addition to RTSP support so you can save footage on your personal NAS servers.

Extended Access to Your Footage. Free Forever.

Both options give you safe, simple, secure access to your footage — without any extra fees. Because all footage is encrypted and stored locally through the base station, you’ll always have access through the VAVA Home Cam mobile app. At the end of the day, we believe your footage is yours, and you should always have the option for free, secure extended video history without any compulsory monthly fees.

See how much you could potentially save with the VAVA Home Cam over just one year of ownership.

The above is based on 30 day activity access for two cameras

*128GB can store up to 240 hours worth of footage in 1080p HD quality 

We’re here to make home security simpler and more accessible — without compromising performance. See how VAVA Home Cam stacks up.

Always see what’s happening with the VAVA Home Cam mobile app, built for iOS and Android. We’ve included easy access to all the essentials you need, giving you one tap access to your live feed, alerts, snapshots, and two-way communication.

Other app features include:

  • Triggering an alarm
  • Bookmarking recordings
  • Sharing camera access with up to 20 family members and trusted contacts
  • Scheduling alert notifications

Each pledge comes with a 24 month warranty (for Kickstarter backers only — 12 month warranty offered after campaign ends), in addition to VAVA’s friendly 24/7 e-mail and phone support, and access to backer-only groups.

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  • Lens: 140 degree wide-angle lens, f/2.0
  • Sensor: Sony IMX323, 1/2.9″
  • Resolution: 1080pHD, H.265 encoding
  • Night view: 2 x 850nm infrared light
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Speaker: 1.5W
  • Battery: 2500mAh polymer battery, 7.68V
  • Adapter power: 5V / 2.5A max
  • Internet: 2.4G WiFi, 60m/197 foot range
  • Weather-proof: IP66
  • 80.4 x 80.4 x 80.4 mm / 3.2 x 3.2 x 3.2 in
  • Operating temperature: -20C — 50C / -4F — 122F, RH<95%

Base Station

  • Speaker: 2W
  • MicroSD card memory: Up to 128GB
  • Internet connection: Ethernet
  • Effective range: 60m/197 ft
  • Cameras supported: 4
  • Adapter power: 12V/1.5A Max
  • USB Output: 5V/1A
  • Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 95 mm / 3.7 x 3.7 x 3.7 in
  • Operating temperature: -20C — 50C / -4— 122F, RH<95%

What’s In The Box

For one camera
  • 1 x VAVA Home Cam
  • 1 x VAVA Base Station (can support up to four VAVA Home Cams)
  • 1 x microUSB charging cable
  • 1 x power adapter for Base Station
  • 1 x Desktop Mount
  • 1 x Outdoor Mount
  • 1 x Magnetic Mount

Solar Panel

  • Weight: 220g / 7.76 ounces
  • Charging Output: 5.5V/0.6A
  • Dimensions: 210 x 116 x 21.8 mm / 8.26 x 4.57 x 0.86 in

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