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Titan Arena is the brainchild of two former God of War devs. It is a fast-paced, first-person, action VR shooter where you (a human) battle against colossal robots using many unique weapons!

Feel the presence of these giant metal beasts in virtual reality and experience the heart pounding battle in a crowd filled sci-fi arena! As you progress through the game, you will unlock new weapons and battle fiercer Titans and enemies.

Go head to head against giant metal machines whose size can only truly be experienced in Virtual Reality!

Traversing the world in Titan Arena feels very familiar and natural.  You  can strafe, dash, quick turn, zip and climb to victory! We’ve spent a great deal of time making sure that locomotion feels good and doesn’t cause any motion sickness.

In Titan Arena you can use the tether weapon to pull yourself onto the titans or various other areas that are not accessible through simple locomotion.  This is an essential mechanic in Titan Arena and feels truly amazing in VR!

Currently there are three unique weapons that can be used strategically to defeat your enemies. We have more weapons planned for launch which we’ll share with you in our later updates.

This is your primary weapon/tool that is used to tether and interact with objects in the world.  You can use it to move objects or enemies, smash them, throw them at each other, tear them apart, pull them towards you, or tie them to each other!  In addition, you can use it to climb or hang onto the titans or traverse to remote platforms.

This rapid-fire weapon is very effective and satisfying against enemies of all types!  It has a large capacity magazine of plasma bullets that can travel a long distance.

Plasma launcher shoots projectiles that follow its target and do heavy damage on impact!  They also damage objects within the impact radius making it an effective weapon towards fast moving enemies.

Although smaller than the titans, these enemy grunts carry unique weapons and abilities that complement that of the titan’s.  This combination creates distinctly challenging and fun gameplay experiences.  Currently we have 3 enemies that we can show you.  However, we have more planned for the final game that we’ll share with you in our later updates.


Currently we plan to release Titan Arena for the following platforms:

About a year and a half ago, two of us got together and imagined a virtual reality game where the players could experience something epic and wildly different from anything they could experience in real life.

Since then we have been hard at work developing Titan Arena. All core game systems and mechanics are in place and the game feels extremely fun. However, in order to deliver a complete, super solid experience we need your support. There are three important reasons for this campaign:

1. To deliver a complete and super fun experience we want to include 2 additional titans for total of 5 and 3 new player weapons for a total of 6. This will add more depth and variety to the gameplay and extend the game’s overall playtime. Your contribution will enable us to accomplish this along with polishing some of the game’s visual and audio assets making the experience even more immersive and believable.

2. Your feedback is valuable to us!  We’d love to get your input on the game while it’s still in development to help shape it into the awesome experience we’re striving to build.  While beta testers ($50 tier) will get a chance to experience the game hands-on and provide feedback, all backers are welcomed to share their comments and ideas!

3. VR is quite new and the market is still relatively small. Your support goes a long way to show that the VR ecosystem is healthy and people like yourselves want quality VR content.

If you like our project, please support us by becoming a backer!  And please don’t hesitate to spread the word about Titan Arena. Every bit goes a long way!

  • Got any news, tips or want to contact us directly? Feel free to email us: esistme@gmail.com.

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