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The 2-in-1 concept
Have you ever tried to boost the bass of your audio system? What about having 2 subwoofers, or even better, a heavy-bass surround system with 4 subwoofers ?

Fancy a good home-theater sound but are worried about where to place the subwoofer and the sprawling cables when space is limited ? Ever confused about setting up and calibrating the various components of your surround system?

The 2-in-1 Q-Bass is the perfect answer for you.    

Q-Bass is a wireless 2-way speaker PLUS subwoofer to deliver impressive, full-range sound with powerful bass. Your music and movie soundtrack will sound significantly better. Imaging, dynamics, bass, treble, mid-range clarity, realism, every single aspect of sound quality in music will be drastically improved. With our ground-breaking application of the DECT wireless technology, speaker placement is easy and tidy, improving the overall aesthetic of your room.

  • Q-Bass is an intelligent speaker combining a 2-way main speaker and an independent subwoofer in a single unit.
  • Q-Bass is completely wireless, separated Front and Back, Left and Right speakers without bridging cables.
  • For the 2.2 mode, the Left and Right subwoofers are used to generate stereo boosted-bass power in playing music.
  • For the 4.4/5.4 mode, four Q-Bass to upgrades 5.1 surround sound to a 5.4 experience. You are surrounded by 4 subwoofers playing in the LFE channel. A deep and wrap-around bass filling up every corner of your room.
  • With Q-Bass’s inbuilt smart operation, all parameters have been well-tuned for you. No more difficult setting-up and blending of main speaker & subwoofer to be done.

Simply indulge yourself with Q-Bass’ authentic sound quality and powerful bass.

The 2-in-1 concept is simple, why no such product on the market ?

Today, almost all Hi-Fi grade speakers are wired. Think of the mess when the 2-in-1 concept is applied on wired speakers. First, you need 2 pairs of speaker cables (one for main speaker and one for subwoofer) for each speaker unit. Next, you need to connect 2 subwoofer amplifiers to drive the Left and Right subwoofers respectively. You will have a bigger headache when cables are also needed for the Front and Back speakers in a surround setting.

The only solution is to go wireless. Regrettably, existing wireless technology like WiFi and WiSA are unable to keep the Left, Right and Low-Frequency Effects (LFE) channels of a soundtrack in sync, i.e. zero-time error between channels. The problem is further worsened in the increasingly crowded 2.4 GHz/5 GHz frequency band. Also, when the speaker woofer and subwoofer are placed close to each other in the same cabinet, poor channel synchronization is bound to occur, resulting in blurred and boomy bass.

Q-Bass works on our innovative wireless platform. Based on our 25 years’ experience of working with DECT, we have re-engineered it to solve the above problems. DECT’s accurate timing characteristic enables channel synchronization to be performed in less than 1μs (0.000001 sec). This close to zero-error transmission means clearer, more accurate sound at all frequency ranges. DECT works in the exclusive interference-free 1.9 GHz band and never has to share the bandwidth, providing a stable and seamless connection to the sound source.

Wireless, no cable, just a DC power socket and 3 control keys
Wireless, no cable, just a DC power socket and 3 control keys

Q-Bass is not another 3-way speaker : subwoofer is the difference

Q-Bass is an innovative speaker combining a 2-way main speaker with a subwoofer in one cabinet, which is very different to a traditional 3-way speaker (tweeter, mid-range and woofer).

They differ very much in reproducing a 5.1-channel movie soundtrack. The soundtrack consists of 5 discrete, full-range main channels, i.e. L, Center, R, L Surround, and R Surround plus a LFE channel. In contrast to the main channels, the LFE channel delivers bass-only (<120 Hz) information. The subwoofer’s role is two-fold: it supplies both the missing low end for bass-challenged main speakers as well as the LFE channel. A 3-way speaker, without a subwoofer, is incapable of delivering that LFE bass, a major flaw in a surround system.

Now, watch and listen to how the wind is sweeping the snow from left to right in the following video clip. See how Q-bass gives you the different layers of bass sound. You can see the speaker driver movement from the L woofer (upper driver) to R woofer and then subwoofer (lower driver).

Stunning bass sensation : 4 times the bass, superior to a 3-way speaker

Unlike the 3-way speaker which only produces a flat frequency response, Q-Bass is bass-boosted with 4 times the bass power: 360W instant power output from a pair. For an even more electrifying bass experience, go for 4 pieces of Q-Bass in the surround setup. Rest assured you’ll be thrilled !

Audio spectrum of the above video clip shows that the 3-way speaker’s spread is on the low to mid-low frequency range (some white marks around the middle), as compared to Q-Bass’ concentration on the deep low frequency band (more white marks at the bottom).

3-way speaker audio spectrum, power density spread on low to mid-low frequency
3-way speaker audio spectrum, power density spread on low to mid-low frequency
Q-Bass audio spectrum, power density concentrated on deep low bass
Q-Bass audio spectrum, power density concentrated on deep low bass

Note: Horizontal axis indicates time, vertical axis shows the frequency band with lower frequency towards the bottom; color indicates sound power density, color code is listed on the left hand side with white color indicating the highest power.


What’s our backers said :

  • “Hi i just set mini 5.1 ..and sound is amazing ” avreen
  • “First I’ll state that the speakers sound absolutely amazing! ” Brad Warren.
  • “Just setup my system last night!!! Sound quality is amazing. Best campaign I have ever supported on Kickstarter.” Vladimir Sytchov.
  • “Superb service as usual. I consider OneAudio to be the best Kickstarter vendor I have ever supporter.” Creative.
  • “the speakers are wonderful, my previous soundbar is nowhere close to them. have been using them for Netflix and ps4, the experience is just awesome.” Eric
  • “I do not have a lot of experience with the surround function of the system yet, but the flexibility of the system is great.” A Smiths.
  • “Speaker sound is good and the bass is excellent.” Ever Ho
  • “Just want to say again that I’m impressed by the sound quality. This evening I plugged the dongle in my iMac. Sounds even better then my Surface.” Franc Coenen
  • “Sound like HiFi speaker and very good sound. After backed over 130 projects this is the best kickstarter project I had backed.” Eric Tong


Speaker build

Speaker enclosure is made of 15mm-thick MDF. MDF is a terrific speaker enclosure material that really damps out unwanted, extraneous energy and vibration. Main speaker and subwoofer are in separate acoustic chambers to avoid sound-mixing.
Main speaker is 2-way design with a 5.25” mid-woofer and a titanium tweeter in a sealed enclosure. Titanium tweeter is the most desirable for reproducing the airy sound in music and crisp high tone in surround sound.
Subwoofer driver is a 5.25” double magnet woofer in a ported enclosure. The bass reflex-vent is multi-pathed to extend the air tube length. The subwoofer’s air opening is at the front to generate a focussed and stronger bass and for easy placement, no problem with placing the speaker close to the wall.
Electronics board is mounted in a separate housing. Partitioning each block is critical for good sound quality. It is a full digital circuit with no DAC chip and no analog component, which mean we don’t have to transform the signal from digital to analogue, this minimizes noise pick-up and the microphonic effect (microphonic effect is a sound killer of active speaker).
3 x Class D amplifiers on board, each to drive the tweeter, woofer and subwoofer respectively, in order to maintain precise signal control of each driver. The most advanced Class D amplifier is used for a much better sound quality at minimal heat generation, doing away with the bulky heat sink.
2 x DSP to run 300 million calculations per second. This allows our engineers to write advanced and highly specific signal processing algorithms for the speaker. With our diligent DSP engineering endeavor, many special features have been put in the speaker: sound character profiles, sound quality enhancement to HD, subwoofer sound effect, room compensation, time correction between speaker drivers.

All these careful speaker designs and dedication of engineering efforts add up to Q-Bass.

Setting up a Q-Bass surround system in 3 minutes

Q-Bass is the easiest surround system. You can get setup done in 3 minutes. Enjoy all the convenience of Q-Bass – no more wiring, clutter-free placement, smartphone access without the need to install any APPS, no parameter-setting for blending the subwoofer and main speaker.

Step 1 : Setup connection
• Power up the (console box that comes with your Q-Bass) : plug in USB power to USB port, wait 70s for start up.
• Connect optical cable from your TV or Blu-ray player to optical port.
• Place Q-Bass speaker at your desired location, plug in DC connector to Q-Bass, then attach AC plug to power.
• (For the 4.2 kit) Turn on the mini speakers by pressing the ON key 1s.

Step 2 : Use your smartphone to access console box • Connect your smartphone WiFi to (default is no password).
• Open smartphone’s web browser and browse
• home page will show up on your smartphone. The console is ready for use.

Step 3 : Choose sound source and ready to play
• Set your TV digital audio output to “Auto” or “Bypass” (never use “LPCM” or “down mixing”).
• On your home page, press the Optical button at the top left corner to select input, playing mode will show “Surround Dolby 2.0” or “Surround Dolby 5.1” or “Surround DTS 5.1”.
• Done. Enjoy!

Smartphone control, no APPS, simple and easy

You can use any model of smartphone, iPhone, Android, Lumia, or any other models, to control Q-Bass’ console (i.e. that comes with Q-Bass) on any browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox, etc.), you’ll never have compatibility issue. It is not only applicable to smartphone, but also to notebook, iMac, WIN, Linux and SmartTV. Q-Bass is just so encompassing that you can use any music player and streaming service. It’s all up to you.

What’s more, you are free to share your Q-Bass with family and friends. They just need to connect their smartphone to your router, open a browser and link to They are then ready to play songs in their smartphone.

Web capture of Home page, Sound setting, Q-Bass setting
Web capture of Home page, Sound setting, Q-Bass setting

Q-Bass comes with a set of default settings, which is the most balanced. But for those of you who would like some personalization, here is what you can change about the sound settings on home page:
• Sound effect : Standard, Vivid low, Vivid high
• 3 low frequency effects : Soft, Comfort, Strong
• Subwoofer level and treble level (individual of each audio mode)
• Speaker group setting : tweeter level, woofer level, volume
• Listening area : Small, Medium, Large, Open
• Rear speaker routing : stereo, center speaker, surround only
• Subwoofer routing : 3-way, LFE, fill-in

Universal connectivity, source of signal

Q-Bass’ console box can bridge most input types, WiFi wireless audio, standard USB audio, optical SPDIF port and USB host port for accessory plug-in, to accommodate your every need. is installed with smart sound management, input switch and audio routing. You only need to connect your smartphone to and the rest of operations are automatically tuned in to your setting. For example, when you switch on your TV, can detect sound on TV optical port and then play TV sound accordingly.

Q-Bass' console box,
Q-Bass’ console box,

Source of music (2.0/2.2 stereo HiRes mode)
• Wireless audio streaming from iPhone, MacBook via AirPlay
• Wireless file streaming from Android phone, WIN10 via DLNA
• USB audio from iMac, WIN10, set-top-box, music server
• Songs from CD player on optical port
• Music stored in USB ram (local music server) plug in USB host port
• Music on NAS server or Plex server networking via DLNA
• Build-in internet radio

Source of surround (4.2/4.4/5.4 surround mode)
• TV digital audio output for TV sound and online 5.1 movie
• Blu-ray player digital output for DTS 5.1 and Dolby 5.1
• Game console box digital output for gaming
• Set-top-box digital audio output

Source of TV sound (2.2 and optional 3.2 mode)
• TV digital audio output
• Set-top-box digital audio output or support USB audio output

Optional connectivity
• Bluetooth audio by BT dongle plug in USB host port
• Additional USB dongle to split 4.2/4.4 kit into 2 sets of stereo speaker

Combine with your subwoofer or add a wireless subwoofer

For more powerful bass effect, simply add your wired subwoofer (connect to LFE output port) or our wireless ONEwoofer to the Q-Bass set. If you like complete surround set, you can add our ONEaudio wireless speaker as the center speaker. Depending on your setting of Q-Bass subwoofer, you can assemble a 5.1/5.3/5.5 set as you like.

5.1 / 5.3 / 5.5 mode combination
5.1 / 5.3 / 5.5 mode combination

You can change Q-Bass’ subwoofer routing to LFE, main channel or both. 4 pieces of Q-Bass with subwoofer can be configured as 5.5/5.3/5.1.

Q-Bass 5.4+1  1000W  output
Q-Bass 5.4+1 1000W output

Visit our website for purchase of additional items : ONEmedi and ONEwoofer.8+8

For our backers

If you have ONEmicro, ONEmini, ONEmedi, ONEclassic2, ONEwoofer.6+6 or ONEwoofer.8+8, you can add your speaker to Q-Bass set. Or, add Q-Bass to your surround set. They are compatible, that’s ONEaudio Mix & Match function.

Firmware upgrade

Q-Bass supports in-house firmware upgrade via the Windows platform. We will provide free firmware upgrade for new features, latest compatibility, sound quality improvement and bug fix. Your Q-Bass is always up to date.

We need you to be our partner to make Q-Bass grow and flourish.
Please support us.


Q-Bass : the 2-in-1 speaker 

• 165x240x410mm, 8kg each, made of 15mm-thick MDF, 2 isolated acoustic chambers
• 2 colours : Black – matte black body with glossy black front panel; White – matte white body with matte black front panel
• Power output : 100W continuous power, 160W dynamic power
• AC110 or 220V input, 24V 4A adaptor

Main speaker on upper chamber
• 2-way, 5.25” mid-woofer and ¾” titanium tweeter
• 55-27000Hz, Sealed enclosure
• 40W continuous power, 60W dynamic power
• DSP crossover @3.2KHz / 4.5KHz / 5.0KHz (switch according to sound profile)
• Amplifier resolution  96KHz 24bit, modulation 768KHz

Subwoofer on lower chamber
• 5.25” subwoofer, double magnet
• 35-180Hz, Ported enclosure, front air-opening
• 60W continuous power, 120W dynamic power
• 5 points DSP equalizing, low frequency wavelength time correction by DSP
• Amplifier resolution 48KHz 24bit, modulation 384KHz

• Wireless 1.9GHz DECT support US, EU, JP, Asia
• 4 Processors : MCU, DSPx2, DECT processor
• 3 amplifiers each for tweeter, mid-woofer, sub-woofer
• Micro USB port for firmware upgrade
• 3 keys on rear panel for volume control and speaker setting

Compact console box :

• 80x80x22mm, 200g, black/white colour
• USB 5V 1A power
• 600MIPS DSP for DTS/AC3 decoding, FLAC/AIFF/MP3 decoding, up-sampling, sound effect processing
• Dual radio 2.4 GHz WiFi and 1.9 GHz DECT
• Support up to 16 wireless speakers with smart audio routing
• WiFi audio : AirPlay and DLNA
• USB port : standard USB audio 48/16, 48/24, 96/24
• Optical port : DTS-HD, DTS, DTS-Neo, Dolby 5.1, Dolby 2.0, LPCM 44.1/48
• Wireless subwoofer, and RCA port output to active subwoofer
• Audio mode : 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 3.1 / 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.4 / 5.1 / 5.4 / 5.5
• USB host port for USB ram and BT dongle plug-in
• Networking DMR and DMS by DLNA
• Internet radio via WiFi

True wireless rear speaker in 4.2 kit : 

• Size and weight: 74x116x120mm, 0.8kg each
• 2-way, 64mm woofer, titanium tweeter, 5W output
• 40 hours playing time, 8 hours charging


2011 – Start DECT wireless audio development
2015 – Ture wireless 5.1 surround prototype ready, proof of concept
2016 – Jan Las Vegas CES Innovation Award for true wireless 5.1 surround speaker
2016 – Jun Barcelona DECT Innovation Award of DECT wireless audio technology
2017 – Mar Feasibility study of multi-channel 2-in-1 speaker, first concept of Q-Bass
2017 – May Start Q-Bass development
2017 – Dec First engineering sample, evaluation of woofer and subwoofer matching
2018 – Jan Setup showroom in Hong Kong
2018 – Feb Calibration of low frequency long wave phase and timing characteristics
2018 – Mar Change subwoofer design, re-design main speaker to seal enclosure
2018 – Apr Munich High-End Audio Show, Europe’s largest specialist trade fair for high-end entertainment
2018 – Jun Q-Bass final sample completed
2018 – Jul Features integration in completed
2018 – Aug Q-Bass engineering sample pilot production
2018 – Sep Start of Kickstarter campaign
2018 – Oct Q-Bass first production
2018 – Nov Shipment of super early bird order


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