Quilo 2.0: The Smart Air Cooler with True HEPA Air Purifier

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The Smart Air Cooling System for Year Round Air Comfort

The Quilo 2.0 is the world’s first advanced air cooler that converts into a triple-stage air purifier. Snap in the true HEPA filter and the patent-pending sensor instantly switches the unit into purifying mode. Cruise seamlessly from summer to winter, and thru fall and spring allergy seasons. Don’t stash away the Quilo 2.0 after the summer—you’ll need it in winter, too!

Quilo 2.0: Your All-Season Airkit
Quilo 2.0: Your All-Season Airkit

Winter, spring, summer, fall—the Quilo 2.0 is easily programmed to cool, purify or humidify your air. With convenience and connectivity packed into one compact unit, the Quilo 2.0 is WiFi enabled and can be controlled using Alexa.

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Quilo 2.0 Rewards Summary
Quilo 2.0 Rewards Summary

Patent-Pending Air Quality Sensor Detects Harmful PM2.5

Particulate Matter (PM) are microscopic airborne particles that travel deep into the respiratory system. Described as the deadliest form of air pollution because of its tiny size and ability to penetrate into the body, PM can aggravate chronic conditions such as asthma or heart disease.

The Quilo 2.0 is programmed with a responsive PM2.5 sensor. If your air quality falls below the EPA standard of 35 micrograms per cubic meter of air (µg/m3), the air purifier mode is triggered to activate until your air quality reaches a healthy standard.

No-Sweat Energy Bills!

Energy Efficient and Whisper Quiet
Energy Efficient and Whisper Quiet

Evaporative air cooling can drop air temperatures by as much as 15°F, and uses a fraction of the energy of air conditioning, with running costs the equivalent of a single light bulb. The brushless DC motor is whisper quiet, too. Now, that’s stress-free cooling.

Breathe Easy with Smart Home Connectivity

You’re downstairs and want your bedroom cool for bedtime? Quilo 2.0 is smart too! Send a command to Alexa and the unit will stir into action and activate.

Sleek Curves & Ultra HD Touchscreen

"Alexa, what is my air quality?"
“Alexa, what is my air quality?”

Sleek, with smooth curves and a clean, white finish, the Quilo 2.0 is a contemporary addition to your home decor. The ultra High-Definition touchscreen control panel gives you up to the minute readings on your current temperature, air quality and humidity levels. Don’t want to leave your couch and read the display? Simply ask Alexa “What is my air quality?”

What’s New in the Quilo 2.0?

The Quilo 2.0 is the upgrade to our 2017 Kickstarter success. Check out what’s new.

Know Your Quilos
Know Your Quilos

 How Does It work?

The Quilo 2.0 is a low-energy, high-impact, air cooler with four unique functions. It cools, purifies, humidifies and fans for year round air comfort.

Quilo 2.0: The Smart Air Cooler with True HEPA Air Purifier
Quilo 2.0: The Smart Air Cooler with True HEPA Air Purifier

Evaporative Air Cooler Tackles Summer’s Heat

Keep cool and save energy! That’s the name of the game when it comes to swamp cooling. Consuming only 36 watts of power, evaporative air cooling is an energy-efficient alternative for summer cooling. That’s as much energy as charging your iPad.

What is Evaporative Air Cooling?

Evaporative cooling reduces heat through the natural process of evaporation. The Quilo 2.0’s pump circulates water through a honeycomb cooling pad. As the fan draws air through the drenched pad, the warm air passing through the unit becomes refreshingly cool with a hint of moistness. It’s the feeling of a lakeside breeze in the heat of summer…

Add Ice for Added Cooling Punch.

Pack ice into the ice compartment to make the circulating water frigidly cold. The air blowing into your room will be chillingly cool.

Designed for Easy Maintenance

The Quilo 2.0’s honeycomb cooling pad is treated with an antibacterial coating that repels the growth of mold and mildew.

3-Filter Air Purifier Traps Microscopic Allergens

Sneezes be gone! Dust mites, pet odors, pollen spores, bacteria and airborne allergens are blocked from your personal spaces with Quilo 2.0’s three-stage air filtration.

Your Home - and Your Air - is Your Haven.
Your Home – and Your Air – is Your Haven.

1st Stage: Active Carbon Pre-Filter

The active carbon filter absorbs odors, VOCs  and pollutants. Bigger particles, such as pet hair, are trapped behind the carbon barrier.

2nd Stage: True HEPA Filter

Did you know that a micron is one millionth of a meter?! A true HEPA filter captures particles that are at least 0.3 microns. That includes 99.97% of allergen-causing particles, including dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores and other harmful particulates inside its ultra-fine mesh.

3rd Stage: Ionizer

The ionizer adds a negative charge to floating dust or smoke particles, causing them to become static and stick to the walls instead of floating in mid-air. Ever rubbed a balloon at a kids party and made it stick to the wall? That’s our type of magic.

Tower Fan Freshens with Five Speed Settings

Think bedroom, home office, breakfast nook—the Quilo 2.0 is lightweight and rolls easy, with swiveling louvers that target the airflow right where you want it.

Make Work Cool Again
Make Work Cool Again

Blowing a fresh breeze over a 130 sq. ft. area, the tower fan is whisper-quiet on its lowest setting, with a background murmur of 24 dBA. Programmable timer and a full-featured remote add to its ease of use.

Humidifier for Extra Comfort

The Ambiance is Just Right
The Ambiance is Just Right

Dry skin? Irritated sinus? Do cold winters drain your home of vitality? Infuse moisture into your dry air through the Quilo 2.0’s humidifier setting. Add water into the water drawer, deep breathe and you’re set to relax.

Designed for Easy Operation

Smooth gliding casters and hand grooves on the sides of the machine make rolling the Quilo 2.0 a breeze. Weighing under 12 lbs, you can carry it from floor to floor.

Fill the Quilo 2.0 with water through the top, or in the drawer
Fill the Quilo 2.0 with water through the top, or in the drawer

It’s all in the details. Fill the unit with water in two ways: The water drawer detaches for easy filling, or you can pour water through the custom spout.

2.0: Building on Kickstarter Success

The Quilo 2.0 is our second Kickstarter. Our first crowdfunder, the Quilo 3-in-1, was fully funded on Kickstarter in June 2017 – check it out. We delivered the product within two months of ending the campaign and then set shop on our online website and on Amazon.

Here’s What our First Kickstarter Backers Had to Say:

Our Quilo 3-in-1 Kickstarter Backers
Our Quilo 3-in-1 Kickstarter Backers

Quilo 3-in-1 Nominated Finalist for Global Innovation Award

Proving our commitment to quality and innovation, the Quilo 3-in-1 was nominated as a finalist for the International Housewares Association Global Innovation Award. The 2.0 is its smart upgrade, equipped with additional air purification and WiFi connectivity.


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